Taj Mahal joins Seven Wonders of the World!!!

 Its official now, Taj Mahal is back in the new seven wonders of the world list. Complete list is

The Colosseum, Rome
The Pyramid of Chichen Itza, Mexico
Machu Picchu, Peru
Taj Mahal, India
Statue of the Christ Redeemer, Brazil
Petra, Jordan
The Great Wall of China

My question is what happened to Pisa Tower and the Eiffel Tower? Are the Pyramids of Giza not in the top seven or is there a separate list for the Old Seven Wonders of the world.

I am against the idea of having the voting system where you decide a winner based on the number of votes polled. This does not show the real value of a contestant. Say you are an Indian and you have a contestant from India then obviously you will vote for it. Same with Chinese or American or people from any other part of the world.

Problem with this is that contestants from developed countries like U.S and  contestants from populous countries like India or China have a natural advantage over contestants from less developed or less populous countries.

Opinions from the people should also be considered but it should not be given too high a consideration. Opinions of the experts in a particular field should be given the top most priority and they should judge the winners.

But I am overall happy with the Taj back in the list but a little sad over Tower of Pisa and Eiffel Tower since I had seen them both and they were magnificent. And also I cannot boast anymore that I had seen 4 wonders (Taj and Colosseum are the others) of the world.


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