India vs England, first test – day 4, 2007

Well, you can now clearly see an Indian defeat or a draw if it rains on the 5th day. Rahul said before the match that the bowling is inexperienced and that the senior batsmen in the team have to take responsibility to post big scores. But you see a performance which suggests the contrary. Inexperienced bowlers have stepped up and took the responsibility and the highly experienced batsmen screwed up as always.

Experience alone does not matter as much as the will power and determination. You can see it with Karthik and Ganguly. Unfortunately our experienced batsmen lack the will power or the determination, they always fail overseas but still we rate them highly. You can forgive Dravid, this is a one-off test where he failed in both innings.

Lets talk about the indians mindset when it comes to Sachin. Whenever he walked in everybody talked about his last test match in lords and how badly he must be wanting a hundred. It always seems that his personal achievements are given higher priority than the Indian win. Nobody says that this is Sachin’s last chance to lead India to a win at lords. It does not really matter if he scores a hundred or a fifty.

Anyways, lets wait for the 5th day. If it rains for most of the day then India has a chance to draw the match otherwise you should see an English win by lunch.

Kudos to RP Singh and Dinesh Karthik for the way they played, they showed lots of character and hopefully the seniors can learn from them.


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