– Simple and Easy way to advertise your property and rental needs

The free rental and property ad service is now moved to a sub-domain of its own called This was done yesterday – 9th Aug 2007. This new sub-domain will have a home page of its own which lists what the site is about and what the user can do and how. This paves the way to integrate new services into

I have given the home page content below. If you are a user of and feel that the home page should have more information for the user to get started then let me know.

What is this website about:- is a simple and easy to use property and rental ad site that makes placing an ad completely hassle free

  • No mandatory registration – just use your email and place an ad
  • No lengthy list of mandatory fields to fill in

The service is absolutely free for use and supports India, Singapore, US, UK, Australia, Malaysia, Thailand and many other countries. What can I do here:-

If you are a owner or an agent then you can use the website to

  • Place ads to sell/rent/lease/service your home/apartment/office space/room
  • Browse ads placed by users who are looking to buy a property or looking for a rental

And if you are a tenant or a service provider then you can place ads listing your requirements and browse ads posted by the owners and agents.

Free Membership:-

You can register and become a member if you wish to. Membership is also absolutely free and offers you the features to

  • Specify your phone numbers and contact preferences
  • Edit and/or delete ads
  • Track all ads placed by you

This is a basic version of our service and you, as a user, can shape how it evolves by providing your views and suggestions. Please refer the website to your friends if you find it useful. Where do I start:-

Click here to browse the recently posted ads or here to post a new ad. If you like to register and become a member then click here.


visit / – Simple, Free and Easy way to advertise your real estate and rentals needs in India, Signapore, Malaysia, UK, US and other major countries.

All the major cities in India – Bangalore, Delhi, Hyderabad, Chennai, Mumbai, Calcutta and Pune are covered.

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