where will you host your website?

There are many factors to be considered while looking for a hosting service. One of them is the location of the hosting provider – should you choose one that’s closer to, or even in the same, region that you serve or can it be anywhere? With all things considered equal, it might look that having it hosted locally is the obvious choice. There are lots of pros with it like 1. Closer proximity to the user so network latency is highly minimized. 2. You might share the same culture, language and, of course, the working hours so it’s easier to communicate and get support during the operational hours. 3. Time zone of the web server and the users are the same so you would not see weird behavior with times. All of these are important ones to consider but what about the bandwidth when the whole region is awake and bombarding the internet with their millions and billions of requests? This is where hosting your site in a location that’s 8-12 hours behind or ahead of you will provide the greatest benefit for e.g. your website serves the Indian sub-continent but its hosted in US, In this case when the whole of USA is sleeping India is awake and the users get to make use of the huge bandwidth that’s left for their taking and the network latency becomes insignificant. Benefit 3 mentioned above for the local hosting can be taken care of with some logic in your app and benefit 2 will be the only factor to be considered. Even here, culture and language should not be a problem due to the rapid globalization and the use of English as a global medium for communication. And the support factor can also be addressed if the hosting company provides a 24 hour support for the critical issues. Considering all the above my choice will be based on how much bandwidth is available for me and my website’s users. What’s your take on it?

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