Sitemesh used for discussion forum

yourmitra’s discussion forum html and jsp pages are decorated using SiteMesh. Using SiteMesh was pretty easy, you will face difficulty in starting since the documentation is not that useful. Much can be said in one page but the author seems to have not focused his efforts on the documentation.

 I have not tested the performance yet, the number of visitors are currently low in numbers so for now its alright.  SiteMesh template uses some jsps so I am serving the html pages out of tomcat itself. Not sure how slow tomcat is compared to apache but i will figure it in the coming days.

 The purpose of this forum is to be a single place where users can share news, views, tips and useful information about everything related to home. The site supported rental and real estate classifieds for 3 months now.

 The reason why I integrated with the site is because I did not find any website thats dedicated completely to home making and I think rentals and real estate is related to home making.  Almost all the categories under home making are covered  

Real Estate Business & Investing

Real Estate Fraud & Legal

Real Estate Lending & Finance

Real Estate News & Opportunities

Home Building & Decorating

Home Business & Finance

Home Cooking & Dining

Home Furniture & Décor

Home Repair & Improvement

Home Tools & Appliances

 I will expand the list once I get sufficient user base.


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2 Responses to Sitemesh used for discussion forum

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