How much more complex can it be made?

I have just started reading up on java webservices and I was looking around for a good quick start guide but surprisingly all the tutorials and the documents that I came across were tied to a developer tool like NetBeans or the Workshop for weblogic platform. There was not even one good document that could describe all the steps involved in writing and deploying a web service in a generic way.

It was very frustrating trying to dig out information. Even the sun offical web page has tutorials that are linked to NetBeans tool. Fully frustrated, I gave up and started with ‘Workshop for weblogic platform’. I have to say that this tool made writing and deploying a simple web service pretty straightforward and easy. But the only problem is that I still could not figure out what are the things that goes on in the background. If I have to customize how my web services are consumed then I need to know where and what to change.

I digged around a little and came acorss ‘Weblogic Web Services: Getting Started’ guide. This document is pretty ok considering the documents available on the sun’s web pages. Its still specific to weblogic but it atleast tries to explain a little about what it takes to write and deploy web services.

After this little experience with web services I have to say that writing web services in java is quite scary and I cant imagine why these have been made so complex. There are tens of xml files, stub classes, schema definitions and deployment descriptors that are required to build the simplest of web services. Why the technology has to be so complex to use?

Are there are any good books that can explain web services to a common developer like me? Have to find out. If you know of any good books or web material that can help in this regard do let me know. I will be very thankful.

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