The all important first experiences in life

{{ – Blog, Share, Discuss life’s most interesting and special first experiences.}}

What is the most important thing that shape our character, our perceptions of others and other things?

First Experiences!!!

What is that factor that makes some people at ease say with beautiful women and on stage while a majority freeze at the sight or thought of it?

First Experiences!!!

Either the outcome of your first experience or the lack of it makes you either comfortable and confident or nervous and scared. This applies to every aspect of our lives – dating, sex, matrimony, job interview, child.

Some of our first experiences are special that we want to cherish for life, some are funny incidents that we laugh about, some are embarrassing moments that we want to avoid, and some are either unfortunate or scary moments that we want to forget.

But first experiences are inevitable. We go through something for the very first time almost every single day of our life. Some are important ones which we don’t want to screw up. In such moments we appreciate the value of experience and experienced people who can provide us with useful information and insights. is a FREE website thats started to help people with these all important first experiences. You can

– Blog and discuss about all the interesting, funny, scary, embarrassing, and memorable first experiences from your daily life.

– Ask questions, share concerns and get help if you are going to experience something for the first time.

– Upload unforgettable photos and videos, invite your family and friends, meet new people, and form your own network.

Visit and join the network.


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