Eclipse Europa 3.3 sucks!!!

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Eclipse Europa 3.3 is full of shit!!! it crashes on every operation. even 512mb is not good enough for it. Never seen a eclipse version this bad!!!

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16 Responses to Eclipse Europa 3.3 sucks!!!

  1. VB says:

    I think you are damn right. Eclipse Europa is one of the worst IDE I ever worked with. It keeps crashing all the time without any reason, randomly. It sucks all the time.

  2. untcodegeek says:

    I could not agree more. As we speak, I am waiting for Eclipse to recover AGAIN after another random crash. All I did was write one line of code and click the save button. Result…. Eclipse not responding!!! This after going through many new imports of my project, configuration changes, new installs and anything else I can think of to help Eclipse live another day. All for not. Another wasted day trying to use this “IDE” called Eclipse. Wake up world!!! Eclipse sucks! Just because it’s free does NOT make it good!

  3. Seventeen Reasons says:

    Eclipse is the biggest piece of shit ever created. Eclipse Plugin Development is just too hard to
    accomplish. Their databinding framework is garbage and sometimes doesn’t work. Along with that,
    Eclipse is FULL OF BUGS!

  4. Eclipse Victim says:

    Man, it’s killing me! I hate eclipse!!! BIG TIME! It definitely spends more time crashing than helping me work!

  5. another eclipse hater says:

    Eclipse is the buggiest IDE I’ve ever used. I’ll look over the nasty UI issues like “we have so many configuration options we provide a regex based search to find them”, but I will not look over then those UI issues dont even work reliabliy. When I cannot create a new project or file half the time because the IDE has a bug that will not let me click on the “file type” icons, you’ve got problems. When trying to configure things like ANT in the preferences and the controls on the form only show up half the time, you’ve got problems.

    I’d hang myself if I had to use it every day. Eclipse is a pile. Huge pile. Good thing I only needed to use it for a one off project.

  6. Julz says:

    5 damning statements just aren’t enough to do this topic justice – I feel I just have to add my me-tooism to this.
    Seeing as Europa has been out for a while and is still so buggy – I figured I’d try out a pre-release of Eclipse Ganymede – after all.. it couldn’t be much worse..
    The first thing I notice is an even greater delay in load time whilst I get to stare at a splash screen that doesn’t even indicate whether it is actually loading or has just crashed. I think that’s a promising start – keeping our expectations of performance low right away. It’s clearly my own fault for thinking a 2007 dual-core pc with 4G of ram could run a fancy editor with decent performance and no random pauses lockups and error messages. After all – this is 2008 now.. what am I thinking trying to run modern software on such clunky old machinery!

    Actually in fairness – the performance in one area was very good. There was some error message that flashed up for under a second, and I got time to see that I should look at some error log. I didn’t get time to read the whole message before the window automatically closed .. but hey.. I shouldn’t complain about such an exhibition of raw speed and power now should I!?

  7. dr1fter says:

    finally someone sharing my pain 🙂

    – but on the other hand: from some rather Monkey-Island-ish point of view eclipse might even be regarded a difficult point-and-click adventure game: loads of rather un-useful hints, incredibly unintuitive solutions to get what you want.. if it weren’t for those fricken crashes :X


  8. jf03cg says:

    I agree, actually I am using a commercial product where the IDE is based on Eclipse 3.3 so the bugs aren’t just confined to vanilla eclipse.

    I am trying to do simple XSD/WSDL editing with HL7v3 XSDs and the thing just keeps crashing. I edit one character in an <xs:include or a <wsdl:import and instantly it freezes for like 10-30 seconds per character. Also, when I save an XSD file, it validates every XSD in the project (which takes about 5 minutes) and then if I type in another line and save it re-validates every XSD. I wouldn’t hit save so often, but I am afraid of it crashing.

    I hate eclipse!!! I know Netbeans isn’t great but at least it is more stable! Why can’t ppl just develop stuff using nb, or some other java IDE that isn’t so bad.

  9. Fab says:

    I totally agree, i just can’t work with Eclipse anymore, no way ! It messed up many days of my life, crashed many of my workspaces, I had to reinstall it, say 20 times maybe !!!!


  10. Travis says:

    Agreed with all the above. I am so incredibly sick of resetting ALL OF MY FSCKING preferences everytime this pos crashes for some reason and completely destroying the entire workspace seems to be the only thing that will solve this crashing with zero helpful error messages.

    On top of that: Java could maybe raise useful errors as well. Or maybe more to the point, less words to scan through just to see one problem, out of hundreds of lines of pure SHIT!


  11. Erick says:

    Eclipse really sucks… Try Netbeans instead…

  12. Shariff says:

    I can’t stand eclipse. It crashes, freezes, and above all, it’s so hard to use. Even naviagating around the IDE is a pain. The preferences windows is so hard to use it’s easier to stick with the default settings. I’m getting really frusterated with this POS.
    I miss Microsoft’s IDE’s!

  13. cipryan83 says:

    I HATE IT ! IT DRIVES ME CRAZY !!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Brian Tyler says:

    It truly is the biggest pile of crap I have ever used. The C++ code completion is an absolute joke; firstly it doesn’t work at all, but worse than that, when it is enabled the entire app freezes for about 20 seconds every minute. It really takes the piss when using a basic text editor is much faster for writing code.

    The irony of this is that the lead developer is one of the pioneers of Agile development, the fundamental tenets of which are that you shouldn’t waste your time documenting code and you shouldn’t plan or optimize things. Well guess what this is the result; a steaming heap of bullshit. Agile development has a lot of great ideas in it, but I think it is fair to say that Eclipse is proof positive that it is also far from perfect.

  15. How complex can it be? load php file, show php fi… no, cant do that, there is a crash? whats the plain and simple reason it didnt work? well, there is none, but you can try to read the mumbo jumbo java log files that show 500K of text just to tell you that library X is missing.. or well, thast what I am guessing, because in reality, I really dont understand shit of those log files.. I just spent 2 weeks trying to get the fuckter installed, and I failed.. Really,I tried! I installed it over 20 times, each time trying different things and half of the times it would not even start! Starting it from command line would not show errors, messages, logs, nada, zilch, zip, noting! ITS JUST A FUCKING EDITOR, HOW DIFFICULT CAN IT BE!?!? Guys, eclipse is supposedly hugely friggin powerfull, but it wont even do the most basic things like actually open a file for edditing without bugs, probllems, crashing, etc.. resource usage is a joke, eclipse takes more than open office and firefox combined (note, I’d have 50 pages open on firefox, complex javascript pages youtube videos, etc, and all stays stable without a hitch, try that one fucking eclipse!)

    If I’d have to make a recommendation to the Eclipse developers… what if you would just start with.. making an IDE that actually just works.. that is EASY to install, INTUITIVE, FAST and EASY.. Easily extendible.. basically, throwing entire eclipse to the garbage, dump java to begin with and start developming someting like that in.. say.. C or C++ Then, when you have reached the level of microsoft notepad and you actually have made it bug free, THEN you start thinking about making it a bit more advanced…

    Eclipse does not suck, its just a sad bad joke and really should not be used anymore.. boycot the fucker!

    A very angry ex-eclipse user…

  16. Ivir Zivir says:


    We all know it sucks. I couldn’t take it anymore and created something. Simple a place to shout all your blames 🙂, give it a try 🙂

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