first experience with eclipse europa 3.3 – crashes way too often

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just downloaded the eclipse europa 3.3 to try out JEE5. I am looking to run JEE5 application on weblogic 10 with open JPA as the persistence layer. But the first experience with eclipse 3.3 is not good so far. It crashes everytime I try to load an external jar. It crashed when i tried to configure openJPA jar, there was a suggestion from one of the blogs that its due to memory problems. I increased the min and max jvm heap size and then i could add the jar. But again it started crashing when i try to add jars to the build path. I am trying out with different heap sizes

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4 Responses to first experience with eclipse europa 3.3 – crashes way too often

  1. FreXper says:

    Just an update on this.

    I am able to add jars. I shutdown the weblogic 10.

    I think it was crashing because my weblogic 10 was pointing to the same location where my jars were. I think this could be the reason but not sure yet.

  2. FreXper says:

    Weblogic 10 was not the reason for the crash. The following setting allowed me to add the jar, pls note eclipse crashed even with this settings

    -showsplash org.eclipse.platform

  3. VB says:

    Eclipse IDE sucks. It crashes every time. It is not usable. Netbeans is even worse. I think there is no Java IDE that can be compared to Visual Studio or Delphi, even now. After all of these years of struggling I must surrender … sigh!

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