to be closed on 20th Dec 2007 (started 23rd June 2007)

Its very sad to write about this but i has to be done to provide a much better product to the users. which was launched on 23rd June 2007 will be closed on 20th Dec 2007. In its 6 months it was able to get 450 members and 1400 ads from India, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand.

This site will be replaced by a social network site for rental and real estate community This is definitely a much better product than yourmitra and provides more features and also its more than a pure classifieds site. was my first website, it did reasonably well compared to other sites but I dont see any scope for it to grow beyond the current levels. There is too much competition from big players in this area and does not offer anything new to the agents or tenants.

Its sad end but one which was necessary. It had thought me a number of things which I will use in promotion the social network is closed for now but it will soon come back in a new avatar!!!


Original Post:-


As I have written in the about page, This blog is about my website I will be sharing news about and its progress from a nobody to somebody in the world of web business. beta was launched on june 23rd, 2007 . In the first phase, will address the home needs of people living in 13 countries.

Any person can become a member of for free and starting posting as many ads as they want. User can post ads to buy, sell, rent, hire, lease or auction anything from apartments, houses, rooms, industrial or commercial land, office space, farms, furniture, house keeping, services and any other home needs.

All the major cities of India, Singapore, US, UK, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Canada, Mauritius, Maldives, Thailand, Australia, Hong Kong and Malaysia, are supported.

The beta version is pretty simple with the most basic features – user registration, posting new ad, editing/deletion of an ad, listing recently added ads and a basic search. Site is kept simple and free of any clutter and its planned to be kept such. More features will be added in the coming days and it will surely be updated in this blog.

At the end of the first week, There are about 10 members and 20 ads. This is not spectacular but its a good start considering that the site is very new and there is not much static content to get listed at the top of the search results.

In addition to sharing whats happening in, this blog will also be an agent in promoting and bringing in more users.

Wish good luck…


visit / – Simple, Free and Easy way to advertise your real estate and rentals needs in India, Signapore, Malaysia, UK, US and other major countries.

All the major cities in India – Bangalore, Delhi, Hyderabad, Chennai, Mumbai, Calcutta and Pune are covered.

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One Response to to be closed on 20th Dec 2007 (started 23rd June 2007)

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