T20 match – what a shame?

What a shame to see Indians play like a team of gully players in their last T20 match with Australia. It required a strong showing from the young team esp after the Harbhajan’s verdict and after Mr.Dhoni and Mr. Yuvraj wanted all the Seniors out of the team.

I give no chance for this team to qualify for the ODI series finals. It will be a good learning experience for the young team but they are still too raw for the ODI version. I expect Gambhir, Dhoni and Yuvraj to fail miserably in this series. Yuvraj will be out of the vice-captaincy and Mr. Dhoni will be in serious pressure to prove himself with his bat and Gambhir will be dropped. Sehwag, Rohit and Uttappa will be the pluses.


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One Response to T20 match – what a shame?

  1. The worst performance in recent times. Are they the T20 Champions. Hope nobody asks for the trophy back!

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