Time for women president in US

US is a developed country and is the super power but when it comes to women in politics it lags behind the less developed South Asian countries which had women as their president or prime minister at some time or the other – India had Indira Gandhi as the prime minister in 70’s, pakistan had bhutto in late 80’s or early 90′2, sri lanka had kumaratunga as the president, bangladesh had taslim as the prime minister. So I guess its time US elected its first women president in Clinton.


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2 Responses to Time for women president in US

  1. Ryan says:

    I completely disagree. Not with the premise that the US is ready for a woman president, but Hillary is not the woman for the job. It’s ludicrous to suggest that we should elect an unqualified woman simply because she’s a woman! You wouldn’t hire someone to watch your kids just because they were once a kid.

    Sure, I’ve got nothing against having a woman president, but we should make sure we’re choosing someone who is qualified for the position. I’ve yet to see anything useful that Hillary has done.

  2. yourmitra says:

    interesting point Ryan. I don’t have any idea about the republican’s in race but I think Obama is as unqualified as Hillary and I also think no one can do as bad as Bush 🙂

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