I am Legend : Climax is a total crap

I watched the ‘I am Legend’ movie quite recently. The promos looked impressive hence there was a great expectation from me. I was totally in awe through the first half. The story and the direction was gripping and the tension was slowly built up and the expectations grew larger – there must be something very BIG!! towards the end. I could not wait any longer for the climax, wanted to see the big and dramatic ending but after watching the actual climax

I thought it would have been better if the picture had ended abruptly 10-15 mins before. At least I would been left with wondering what would have really happened and how it would have happened. Maybe the director could have made a trilogy like the ‘Lord of the Rings’. It would have it given him enough time to think how to end the movie. But, unfortunately, a movie that could have been great ended up being an average. It was the most limp ending you can possibly imagine for a movie like this. It left me very disappointed. What a waste!!


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