Indian Stock Market ends an excellent trading day

 Indian Stock Markets have ended the today on a high. It was like a godsend respite for the investors and traders alike. For more check out


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3 Responses to Indian Stock Market ends an excellent trading day

  1. Tina says:


    nice way of writing things.

    Would like to have link exchange?

    reply to me


  2. sharegyan says:

    Dear Visitors,

    This is our great opportunity to post comment on this knowledgeable and useful blog.

    As we all know USA is heading toward Recession. Which is effecting movement of world markets reason being USA is major economy hub.
    Now Our Budget is coming up on 29-Feb-2008 which will act as triggering movement for Indian stock market. We are expecting positive
    Budget which will help the Bse and Nse to further move up. Still major support is 4200 now and on upside check out 6000 level soon.



  3. ArthSutra says:

    Dear Visitors

    Indian Stock Market is currently out of sync with globle Stock Markets again!! This is causing lot of untrendliness in market. We advice to take small profits in either directions.

    NiftyMidcap and NiftyBanks are only performing well all other are just chopping arround narrow ranges.

    Dow30 is bounce back from 12835 yestreday and today also its 90poit down so we may see some reaction in indian markets tommorrow.

    Happy Trading


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