Blu Ray vs HD DVD – End of the high definition format war!!!

If you have been reading the news then you will know that we are near the of a hard fought multi-billion dollar high definition format war between Blu-Ray and HD DVD.

Blu-Ray has finally won! As you may know, Blu-Ray was backed by Sony and HD DVD was backed by Toshiba.

This is one war which was in the news for a very long time and it had put customers, studios, and retailers in a fix. Which one to support or which player to buy? Nobody knew for sure who the winner will be so most of them, mean studios and retailers, went about supporting both the formats. Its an expensive war – expensive for Sony and Toshiba to promote their standards, expensive for studios to release discs in two formats, and expensive for customers since one player cannot play the other format so they probably had to buy two players or just wait for their favorite movies to be released in the format of the player.

Number of things happened recently that has paved the way to a clear winner. The following are some of which I heard about

Microsoft Corp said in January that they could consider supporting Blu-ray technology in their Xbox 360 video game machine which currently works only with HD DVD.

Warner Brothers chose to go with Blu-Ray

Netflix Inc and Best Buy Co Inc said they will support only Blu-Ray

Just last week, Wal-Mart said they will support only Blu-Ray in their stores

As per the news reports, Toshiba is expected to give up completely on HD DVD. End of this war will have the most impact on Customer. Those who already own HD DVD players will have to throw it way and those who had waited can now buy a player that supports Blu-Ray knowing fully well that its worth the money!


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8 Responses to Blu Ray vs HD DVD – End of the high definition format war!!!

  1. dale says:

    you must be crazy!! i happen to own an hd-dvd player. i have no plans to throw it out . it works just fine. if it no longer worked i would throw it out but this is not the case. in fact it does a wonderful job of upconverting my regular dvds so i’m really in no hurry to do anyting. if bluray ever gets their format working as well as hd-dvd has and the price comes down to the level that hd-dvd is then maybe i will consider buying one. not until.

  2. yourmitra says:

    Hi Dale, HD DVD might have been better but unfortunately its going to be the end of the road for it. In a couple of years time there will not be any movies released in HD DVD format.

  3. dale says:

    yourmitra says,
    maybe you did not understand my post. i am quite happy upconverting regular dvds. and the fact remains that i can buy 3 dvds as compared to one bluray. enough said!!

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  5. I’m not surprised, it was only a matter of time!

  6. andry says:

    wN1L7c comment5 ,

  7. Well here we are almost 2 years after your original post and Blueray has entrenched itself into many home theaters. The only question is: what’s the next big innovation in home theater? Will it be 3D?

  8. Carpet Tiles says:

    home theathers with 5.1 system sounds really great specially if you add those 12 inch subwoofers *~;

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