Indian Stock Market: In dilemma to sell 3i, Infosys and Tata Chemicals

I am in a dilemma right now… I was peaceful when the markets were down and out and my portfolio was in deep red.

Markets move up… Some of my stocks zoom past the bought price and what does it do? Make me concerned!!

That’s odd, don’t you think? when the markets were done i have had to make no decisions. I had no choice but to hold on. But now? I have to make a choice.

Should I sell my best performing stocks and pocket the gains or wait for them to ride high or fall back to lows? The stocks I talk about are 3i infotech, infosys and tata chemicals. All are up by about 20% and its still troubled times and this makes me worry.

I have seen the markets swing wildly in the recent months and I have seen my portfolio give it company so what do i do?

Decision time!!


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