Including Applications within Tibco GI, Sharing data between iframes

If you have to include a web application built on non-Tibco GI then you can do so by using an iFrame with in the Tibco GI application.

Once included there might be scenarios where you may want to pass on data between the Tibco GI and the included app. One way of doing this is with PageBus. Steps to do this are as follows

1. Configure Tibco GI to load PageBus.js on startup

2. Have all your subscriptions register during the start up process

3. Within the included web app,

  • use javascript to get the Pagebus instance loaded by its parent. Same instance of PageBus needs to be used by Tibco GI app and the included app for publish/subscribe to work.
  • Call the javascript code to subscribe to a topic on load of the page. This makes sure all subscriptions are registered before the event is fired

4. Once this is done, any event on tibco gi will publish the message and the callbacks functions of the subscribers will be executed.

5. If you want to update any server side state in the included app then you need to use AJAX to pass in the data to the server

Hope this helps


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