Secret behind the curvy bellies of Indian Men and Women!!

I was wondering the other day why we, Indians, have been blessed with such beautiful and curvaceous bellies which only seem to become better as we age. There were the obvious things that anyone can think of – like the Indian Food itself i.e all the heavily masalaed curries, deep fries, sweets , ghee, dalda etc etc that we consume in so little quantities!! Then there is the meal timings  – breakfast at 10, lunch at 2 and more importantly dinner at 9 and above!!

Well these are the obvious ones… While thinking on this topic I observed something else, which I am sure many millions would have, but the slow tube light of mine switched on that day. Could the proportion of the stomach to the body makes some difference here??  if you notice the chinese or any oriental people then you can see that proportion of their upper bodies is either 50% or more. Caucasian and blacks have variance here but they also tend to have decent upper body length. While we seem to have a large proportion of our body below waist and our upper bodies are short and hence the stomach length is very little. Does this play a role? Or is it the major contributor? Well I am thinking about it but just too lazy to do a simple research, maybe if you have the answers then just let me know…


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2 Responses to Secret behind the curvy bellies of Indian Men and Women!!

  1. Dino says:

    Indians smell like shit.

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