Tata Nano and the Singur Issue – Mamata Banerjee’s dangerous political game

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Is Mamata Banerjee a bitch who is out to gain political mileage by acting to promote the farmer’s cause or is she the true savior as she seeks to project herself? Well, its hard to answer this especially without knowing the truth behind the protests.

There is definitely a point in the protests but, only if, the farmers are not adequately compensated for their lands and also for their future. What I mean by that is if farmers were paid much below the market prices and if they are not being offered any kind of jobs within the plant, however menial it maybe, that can ensure their future income.

In my opinion the small farmers are better off selling their land and getting employed. Farming is no easy job anymore – We hear news about the suicides from so many parts of the country, don’t we?

Protests, for any other reason, is either purely political or Tata’s corporate rivals could be playing their dirty games to stall the Nano from taking off.

I have to praise Mamata for one thing – the timing of her entry. She waited till the last moments to take up this cause knowing fully well that Tata’s have no option but to settle when the plant is at its final stages. Its too expensive for Tata’s to move anywhere else at this point and this could put the entier Nano thing at risk. She is a shrewd woman, thats for sure.

So whatever may be the motives there is only one way out i.e for Tata’s and the West Bengal Govt. to compromise and give in to some, if not all, of the demands.


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9 Responses to Tata Nano and the Singur Issue – Mamata Banerjee’s dangerous political game

  1. db says:

    Now eat that ! Stupid people. No wonder why WB is so poor. These politicians are screwing your mother and laughing at you ass hole… But you moron still don’t know what’s going on.

  2. sid says:

    whatever it is what happened over there is not correct….just becoz of 4 thousand farmers of which most are forcefully persuaded to protest whole WB will suffer…..
    Tatas moving out of WB will definitly tend other companies to think 1000000 times before planning to invest in WB….

    Whatever it is a shame on WB and as usual Karnataka whose tresure box is already overflowing of software will get the favors…..
    Mamate Banarjee is a bitch for sure…if she really cares for WB she could have stopped the agitation when tatas are moving out..

    West Bengal is gone due to a bitch…..when Tata is going back then no small comapny will dare to come to West bengal…
    So all 4000 stupid farmers enjoy your pride and open a brothel in your land coz that is the only option you have now…..

  3. Indian says:

    Is there any goverment rule in India if any person like MB protesting against India’s growth should be hanged, she will be happy on taking off many peoples job

  4. heehee says:

    What a bitch! WB loss is Gujarats gain! Hahaha to all those fucked up farmers who are in praise of thier didi… someone remarked above; to open a brothel in Singur… well said: thats the only solution these fucked up idiots are left with!!! And talking about Left.. these guys are never the serious kind to get involved in any industrialisation effort. For e.g. the Nuke Deal.. what a bunch of losers these leftists are: they lost in the centre and they lost on thier turf! As for Amar Singh supporting this whole fiasco- he better get a grip on life.. he is gonna get the boot pretty soon and be left with bade bhaiyya (Amitabh) and Chhote Bhaiyya (Anil)! What an asslicker!!!

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  6. MDeepG says:

    Definitely a Bitch , she is. Just to gain political mileage she fucked up the farmers future as well as ruined the industrial growth option of WB. Bitch doesn’t realize that with Industrail development there are so may related infrastructure development as well as job creation , etc. Fucking Bith shoukd be penalised by the court of Law.

  7. SKM says:

    It will be insult for the bitches to say MB is bitch. She dont have family, respect, love, prestige, future, etc., so she cant understand the people’s future. Singur people have to wake-up so that they will get better opportunities. even the fools those who still follow MB are the biggest as-hole in their life. She only knows to shout. She should not only be penalized but also be behind bars. She calls her “Maa Matir Manus” . We praise and respect Maa (mother), Matir (Soil’s), Manus (Human). but she dont know the meaning of any of the words so She should be called as “Mental Magi Mother-fucker”.

  8. UK says:

    Mamata Banerjee is a bitch ormore that a bitch. She is there to have the chair of Chief Minister and to finish Bengal.The area and in envoirenment she has bought up is a next to slam and her activities nothing but like a bengali ” JHI”

    The people of Bengal will keep more trust and faith on TMC will be rewned. She is not having any culture and starndard. Her left hand Madan Mitra, and right hand Mukul Roy are natorious criminals.
    I know personally Madan and I know him.

    People of Bengal should think twice to cast their vote in favour of TMC.

  9. rubenrubert says:

    There are significant Money power, Media Mafias, may be also some foreign Influence behind TMC

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