Eclipse Error:- Timeout waiting for JBOSS 5.0 to start. Server did not start after 50s

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Do you see the error (Timeout waiting for JBOSS 5.0 to start. Server did not start after 50s) while trying to start up the JBoss 5.0 server with Eclipse server plugin? Then do the following
go to Window -> Preferences -> Servers and set the time out property to “Long” from default value

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13 Responses to Eclipse Error:- Timeout waiting for JBOSS 5.0 to start. Server did not start after 50s

  1. Thomas S. says:

    Strange, I get this timeout error – but when I go to the exact same preference page like the one in your screenshot, I only see the line “show servers view when server state changes”
    All other options are missing.

    Any ideas would be appreciated.


  2. Thomas S. says:

    Okay, I just found the solution myself for eclipse 3.4.1:
    Double-clicking on the server in the server tab brings up the server properties and there the timeout can be adjusted

  3. purple says:

    just to clarify, the window->preferences->server is the old location for the timeout properties. It is now located on the window->show view->server view.

    You can double click the entry and a page appears that allows you to modify a number of different settings.

    It took me a while to find this. It isn’t well documented.

  4. safi says:

    yes it was worked for me, Tnx for your help

  5. antonio says:

    I used Eclipse 3.4 and i have the same problem. If increment the delay to 100 seconds or more the server run ok but 100 seconds after the server shutdown automatically.
    Any idea ?

  6. tskarthikeyan says:

    Hello Friends,

    I used Eclipse Europa Version: 3.3.2. Even after i incremented the time delay to “Long or 100 seconds”, the same error appears.Server didnt started.
    Please help me out.

    • venkat says:


      Pls check the Run time version for jboss and for the projects. If there is a version mismatch, then it may not run as expected. Once this got resolved by setting the runtime to jdk 1.5.
      To support Jdk1.6 you need to install appropriate Jboss version which runs on jdk1.6.

      However, even after checking all these, in my laptop still I get this timeout error.

      Any idea….


  7. jbonglo says:

    That was great. Double clicking the server worked for me. Thanks alot.

  8. katz says:

    thank x a lot

  9. ankur says:

    Thanks, it works for me.

  10. Satish says:

    Step1. Select window->show view->servers
    Step2. Double click on in this window.
    it works

  11. Marcolinux says:

    The double-click trick did it for me, thanks. Talk about usability :-).
    If your server takes too long to start, be sure to teste it outside eclipse:
    I use in linux (or run.bat if on windows) on jboss bin directory.
    Check the datasources connections too. If the server is unreachable, jboss takes a long time to start, trying to reach it.

  12. Marcolinux says:

    Also try to use the defaults ports. For some reason, if I use ,say, port 28080, instead of 8080, eclipse keeps waiting for server start, even after jboss says it started in 48 seconds.
    After the timeout (set to ridiculously 180 secs), eclipse complain and give up.
    Configuring port to 8080 again, server starts and eclipse don’t complain. Set to say,38080, timeout again. Go figure.
    It socks, because port 8080 is used by tomcat. Luckily, tomcat support port changes. Hope it helps. Bye.

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