House in US sells for $1.75 on eBay – Weird but true!!

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This is something I came across today which sounded totally untrue but it seems to be for real

New York: In the midst of the housing mortgage crisis gripping the US, a Chicago woman has won an online bid to acquire a home in Michigan for just $1.75.
Noting that the price of the home in Saginaw, Michigan, was less than the price of a McDonald’s value meal, a media report said that it received total eight bids on and was sold for $1.75 on Wednesday evening.

However, the winner of the bid, 30-year-old Joanne Smith of Chicago, would have to pay about $850 towards pending taxes yard clean-up costs, the Saginaw News reported.

The winner herself, however, does not want to move to the house and wants to sell it further.

“I am going to try and sell it,” she told the newspaper, adding, “I don’t have any plans to move to Saginaw. I don’t have any plans of moving out from Chicago.”

Smith has not yet seen the property. “People from whom I bought the house are not giving me any information about it,” the report quoted her saying.

“I know that the property is abandoned and that there are taxes owed on the house, but all I have is their e-mail,” she added.

The newspaper reported that it could not reach the seller, Southern Investments LLC, for comment.

“I was trying to go and see it, but I am not going to make a 300-mile trip if I can’t go in the house and see inside,” Smith told the daily, adding, “It could be haunted or something.”

“She will pay additional charges, aside from the dollar and change it cost her, to win the auction. Back taxes and a trash/weed clean-up will set the final price tag around $850. The fee is due by Tuesday, March 31, or the city will foreclose on the property,” the report said.

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