Tata Nano, Gujarat and Indian Political Leaders who matter

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In one of my earlier posts I had written that whatever maybe the Mamata bitch was upto Tata and West Bengal had no options but to compromise on the Singur issue and give up to her demands. But I had not imagined in my wildest dreams that the soft spoken Tata can have such a steely resolve to move the plant to a place where he said there will be people and the society participation. Just Hats off to this person who did give in to the dirty politics of Mamata and was willing to take up such huge losses for a long term benefit.

In this context I also have hail people like Narendra Modi, who may be hawkish in his approach and may not be secular but he does what really matters to his people and his state. Stats about investments in Gujarat makes all other states pale in comparison. I also liked his principle of not showering incentives to businesses to setup shops there. I tend to respect guys like him and Lalu Prasad Yadav who for all their faults also prove to be great leaders and economic developers.

In my opinion India should have leaders who do it rather than give ‘bhasan’ and preach secular values and contribute nothing to the improvement of the country and the people. Leaders like Lalu, Modi and even Chandra babu Naidu may have eaten their pie but their contributions outweigh these. Its better for India to have such leaders rather than duds who just follow populist policies to grab votes and power.

Coming back to Nano, hopefully Gujarat should prove to be a lucky place for them and it in fact looks like the right place to be in with the ports and high ways near by. Perhaps they should have looked at a friendly state instead of going for incentives. And hopefully the stock price which got battered during the Singur crisis should prop up.


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