Do Indians really Stink? Can we do something about it?

It was just a pure accident that I stumbled upon a post where the topic of odor from Indians was discussed. I searched on the internet and found many similar topics and it was mostly from the US. This perception really surprised me.

 I am an Indian and had worked and lived in various countries outside India. The perceptions, which I felt , about Indians varied from country to country and it boiled down to the type of Indians that these people came in contact with. For example, people in Thailand and Singapore think Indians are low lives, that they stink since they don’t bath regularly. For a middle class Indian, like me, it sounded ridiculous as bathing is an integral part of our lives and bathing atleast once a day is considered a must in almost all the homes I know. But on deeper analysis I found that this perception stemmed from the fact that the Indians they have come in contact with are the labrourers, mostly construction workers, who have migrated to these parts many many years ago before the educated ones. Considering the nature of their work, their low pays and the horrible living conditions this is certainly a truth. And this one cannot be associated with a race as people with these jobs and standards smell and stink anywhere in the world. Its the same for Indians, Chinese, Europeans or the Americans.

 But in countries like the US and Europe where the educated ones moved in first this perception about body odor, I thought, was not there. They do think that Indians are brainy and smart and also its true that they dont like the smell of our cooking.  They are simply not used to this smell and for them it is a stink. Its the same for us when, say, Malaysians cook. I dont think anyone can be blamed here since the smell is alien to them and we cannot live without all the spices et all. And there is nothing much that we can do about this aspect.

But I found today that even in these countries they think that Indians stink. Most of the people who responded to these posts thought it was due to the spices in our diet and its not because of lack of hygiene. That was the good part of this rather unpleasant topic. But some posts do looked like more racist and it was driven more by the hate of the success of Indians in these countries. Migrants, esp the successful ones, are never liked by the natives in any country. Thats the fact!

But thinking about this I thought that we, from our side, can do a little extra to change this perception and others like we are not that courteous. Many of the people who travel for the first time are not familiar with the western etiquettes. So either they have to take the intiative to learn or the companies that send them have to educate them. This will help in improving the image a lot.

 Coming back to the smell,  I think we should get into into perfumes and deos. They are not part of most of our lives. Having a good bath once or twice a day is considered enough for a good hygiene but in US or Europe or in any other developed countries where the focus on how you smell and look is so much important it will really help if we spend a little on a good perfume or a deo. Whats the point in taking 2-3 baths a day and your natural body odor which is alien to people outside your home causes negative perception. If you smell great then it does not matter if you really take bath daily. Thats superficial and fake but thats what is important in todays world.

India is a great country and we as, Indians, are the ambassadors of our country. The way we act and the things we do impact how we as a race and country is perceived. Lets do our best to show that Indians are as good as anyone and lets try to change our fellow countrymen who due to their indifferences and laziness spoil our image. And more importantly lets try very hard to change the perception of those foreigners who think Indians are low lives.


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    • Monique says:

      Is simple, you guys stink because you don’t use anti-transpirant. I have to bear with this every day I spend in India, so I took some drastic steps, my driver knows is compulsory to use deodorant (which we provide of course) to work or else he will be replaced.

      • Arun Devotta says:

        Its not anti transpirant.. its anti perspirant you stupid

      • Neville Hawkins says:

        I disagree with Monique. It’s not due to lack of anti-perspirant that Indians stink. Their rancid odour is due to two things: 1) genetics and 2) cultural lack of hygiene. It’s well known that Indians have special glands unique to their species (similar to skunks) that collect bacteria that exude that nauseating smell similar to excreta. It really doesn’t matter how often they bathe or use anti-perspirant or deodorant or perfume, these glands overpower any scent that is used to mask it. Secondly, as if having these special Indian glands wasn’t bad enough, the majority of Indians have very bad hygiene. Since most Indians living in India are destitute they tend to urinate and defecate anywhere, on the street, in the railway station, and they don’t wipe. Go to any city in India and you will see Indians wallowing in their own filth. And their idea of keeping clean is bathing in the Ganges, which is a turd-infested sewer, once a year. Go to some of the Indian enclaves in London and they smell like cesspits. My advice – when you are around Indians, wear a gas mask.

      • ethann25 says:

        every person in this world are same human being but smell differs, some people smell so good and some smell so bad, and about indian this so bad smell came from long before their great great ancestors which they call aryns n native’s transfusion(mixing) of blood. so its in thr blood. so it provs that all indian have that smell. surely they wil conserve it, as its their clture, n it wil remain 4evr n evr..

      • Jay says:

        One of the reasons that Indians – mainly southern Indians – smell so bad to non-Indians is due to the way they use Fenugreek. This plant, when prepared in certain ways, causes the sweat, urine etc. to secrete smell that smells to non-Indians like feces.
        If you eat a lot of it – you can not smell it at all on yourself….
        If you are a westerner that occasionally eat it, it will not have the same impact.
        It is true that immediately after bathing the smell goes away – because it washes away the sweat, however Indians have active sweat glands, so the sweat comes back immediately, and sweat does stick to the cloths that you wear.

        The plant is used in multiple cultures, however South Indians are using it in very high amounts.

        It is known as methi in Hindi, Urdu, and Nepali, as methii (মেথী) in Bengali, as menthiyam, and venthayam (வெந்தயம்) in Tamil, Helba (حلبه) in Arabic, menthya (ಮೆಂತ್ಯ) in Kannada, uluwa (ഉലുവ) in malayalam, and menthulu in Telugu.

        So: Indians – can you PLEASE stop eating so much of it?

      • ASIN - Bollywood Star!!! says:

        We Indians live a real natural life, like our great, great ancestors before the creation of soap and deodorant. Its all in the mind – we dont think we smell and our noses confirm that there is no smell at all! Be natural – water is more than enough! All those soaps and deodorants contain chemicals that will harm the body. Do the Apes and Monkeys use soap and deodorant???

        You see, when you kill a bacteria, you are a killer!!! Life, whether it be bacteria, animals or humans, is sacred. Deodorant kills!!! Dont be a killer!!!

        You see, very soon, we shall dominate the world. The world will be wonderful when it will smell like us.

        Its like Bollywood – while many non-Indians hate our extremely funny dances and songs (sang by a chocking lady), now the world is beginning to like Bollywood. So, you non-Indians who hate our smell, later, you would like it! Again, its all in the mind.

        Be positive: think that stink is good smell, believe it, and then, like magic – we Indians will smell very good, indeed! And those who do not have BO, they are the ones who really smell bad – Deodorant smells!!! AWAY WITH DEODORANTS!!! AWAY WITH SOAPS!!!

        REMEMBER: SKINK IS GOOD!!! DEODORANT IS BAD!!! India will dominate the world!

      • gangadharayesha says:

        my dear stupid monique it is the indians who taught the world the ecstacy of enjoying a bath.,or else the europeans thought it was a sin and unhygenic to bath .it is a truth that even jesus, mary david or any of the popes never took a bath ever in their life time.

    • cutey says:

      haha…m like the only indian who prolly doesnt stink..cuz i have this fetish for deo’s..particularily axe..prolly dats y dose american chics like me so much..apart from me being cute…=p ..haha

    • paul says:

      WE DONT HATE INDIA AND INDIANS…. we hate the smell

      • Khan 420 says:

        Start loving it…. it is all inside the mind!

      • tynice says:

        i agree, they are really smell so bad…i used to work with some of them in my previouse company and we found that they dont used deodorant at all, of them is my friend and he is not smelly at all, one day driven by our curiosity we encorage ourselves to sharing with her that why all the others indian smell so stinky while he don’t and he was clearly explianed to us they dont do deodorant or parfume. Deodorant is such a basic need, everybody will get stink not only indian,,,,the thing is why this indian dont like deo ?????

      • cue says:

        They do smell , its what they eat exactly what they eat Ew
        I was never told I stink and I don’t use deo or anything like that just a normal shower once a day …. if an east Indian had one shower OMG the smell would still be there …

    • Ryan says:

      First of all, I am an Indian. Guess what! There a few americans in my class and they STINK LIKE SHIT! but i guess all indians stink too and everyone else is perfect right!?!

      • lastgreat1982 says:

        Don’t be all butt hurt Ryan. Stop perpetrating a fraud and saying the American’s stink just to say that everyone has body odor. The fact is, you Indians STINK to high hell. Black slaves had bad odors as well because they did not have bathing tubs or perfumed oils like their slave masters. You guys stink because you will not deny yourself of garlic and curry. It’s hormonal and it secretes from your glands and is VERY offensive. It’s not that you are dirty, it is just a chemical imbalance. You ARE what you eat. Ever hear that? The curry and garlic in your pores creates the most offensive smell on earth.

        I once had sage dressing at thanksgiving. That was the most disgusting, offensive ingredient I have ever tasted. I think American Indians used it to ward off evil. I’m thinking they used curry and garlic for the same purpose. Get a clue.

      • adserf says:

        yep indians stink

    • Todd says:

      Fact, Indians do stink as with any other race! But regardless, any race would stink if you didn’t use deorderant or didn’t take a bath everyday. I have worked with many Indians from India and they do stink! Also, I have worked with Indians that were raised in America and they did not Stink! Its not a Race thing, but a Hygene thing!

    • Jess says:

      Indians are just a creepy bunch, they are so disgusting. Randomly staring at you freakishly, and regardless whether they bathe or not smell like expired curry. Its Revolting, sitting in a train next to one, you feel like your going to vomit or something. And their accents are probably their worst trait. I understand why they were bashed and badly treated in Australia.

      • dxtwo says:

        And you’re the worst kind of racist I’ve ever heard of so far…people like you should be eliminated from this world if racism is truly to be eradicated

      • Eve75 says:

        It is wrong to treat other the way u are all doing it yes there may be some indian who have bad smell, I have them at my job, but they are only humans like every one else and I think some have the sexiest accent ever, I have a co-worker and he would be the most handsome indianit wasnt for his unibrow and learned how to put deodorant, and there is another who stays in one of the rooms and boy is he handsome and aww he smells so great I still smell him from the last time I took somethng to his room(I wrk in Hotel) I mean really, no one has the right to put any one down because of their race, their looks or smell we all belong on this earth or else we would not be here, so instead of putting them down why not try to help them understand that their body smells and that it makes u uncomfortable and maybe show them how to fix it, is all bout talking and expressing with kind word how we feel bout something! no need for insults or making it a race thing I have had people from other race that smell bad too is not just indians

      • SamiD says:

        Stupid idiot, Indians are the descendants of the original Austroloid oboriginals of Australia. If they stink, then you as an Australian mixed stink too.

      • SamiD says:

        Don’t believe this Liz A. Washing your body and clothes properly only makes you less Indian. Be proud of who you are and your culture, they will get used to the smell, did the europeans in the middle ages bathe just because they stank, no because it was too damn cold and it was part of the culture to never wash ass, but wipe and wipe. We wash and will never ever change. get used to it is my advise

      • Hannah says:

        It sounds like EVE75 is ho/slut/whore. They smell disgusting no matter where they are. their sideburns are disgusting and so are their unibrows. Very rude as well.

      • Maya says:

        Jess at least we aren’t stupid and have good thick hair unlike u Americans

      • Maya says:

        I’m srry I said THT and I shouldn’t have but u just pissed me off when u were being racist

      • jay says:

        i bet your a right uglie/fat american cunt

      • jay says:

        hannah they are rude to you, becouse you are a uglie fucking bitch, i bet your not married? if you are a bet your husband is a reall uglie mother fucker,

        this reminds me befor when i didnt have a lambo, where id talk to really attractiv women and even if they were not interested in me they were still very polite and nice, but when for some reason i spoke to a a uglie or fat as chick possible becouse i was too drunk she was more often then not offensive.

        i recon this is becouse people that are uglie or have a a chichillies heel are more offensive becouse they are insecure, becouse they are uglie white tras whores,

        not hot white gals or even black gals, i pickup lots of chiks in my lambo i dont hate:D

      • jay says:

        oh shit is this some kind of phillapono site?? haha i dint know u thought you were white people, ok lets go , why do most you fucks have white names on here like hannah? i dont get that and ok lets get to it phillapinos along with chiness and japs are the most uglies people only just a little better looking then niggers, yall look like fucking aliens, slant eyed smell dead fucking short as shit,

        not tits no arse, uglie motherfuckers

    • George says:

      It’s worrying to think that in today’s day and age people still take every opportunity possible to promote further conflict rather than just being honest and helping out. Thumbs up to the OP who wrote about something that caught his/her attention. You voiced your opinion on something that you felt applied to you.
      I dont understand what anyone else is gaining in any way by posting stupidity in response to it.
      I’ll admit I don’t like the smell of stale curry on anyone (Indian or not!). It’s not pleasent. But hey, I smoke. Lots of people are offended by how I smell after smoking. I like garlic, and beer, and lots of other things that stand out as a distinct odour or scent that many people dont like.
      It’s just part of life. Any person who migrates from any country should be made to feel welcome, but they also must understand that each country has their ways and if you’re not prepared to adapt, what’s the point of migrating?
      Indians, Chinese, Greeks, Italians, Africans, buddhist, mouslim, christian, who cares? If you’re from abroad, mingle and adapt to your new country and you’ll more than likely find that you’re accepted a lot better in general – thats what you came for!
      Racism stems from ignorance – from both sides; migrants and locals.
      Stop being fools everyone.

      • Archana says:

        THANK YOU George, I agree. (Finally! Some reason!) The rest of this comment is not directed towards you, George, but towards the rest of the audience:

        The OP was great, but the mindless drivel I see in these comments… Can I clear up some things here? I’m a first generation American born of Indian parents, and I visit India frequently though I have been brought up in America with its cultural norms. I’m also an Anthropologist.

        Look, ritualistic bathing has been extremely important to the people of the Indian subcontinent since civilization ever came about in the region (which was merely half a century after the Mesopotamian civilization.) Furthermore, archaeological remains have shown incredible finds. The Harrappan civilization held such an importance to ritual and regular bathing that communal and private baths exist complete with underground plumbing and underground heating mechanisms to heat the bath water. Bathing is extremely important to Indians and always has been. I can tell people from experience that no matter how hot it is in India, the water is always boiled and sterilized too before use (not everyone has a hot water heater in their house), and Indians LOOOOVE wonderful smelling soaps, oils, and talcum powders. However, let me mention that what smells good to some (Perhaps a lotion from bath and body works?) is not always the same that smells good to Indians (Sandalwood, Rose, Jasmine, Lemon/Lime, Turmeric, Hibiscus, Camphor, Cardamom, Anise, Betle Nut.) But they do make a concerted effort to use these products to smell great, keep their skin/hair healthy, and to prevent disease/infection. This is very important in a place that has such extreme climates and people living in close quarters.

        Furthermore, cleanliness is important in many aspects – take your shoes off before entering a house or temple as shoes are dirty; wash your feet and hands before entering the temple to pray; don’t point your feet towards elders and people of respect; apologize if your feet touches anything clean or something important like books; etc.

        Also, yes I have seen from personal experience that Indians can be predisposed to things like pityriasis, gingivitis, and periodontitis. I wish I could show you just how diligent my kind are about keeping clean, dry, and washing their face, and brushing their teeth multiple times a day, brushing and scraping their tongues just to mitigate this. (I wish I could properly illustrate how unhygienic my American friends are, but I don’t even have words for the disgusting habits that I’ve seen from them and sometimes from myself after living in this culture.)
        Now if certain things were as prevalent in India as they are in America (like floss, deodorant, mouth wash) they might not be smelling in the unpleasant way that most of you complain about. However, I can also say from experience that because my family members know that I will come visit them from America, they ask me specifically to bring them floss, oooodles of deodorant, mouth wash, scented lotions and body sprays, air fresheners, etc. (Likewise, because they know that I love jasmine, sandalwood, camphor, betlenut and soapnut, they buy these things to give to me when they visit America.) Lo and behold, they LOVE feeling that clean when I bring them these products.

        And yes, unfortunately, I’ve noticed my own excretions change in odor when I visit my parents and partake in fenugreek and asofoetida versus when I live by myself and use things like lime juice and peppers to spice my own food instead. This is culture. It is the spice of life. At the same time, I brush multiple times, floss, scrape my tongue until it almost bleeds, shower, and search for the strongest deodorant possible.

        Last but not least, Indians are not an entirely new species. That is flagrantly incorrect. Also, race is not a biologically real phenomenon. It is a socially perpetuated idea and has absolutely nothing to do with some sort of (misconceived) glandular/hormonal problem. Each different culture has a different definition for what constitutes as a “race”. These are the simple facts AND they have become common enough to make it to our textbooks by now – yes that means they are part of the academic cannon. Your failure to understand something that you should have learned in grade school is not my fault. I cannot fix your ignorance. That’s your job.

        p.s. no, most Indians are not living in squalor sitting in their own filth. Furthermore have you ever been to a slum in your own country? Have you seen the face of poverty in your own country? Have you smelled it? I doubt it, or else the finger you point at Indians wouldn’t be so much more important that the three fingers pointing back at yourself.

    • ethann25 says:

      this so bad smell came from long before their great great ancestors which they call aryns n native’s transfusion(mixing) of blood. so its in thr blood. so it provs that all indian have that smell. surely they wil conserve it, as its their clture, n it wil remain 4evr n evr..

    • Liz A. says:

      I can tell you exactly the reason indians(or anyone else for that matter) stink,reason being i was married to one for about 10 years.It has zero to do with thier genes,blood,or anything else.It has to do with the fact they don’t know HOW to bathe!

      They get in the water and play around,splash it around,thats not cleaning your body the RIGHT way.I know this from exp,believe me,painful.I actually had to put him in the water,lather the wash cloth,and gently scrub.I had to teach him that dead layers of skin cells collect on the outer skin area every single day.Getting in the water and rinsing is NOT cleaning.Also had to teach him to wash his darn underarms.You can’t just keep caking on deo and expect it to magically dissapear.Some are not aware that you can get boils and other problem type cyst’s from not washing your underarms.It’s amazing to me the piss poor example some parents gave thier children,or for the lack or a better term,NEVER taught them anything about proper hygiene!

      And for those that are gonna tell me that wash cloths are gross,there is a system you actually have to follow,or the wash cloth will be gross.After you use it once,ONCE,never use it again.Rinse it out after use,ring it out,hang it up on the pole in the shower area and let it air dry.Then at the end of the week when they collect,gather them,wash them in the washing machine(separate from everything else),with plenty of bleach(kills germs) and washing liquid.And for good measure,i always go back and double rinse them.I know it’s a lot of water,but darn it,i want to be clean! :)

      • Hannah says:

        You married an Indian? Thats disgusting, you must’ve been high as fuck.

      • Idris says:

        Very Very Great ! u ar 100 % right , hope these information will be announced in Indian and Pakistani and Bangladesh Chanel”s and newspaper daily .

      • Archana says:

        What you said is true about anyone, not just Indians. I’ve seen my white friends not realize how to scrub, how to eat healthy, and continue to get boils under their arms and ingrown fingernails on their hands for the same reasons that their parents did not teach them properly. My folks, on the other hand, were very very diligent about teach you to scrub dead skin, soap and lather up, and even brush and scrape your tongue and teeth. My folks know the cost of healthcare and dental and know the best way to mitigate these problems is to be meticulous about your hygiene for the sake of your health and future career.
        I’m sorry the man you married did not understand how to bathe properly. Do not for a minute think this applies to an entire culture. That is IGNORANT.

      • Maya says:

        Hannah we Indians could say the same abt u

      • jay says:

        Hannah what happened? you sound really bitter where you bulled by a indian guy in school? did one you fancied didnt want to date you becouse you are a uglie dumb cunt?

  2. thirdy says:

    for me indians are really smart and friendly.

    • Latika says:

      hank you! finally some one thinks differnet of us !

    • krystal sheomangal says:

      i am a indian person and i dont stink i take a shower everyday im a very clean person and smell great the only reason that some indian people might smell is because of the spices there are many things that we do to respect our culture like not using certain things on our bodies not getting any piercings and etc. we are normal human beings and we respect ourselves for who we are you american people are so fuckin racist its not even funny its like you people will never change no matter what anyone does you people would still stay the same way i really dont get why people have to have hatred in their lives why cant we just be friends and get along like seriously if you dont know anything about an indian person or their culture or about them then dont say anything about it keep it to yourself you dont understand what we have to go through in life just to try to be who we are so please stop this fuckin shit ok thanx and fuck you haters

      • Magnus says:

        Why do you expect people to cope if you stink? It has nothing to do with hatred, if you refuse to use deodorant because of karma or whatever, then you’ve made your choice. I assure you we ostracize white people who stink to the same extent.
        By the way, just out of curiosity because you mentioned piercings, I was of the belief nose piercings were rather common amongst Indians?

      • non-racist says:

        Who you callin “you people”??….

      • US.Citizen on Duty says:

        Its not that there is so much hate sheomangal. Just like you have crazy individuals in India we have them here in the USA. Its hard for any recipient country of foreigners to assimilate. Its a cultural shock to many individuals when you have others forcing there cultural onto others. The great thing about the USA is that we have a great constitution that allows every citizen & visitor to speak whats on there mind without severe punishment to some extent. I’ve dealt with Indian coworkers and other foreigners in my work environment and have noticed the B.O. there is scientific evidence backing good hygiene is part of healthy long life. We need to educate everyone with facts not culturally based opinions, individuals coming into the USA are expected to assimilate into the general population hence wash up and basic deodorant. The norm was already set by the founding fathers of the USA which were protestants whom practiced basic hygiene and its slowly evolved into what you see today. Please do some literature research into why people need to by hygienic, especially in urbanized America.

        – Please read and assimilate, nothing more.

      • Magnus Roe says:

        Good god, how can you live, presumably be born, in the US and still mix up “there” and “their”?

  3. Rawan says:

    My best friend is an Indian, I hang out with him all the time.. He is from Mumbai, I know another guy from Punjab and another from Goa. I also met many laborers from the south (Kerala) and I obviously have great admiration and respect for India, it’s culture and people. Now my point is that I know many Indians from several states and of different socio-economic backgrounds but they all have this body-odor. It varies from one person to another but it’s almost always there. Now I also think it’s there because of the diet.

    I spoke to my friend (Mumbai dude) about this today and he was shocked, he said that he knows that Chinese people for example smell but he never smelled anything on Indians.

    This is my personal experience, no one take offense please.

    • funnypart says:

      what? chinese smell? did you ever have chinese ppl around you ?

      • stench-hater says:

        i never heard about the chinese stinking!!! i’m not chinese, but i would certainly say the majority of them smell fine just like the rest of us. and duh! of course he wouldn’t smell anything on Indians! he’s one of them and he’s immuned to their scent… hahahaha!!! so now he’s blaming the chinese??? get a life!

      • Precious says:

        Apparently, you lack reading skills because you’re not reading the sentence correctly. Rawan gave an EXAMPLE that Chinese people stink. I’ll quote it for you, “he said that he knows that Chinese people for example smell.” This does not mean that he is blaming ALL Chinese or is trying to blame others to get away with something. It is ridiculous that people love to talk back but in the end look stupid doing so.

      • Khan 420 says:

        He he.. he must be taking about some chinese snake dish :D

      • nobby says:

        Yes, having just come back from Singapore I can tell you that Chinese and Indians stink. With the Chinese it’s a sour, more subtle smell. With the Indians its a full-on, in your face stink, more like a wall than a smell and social class has nothing to do with it. I have just been standing in line to buy duty free at Changi airport. The Indian behind me was wearing Gucci and buying expensive alcohol, but not a bottle of perfume in sight and the smell was almost enough to make me abandon the shop. I’m not racist, we spent a majority of our time in Little India and enjoyed the people, the food and the culture: I just don’t like bad odours. I read an entry in this blog from an Indian saying that Indians wash once a day, but don’t use deo and that Europeans are more concerned with appearance than actual hygeine; that person is absolutely correct. I don’t care if you haven’t washed for a month, if I can’t smell you it doesn’t matter. If you washed ten minutes ago, but you smell like you just stepped in dog shit, I don’t care if you washed ten minutes ago!

  4. Beth says:

    Indians “stink” mainly because of their food. Since Indian food is so heavily spiced, the smell tends to stick to their clothes and whatnot. Cumin is the main culprit for that distinct “stink” smell. But that don’t mean that they don’t bathe and maintain good hygiene.

    • Megha says:

      Well I think, what’s true is true. It maybe true that we stink bad because of the spices we eat and the active sweat glands we have. Accept this and try to mingle with people with better etiquette. I see some indians talk in such a loud volumes in their native language. It feels so silly when americans see us with weird faces.

      Whats wrong is wrong. Majority of Indians are very good in cleanliness. They talk bath everyday and its a apart of our life. We keep our homes clean too. If you have met Indians who doesnt take bath :-D y do u wana blame the whole race?! You can find those people in every culture. Abusing Indians as smelly and skunk seems so silly. Well all kind of people live in world. Some very clean, some very dirty and others just act clean. It doesn’t mean we can generalize !!

  5. John says:

    Not being racist or anything, but many Indians really stink. I have tried my best to maintain an unbiased opinion but seriously, they stink. Not all of them, but many. And the smell is unlike any normal odor you would detect from a lower class Chinese, lets say, it is almost exclusive to Indians.

  6. Paolo says:

    I am a Filipino nurse working in Saudi Arabia. The largest group of foreign workers here are Indians. I’ll try not to be biased but what Im going to tell you is based on my experience here inside the Kingdom.

    Indians make up a large portion of the entire foreign work force. Mostly are laborers and construction workers while a small number of them have high positions on different private companies here. As from what I had observed, the primary culprit is what they eat. Indians love heavily spiced meals, which in turn gives them their distinct odor. But what I do not understand is that why it’s so hard for them to take a bath? For those that says it’s because their salaries are smaller and both water and soap are very hard to obtain, you are wrong. Saudi Arabia is one of the few countries in the world that doesn’t pose any form of tax over basic commodities including soap. Believe it or not water is plentiful here. Their primary water source is the sea. Branded soaps here are a lot more cheaper than in the US.
    It’s a combination of both their dietary intake and their apparent lack of hygiene that gives them their nasty stench.

    • Listenup says:

      Listen up you damn filipino and all the other damn east asian countries – Indian’s may stink, but its not like the other people dont. I live in saudi arabia too and i see alot of filipinos that look clean but when they pass by you, they smell as well. I’ve lived in Dubai as well and there are more filipinos than you can shake a stick at, and all they do is drown themselves with deo all the time…when they walk into a bus, they spray themselves with deo etc etc…the real fact is, ive smelt the odors from the east asian people and trust me the chinese smell the worst, followed by the filipinos – especially when they cook those raw fish dishes, its so damn annoying to wake up on a friday afternoon and smell raw fish ruin your entire odor of your room – even with the windows and doors closed!

      • usmidwest says:

        I think you, Listenup should really listen up and let your BAD ODOR tell you the TRUTH!!!

        I’m not really a filipino but here in US we value hygiene. I’m not a racist or stereotyping. Most companies here in US are preferred to hire filipinos not only because they’re fluent, hardworking and educated but, because they’ve a good hygiene and personality.

        Another thing, I couldn’t believe that these filipinos would rather choose to die by taking a bath several times during a nasty cold winter than not to have a shower at all.

        Also, don’t slam the raw fishes because I like sea foods.
        This is not about the foods, it’s about your BAD ODOR and how you’ll make yourself clean and good smell !

        If that raw fish smells bad, I guess you smell worst than a spoiled fish !!!

        I’ve a good Indian friend who was born and grew up here in US. He eats indian foods too but he doesn’t stink like the other Indians from India. Was it because of the foods or was it because of his hygiene ?

      • paul says:

        go to philippines, walk in a crowded place, after you pass by look behind your back… SEE THEIR REACTIONS… we dont hate indians, we hate the smell…

      • cindy says:

        Everybody here that believes Indians do not smell and blame other countries are in major DENIAL…. I’m not saying they are bad people…they just STINK

      • Fred says:

        i agree with paolo, and other people here who think these indians stink.. i mean they are very knid people but let me tell you.. that is what they are used to.. they are used to smelling like that.. it has become a streoetype. but I really dont want you guys gnashing up filipinos. WE ARE NOT MAD AT INDIANS… its just their smell

      • nobby says:

        You don’t cook raw fish dishes, genius. I live in the Philippines, in a poor part of the Philippines and I have always been astonished at the high level of hygiene Filipinos maintain in difficult conditions.

      • Hannah says:

        Filipinos take more baths in a day than you do in a year fatty McFatfuck. Your just a fucking butthurt Indian trying to escape the damn truth. Google “How to take a proper bath.” You may start a wave of change among your countrymen and eradicate this disgusting trait. And what raw fish smells good you stupid fuck? Thats why you cook the fish/meat/poultry.

      • adf says:

        Filipinos don’t “cook raw fish dishes” (how is that even possible), nor do they smell. They eat some pretty disgusting things, mostly things they inherited from chinese culture, like balut. But their food is not heavy in garlic, which creates a smell from your pores, nor do they eat curry every goddamn day like the brown monkey Indians. So Filipinos might have some foods questionable by western standards, but it does not give them any odor. I lived there for years and used public transportation and never even noticed laborers having an offensive smell. Unfortunately, Filipinos aren’t the brightest people and have IQs lower than average for white societies. But so do the Indians and the Indians stink up every apartment building their allowed to infest, every public building they are not exterminated from. They are truly roaches and a plague on mankind.

      • Archana says:

        It was because of his hygiene probably. One thing I could suggest to anyone worrying about their ethnic dishes causing odor distress is to make sure to drink a lot of water to excrete it well, and to keep mouths and other places (armpits, sweaty areas, groin, etc) very clean with the necessary accouterments.

      • Archana says:

        nobby: I’m astounded by the extremely high level of hygiene that Indians maintain in difficult conditions compared to the Americans that I live with here in America. Then again I’m not surprised because that hygiene is important to health and healthcare/dental/surgery is no small issue on your pocketbook. Anybody from anywhere can be conscientious.

      • Archana says:

        The amount of ignorance that you’ve been spouting on this one article alone has reached an extraordinarily asinine level. Can I just speak for us all and say a mighty SHUT. THE. FUCK. UP. ALREADY.

        *you can’t fix stupid*

    • gundu says:

      Eating spices don’t make anybody stink. Spices is noting but powdered form of grains. Spices like turmeric which is antiseptic fights the body odour. We consume less meat and eat lot of vegetables how will we stink? Western and Chinese people all sorts of meat – like pig feat pig tails, and the chinese eat lizards, frogs, octopus etc., if you dont smell -then how would an Indian people who eat only spices smell? You all hate our race that is why you have to say something bad about us. Anybody from any part of the world can smell if they do not have proper hygeine.

      • IndiaStinks says:

        Because you FUCKERS DON’T BATHE!!!!!

      • adf says:

        Gundu has no idea what he’s talking about, but then, he’s Indian, and Indian’s are not smart. Spices DO make you stink, depending on what they are. Garlic is a component of curry and it has compounds that come out of your pores and tumeric might have antiseptic properties but it does NOT prevent body odor. It compounds it together with the garlic. Gundu himself probably smells like the inside of a bag of vomit left on a hot car dashboard and doesn’t even know it because he’s never not been in that miasma for a single day of his life, since all of that cesspool he calls a country smells like that and rotting corpses in the Ganges from which they drink.

    • Ranjit Nair says:

      I do not agree with Paolo the nurse. she is talking about laborers and construction workers who stink and who are apparently Indians. Saudi Arabia is one of the hottest country in the world. With Temperatures soaring high. Being in a hospital if she is coming across someone who met with and accident and while tending to them, what else, other than a stink one would expect. Instead of showing empathy and kindness which should be a part of her profession. She is raising these topics which should otherwise be ignores. If she is bothered by the stench let her donate some soaps, it doesn’t cost much as its tax free

      • Paolo says:

        First of all Im a HE not a SHE.

        2nd Im working in a PetroChemical Company and not in a hospital. I’ve come across a lot of people regardless of race and job title. How can you ignore someone with a body odour that you can smell from a few feet away? A lot of people eat heavily spiced food but lacking proper body hygiene is what makes it worst. I always remind them the importance of regularly taking a bath, putting on some deodorant and often changing their clothes. I have this guy who works in the administration office of our company as a secretary, and boy you can compare his stench to someone who didn’t take a bath for a week! Showing empathy and kindness in a very conservative and orthodox country is not applicable but instead go straight to the point. If you are concerned about them, then it is your obligation to inform them and even by saying it to their face.

    • vin says:

      Im a Filipino working in Dubai. Like Saudi..Emirates comprises Indian in it biggest percentage. I worked with the laborers where I worked as Production techinician..and they are fine. The only thing that I cannot understand is colleague…who is in better position…really stink, two of them….really. When they drove the car (and I was sitting behind) men…really cant take air coming from him…they are educated..but why they still stink?

    • sunny says:

      m n indian,i take a bath evryday,n evry indian does,its ur yes if indians outside india stink coz the intelligent ones knw india is best,only poor ones who dnt find any work here go abroad,where they spoil our image.n all who r wrkng near u r to india to see real india n we’re nt wt we were abt 80 yrs ago,we tk bath,use deo’s,sex n evrythng,tht any othr does,the indians outside india r poors migrated frm india,thy dnt knw meaning f deo’s evn,tht’s the thng.othrwise,we dnt stink,we’re smart.i wld like to tell u tht taylor lautner[twilight jacob]+ [world’s hottest men ]is an indian who’s parents migrated to u.s.a,he dsnt stink coz he ws a rich indian here.n katrina kaif[world’s sexiest women]agn n indian.u wl hv to cm to india to see real indian’s,wch u wont.

      • Jess says:

        Sorry to break it to you but this many people cannot be wrong, just sitting near by a few indians on the train, could literally almost make you faint. Face the Fact you stink, and then you can find a solution to your problem. Like maybe carry lynx or toilet spray whereever you go to get rid of the stench. Damn, i just cannot imagine what India might smell like, Must be filthy and very stufffy air.

      • Indian Smel says:

        Want 2 Explore The Smell Go To State Like Bihar,even In Capital City U Can Smell the Armpit Yeak,ask To Any People In The World ,u Cannt Hide U Smell Y6ooh…

      • SamiD says:

        Just be proud. They wil get used to the smell. What ever you do, know you are the founders of civilization.

      • Archana says:

        Jess: I saw George W Bush get elected. Twice.
        This many people CAN be wrong and ignorant.

      • Maya says:

        U know wat u every race has a smell but it doesn’t mean we stink it just means u aren’t used to the smell. Jess I’m sure u THT perfume and strong scents u use give Indians a headache

  7. Craig says:

    I am in Australia in Sydney where there are a lot of indians. Most really do smell very bad. On the train in the morning, the smell of curry makes you want to be sick. It is like the stench is coming from their skin. Even in the morning, I have experienced many indians with shocking body odour and breath. The solution is simple – take a bath and brush your teeth before going to bed and waking up, and use deodorant.

    • SamiD says:

      Try to get used to it. My advise is the breathe in deeply and try to make the olfactory senses numb to this sensation of difference. Indians cannot change because we are part of the 1000 year civilization of greatness and changing this tantamount to race treacheorism.

      • Paolo says:

        You’re like asking us to accept your stench as if they were normal? Duhh!!!!
        There is nothing great from being filthy and stinky!

      • Hannah says:

        1000 years of greatness? Are you fucking retarded? Cause your accent is.

      • adf says:

        SamiD is delusional. Indians have no civilization and are not smart enough to create one. The decayed civilization they try to claim as their own is a degraded version of what was brought by invading white people from central Asia, the Aryans, who ruled over the black Indian masses (the Dravidians). Unfortunately, despite having strong cultural prohibitions against miscegenation, racial mixing occurred anyway. That led to the caste system, the real name for which is better translated as “color system”, where the darkest skinned people were the untouchables, and the pure whites were the highest caste, the Brahmins. This ranking of groups of mulattos is similar to what white South Africa had. Eventually, there weren’t even any pure whites left and the Brahmins were just the lightest skinned you could find among Indians. SamiD, the average IQ for India is 85. For white societies it is 100. India is a cesspool because its a reflection of who the Indian people are and the limits of their abilities. You have nothing to be proud of.

      • :) says:

        and what exactly do you have to be proud of?

      • Archana says:

        Sami, anyone can change. My family members love deodorant and scented sprays and lotions, they ask me to bring several every time I visit India.
        (Someone mentioned that the smell of the cooking sticks to your clothes and hair. I would say there is some truth to that.)
        Also, India’s civilization has actually existed for more than a mere 1000 years, and it has changed immensely in response to the changing climate, culture, and society.

        Hannah… Get the fuck out. No one wants you here you dumb bitch.

    • Kama Sutra boy says:

      @Hannah India used to be the largest economy for 17 centuries straight during the Mauryan Empire and by 2052, India will be back, while America and Australia will be debt ridden places that won’t be able to import deodorant anymore, and btw the Indian spices made make Indians stink, but its also the reason why Indian women are the third most satisfied women on the planet as rated by Durex well being while most white and Filipino countries hit rock bottom, and the English language is derived from Sanskrit and Sanskrit is considered the most reliable language for computers as rated by NASA

      • Archana says:

        Tell it like it is, Kama Sutra boy!

        I’m not sure about English being derived from Sanskrit… Are you talking about Anglo English or Germanic English? (Obviously Germanic English is largely Germanic which didn’t influence the South European/Middle Eastern/East Asian languages as much as you’re insinuating. Romance languages [European] and Indo-Arabic languages are very much related and come from some of the same core. I’m guessing this might be what you were trying to convey.)

  8. Rahul says:

    I’m an Indian but I rarely eat Indian food. Believe me, Indian food is the unhealthiest on the planet. It is too spicy and too oily. I stopped eating Indian food and lost 55lb in the process!!


    Yihoooooo BLUESTARRRRRR!!!!!!!!!

    For the person that send this question, One thing and one thing only PLEASE GO HOME 2night look at the mirror and ask yourself WHY, WHY was i born. Was it to post unnecessary questions about my onw race, or was it to keep my own stereoptypes to my BLOODy self ?

    Baka You one of the humans who dont derserve to live in dis world -_-

    so i want you to do one thing for me DIE!!!!!!!

    • stench-hater says:

      well, ur indian, so you don’t know what we’re talking about! you’re kinda immuned to your own smell, but for the sake of humanity, please, i beg you, please!!!! listen to the guy’s advise! there’s nothing wrong with taking care of your own personal hygiene.. it won’t kill you! use a really good antibacterial soap during your bath at least once a day and put on a really really good deodorant, like rexona or nivea. believe me, it makes all the difference in the world.

    • Simone Johnson says:

      This is just crazy. Why do you people think that we should put up with you terrible smell? Do something about this. Take a bath a use what is necessary to cut that smell. If you are so use to being natural, please try lime juice. This will help and stop killing us Americans with ypu smell ot just stay home.

  10. z0d0r says:

    I have worked in an international company in europe, and one of the colleagues was an indian, even pursuing his master degree from a neighboring country “talk about educated”… i don’t know which part of india he was, maybe Mumbai, i don’t know, but he was acting like this oh cool guy n stuff……..yet….he smelled! i remember being trapped with him for a 1 on 1 presentation in a glassroom, and then a girl stepped in and was just shocked of the smell, we couldn’t wait to get outta there…….

    and by the way, the smell is very distinctive to indians only…… this i guess will be an eternal mystery to solve…. why some indians smell this distinctive smell!!!

    • Arya says:

      I am Indian. Can it be genetic? It is known that “order” is caused by (a) bacteria that feed on dead skin on your body (b) pheromones released by you. The pheromones, in males, is supposedly to attract females. However, evidence shows that these pheromones are actually what we would consider smelly. However, the women, during their peak period in the menstrual cycle, bizarrely, find it “attractive”. Could it be that this pheromone that we release is somehow more and that i why we “smell”. Smell is a strange thing – we had a Chinese guy who used to heat up his meals in the microwave – and after that you could not go into that room for an hour. Yet he probably loved that smell – heck he is relishing that food. So what is unbearable to you and me may be the scent of ambrosia for someone else.
      Surely the bacteria reason can be easily dealt with by a bath. Interestingly ancient romans used to apply the oils from the massaging of the gladiators as perfume. Supposedly these virile men were secreting the pheromones and these were dissolved in the massaging oil and then scraped off and sold. And we all know that Musk is the secretion from a rather unhealthy part of the Musk Deer’s body.
      Food is perhaps the culprit – what we love can be smelly to other. At the same time, it may be purely genetic – we are just a smellier bunch – we sweat more coming from a hot climate, and hence we release more pheromones.

      • Magnus says:

        Are you trying to say you’re oozing sex appeal and we’re genetically flawed for coughing up our lungs by it?
        As other people have pointed out though, you stand out from the locals even in other hot climates, and indeed in temperate climates.
        Let’s chalk this one up to hygiene and antiperspirants for now.

  11. Mike says:

    I have had experiences with working alongside Indians…wonderful people, good natured and pleasant to talk to. Most of them know about underarm deodourant, many others do not.
    Apparently it is a religious belief that says any kind of scent that masks the natural smell of the body is a sin.

    Aside from B.O. there is another smell I notice that is unmistakable…like curry mixed with oinions and something else, a very musty unpleasant smell. Maybe it’s a mixture of all three.

    • HaveMercy says:

      I have many Indian friends… All are educated. Some smells really good while most don’t regardless if it’s a male/female. I love them because they are kind and fun to be with but i just don’t like the stench. It is true… And I quote what you said Mike : “Apparently it is a religious belief that says any kind of scent that masks the natural smell of the body is a sin.” – which explains why… I love my friends and I just try to endure it so as not to displease them… But when it’s just really unbearable … I vomit … I can’t hold it anymore and they know why… Either they bid bye or I leave.

      • Archana says:

        I don’t remember that being a sin actually, and my folks used to teach our Sunday School. Certain things are listed as “sins” in many religions (like wearing mixed fabrics or cutting our hair) and we do it anyway because times change and so do people.

        But thank you for trying to put up with your friends. I really appreciate that and I cannot blame you. Me and my family are very sensitive to smells and me and my sisters get a migraine when we’re around some smelly folks in our Indian community as well. Sometimes it’s so bad that I have to puke as well. But the same is true for when I worked in the library and a non-Indian would come in every day 2 hours before closing and you could smell that he obviously didn’t bathe (and when you told him he needed to, he acted like he has no clue what you were talking about.) I sometimes had to vomit too and had to have a coworker drive me home because my migraine was so bad that I could not drive.

  12. allie says:

    Yes, they do stink.. I’m in Singapore and have a north indian colleague sitting beside me and I really can’t stand it… It’s like his blood was actually made of curry…i guess he didn’t notice that he smell so bad as he always come very very near me and boy..the breath stinks too.. no offense, but i really don’t know what to makes me hate him more for no valid reason.i know it’s bad but i really don’t want to look at him

    • stench-hater says:

      i understand how you feel. i always have them for my busmates on my way home, and really, the smell on them gives me the worst feeling, like your guts are gonna come out when you give in to throwing up. they are so oblivious to their smell, and the worst part is, if you cover your nose to alleviate your suffering, they get offended! what assholes!!!!

    • srk says:

      Singapore is such small country…………nd they are economically so weak that there is no point of talking to such a low class people…………nd btw india rocks……………nd we are one of the bst country coz:-
      1.we have the 3rd largest nd strongest army
      2.there are more than 80% of scientist in NASA
      3.we have the largest no. of engieneers in the world
      nd many more reasons make us the best country in the world……………………………………………….haha!!!!!feeling so small in front of us………………………got humiliated so badly………………….do one thing for me DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahah!!!!!!!!

      • stan says:

        Good on you for having pride. Indian ladies have won more miss world beauty pagents than any other country this is a fact. Bollywood actresses are stunningly beautiful and the movies are based on real passion, romance with great story lines. Indian culture is colorful, diverse and very entertaining. and yes I am a white person who finds Indian culture more interesting than western.

      • paul says:

        yup.. but some indians smell bad… at our school here in the philippines, air-condition is turned off and all the doors and windows are opened when indian students have class, for heaven’s sake & for the record, WE DONT HATE INDIANS WE HATE SOME BAD SMELL INDIANS HAVE….

      • IndiaStinks says:

        @ srk:
        unfortunately you’re not an engineer and a scientist. you’re just a STINKY BUM WHO DOESN’T KNOW HOW TO F*CKING SPELL!.

      • zeek says:

        youre embarrassing your country, srk!
        of course India has the most people in everything! The country has not fucking figured out birth control!!
        uncontrollable birth rate is not something to proud of. And as of “feeling so small infront of us”; mind you that most of India is still in slums while the rest of the world lives the high life. you’re a joke!

      • blah says:

        and why your country is so poor? if your people so smart then y dont you guys build a wealthy country? engineers in India don’t make shit, that y they have to come to other countries n work! every Indian just wants to get out of India!

      • Anna Davis says:

        I would never step foot in the country of India-images I’ve seen are frightning-especially the starving cats and dogs. And the abuses of human rights-I would not ever wantto be a girl born in India-a nightmare.

      • Hannah says:

        Singapore is financially superior to India. Just because India’s military has a high number of personnel by NO means makes it strong at all. Singapore’s GDP is $61,000 per capita while India’s is a measly $1,249. How is Singapore economically weak? You fucktard. You have the largest number of ANYTHING cause you multiply like rats and are overpopulated as fuck. By no means are they REAL engineers(proper way to spell engineer btw) And India is so far from being the best ANYTHING. You have just humiliated yourself as well. Oh yeah, DIE

    • Archana says:

      Alright enough is enough. When I majored in engineering, I had SEVERAL colleagues of various Asian descent (yes even including Russians and those you’d typically consider “white”.) At such a large research university, that kind of diversity was not uncommon. And EVERYBODY SMELLED. Even my white Texan roommate smelled (mainly because she wanted to save money on drying her clothing and so hung them up to dry – not realizing that they didn’t fully dry and ended up making the whole room smell moldy.)

      Everybody can smell. Everybody can do something about it too.
      Gosh, you’d think the lot of you was in 3rd grade with middle-class parents with how shitty everyone is being towards this subject.

      p.s. Singapore, I hear, is almost religious about keeping everything clean so I’m not surprised that the perceived uncleanliness of your colleague makes you unable to treat him like a fellow human being. I’m sorry that this is an unfortunate side-effect of culture, but it is and I understand how that feels growing up in America myself. My generation is typically pretty good about it, but when I stand on a bus next to an older ethnic person who is not well-versed in our culturally accepted idea of smell, I too get somewhat upset and even text my friends about how I can’t stand to be on the bus any longer.

      • Magnus Roe says:

        Could I suggest you go back to doing your damn job, whatever an anthropologist engineer would be doing, instead of replying to dozens of these silly old posts?

  13. Sue says:

    I guess it is really just what you are used to, isn’t it. I live in Melbourne, Australia, and there are many Indians around my suburb and on the train and I must admit, sometimes a bit of deodorant would make the trip more pleasant.

    As far as people smelling of curry and spices, I actually quite like the smell. I like Indian food, so I think the more used to it you are and the more you enjoy it, the less it worries you. I caught a train this evening with a man who smelled like gulab jamun, haha!!! :D

    But seriously, we humans are SO judgmental about people who are a tiny bit different from us. We must be all so insecure if we are so quick to judge other people. I’m sure you’ve been hearing a lot in your media about the racially motivated attacks going on here in Australia and it is truly awful. Some people are just creepy and mean and need to find somebody to scapegoat. It is disgusting.

    But on the whole, those things are a very vocal minority. Melbourne is so multicultural and people generally get on with each other pretty well.

    • Indie says:

      Gulab Jamun!!!
      Anyways, Indians living outside of India do know about deodorant – well at least the women. I’ve tried to convince my dad to use it, but he sticks to using cologne sometimes.
      And yes, I’ve noticed that we do smell like curry. I’ve tried to close all the closet and bedroom doors while my parents are cooking, but to no prevail. Our skin smells normal (I think), but the smell clings to everything else like our clothes and hair. But I simply just make sure that my clothes are fresh from the dryer and I then drench myself in body mist and perfumes.

      Another trick is to steam your clothes. It kills the smell.

    • Archana says:

      Whew, Thank you Sue. That was refreshing.

  14. seabee says:

    yes there is a smell i dont know what it is, i first noticed it when i was like 8 or so, indian kid in my class had that smell, over the years i associated it with just being indian. although you might not stink it might just be certain indians eat certain foods or use camel urine for cologne. trust me as you well know there are stinky people of all colors, i work in construction and i have been in white, black and all other races houses dirty and stinky is not prejudice.

  15. says:


    • stan says:

      Indian ladies have won more miss world beauty pagents than any other country this is a fact. Bollywood actresses are stunningly beautiful and the movies are based on real passion, romance with great story lines. Indian culture is colorful, diverse and very entertaining. and yes I am a white person who finds Indian culture more interesting than western.
      So take a look in the mirror and see how ugly you really are

      • IndiaStinks says:

        Bollywood is just a crappy copycat of Hollywood. get some fucking originality.

      • Magnus says:

        Stop copy pasting your comments. India had five Miss world, which is the same as both the UK and Venezuela, and two Miss Universe, whereas Venezuela had six.

    • Khan 420 says:


      Every one in this world is a migrant from some or other land… if not them then their ancestors…. you should time travel backwards and tell this to the ancestors… ( Who were not even from india).

      Khanna not Khan

    • Maya says:

      No we will be where we want to be

  16. John says:

    This issue isn’t about what people are used to. It’s simply what smells good and what smells bad.

    Here in Melbourne, many Indians smell bad. This particular funk is almost exclusive to Indians.

    I’m not surprised that people react negatively to this. Out of the 5 senses we have, smell/scent is the most sensitive.

    Everyone has a right to a clear breathing space. I find it offensive that an Indian intentionally (or not) attacks my breathing space, especially in a country where people go to have a better quality of life.

    So on the smell-o-meter, Indian funk smells awful. On the same scale, piling on too much perfume is also awful.

  17. Swamy says:

    It’s an awesome analysis, Speechless, happy 2see someone worked for a gud cause.i support u,

  18. Tiger says:

    It is the right for the Indians to have spicy food like curry, but it is the Indians FAULT to go out scaring, annoying, and nauseating other people with the smell of curry!

    Your joy is based on our misery!!!

    Remember that!

  19. Chris says:

    Yes Indians smell and it is not just the poor ones. It is the food and bad breath combined with unwashed armpits with no deodorant. Also hair in ears etc. In Europea society it is not polite to smellbad but even worse to tell the person they smell.
    The way of dealing with bad smelling people where ever they are from it is to avoid them, not make friends with them, or keep the conversations short.

    • Archana says:

      Wow, just wow. That is the almost the saddest response I’ve read in this whole comment thread. Avoid them, don’t make friends with them, treat them like a pariah. Just mind-blowingly sad.

  20. daniel says:

    I’m from New Zealand. Yeah, Indians are the smelly people with no regard for hygiene whatsoever.

  21. Common sense says:

    I need 4 hands to count the number of racist posters posting in here .Most of these fakers have never met Indians and quiet a few have been double posting under different names .

    • Alex says:

      @ Common sense – You’re 100% Right some of though have double posted like you – why you Indian people can accept the truth You guy’s are really stink who worship for the Monkey’s ,rat, cat dog God give me a break where the hell you have found half animal and half human GOD ? Oh You Indian had some serious Ego issue

      • Indie says:

        First of all, SHUT UP!!!
        When did this issue go from our smell to our religion??? Yes, I agree that some Indians smell, but you have no right to criticize our religion!!! In fact, did you know that more than twenty percent of Indians are not Hindu? And you think that Hindus have a mythological religion? Well, EVERY RELIGION IS MYTHOLOGICAL!!!!!

        So next time you decide to complain about our religion, just remember that you’re just making a damn fool of yourself!

      • Archana says:

        Hahahaha Where is this guy even getting his information?

    • Anti-Racist says:

      Common sense – After seeing your post, I kinda realized most of the racist comments on here are by the same person under different aliases. Must have lost his job to his next door Indian and is using this to vent his frustration.

  22. bk says:

    I’m an Indian working as an R&D Engineer at Thailand. I got complaints (two) in a year about my body odor!! The similarity between the complaints were: Both of them were on MONDAY. Now, Sunday is a OFF and they carry in a van. So, on sunday the AC is off and they switch on it on Monday morning. The driver is thai so he’s dumb enough not to use any car perfume!!(sorry for racist comment… but it’s my chance). So, the smell from AC they feel it’s because of me. To proove them wrong, I stopped using the van on Mondays and it works now. They still feel the smell and complain the HR. But if HR comes to me now… I can say I never use the van!!! That’s the way to deal with these people

    • Sarah Whistles says:

      Didnt you think that your stink was so strong that it stuck through the car for the rest of the year? I live in the US and can tell if an Indian has been using the elevator, the smell stays in there for weeks even after clean up. I hope you do find a way to use the strongest deodorant or at the least, take an extra time for shower and cleaning those areas in your body that the sun does not shine.

      • Idris says:

        Hahahaha ! so funny and u ar completly right my Dear

      • Archana says:

        The smell does not stay in there for weeks unless they’re taking off their smelly clothes and washing your goddamn elevator with said garment, you stupid bitch.
        Stuck through the car for the rest of the year? My friend’s cigarette smell stuck in the car for maybe a week at the most. A cigarette! Just a week! (Less than a week even).
        You ignorant ignorant ignorant BITCH.

    • Archana says:

      Hahaha you have a good point.

  23. anti-indian says:

    well i had alotta indian teachers and classmates and friends b4 and they really smell (no offence though) :) there was this funny moment that the indian gurls came to me and start smellin my hair and asked me wats my shampoo. its like something super new to ’em. and i’ve been to many indian shops here in saudi arabia and i cant take their smell. especially in taxis. when the moment i sit in there i feel super dizzy and just cant wait to get out.
    WELL i sometimes eat indian food and its really spicy which is the cause of those smell.

  24. Jantoria says:

    First off, it’s not a good idea to mask odor with perfume; for one, this creates an even worse order and secondly, a lot of people are allergic to perfume. I know many Indians with impeccable hygenic habits. The problem really is the food – I can’t stand to go into their houses because it just stinks like stale Indian food and spices and I fear coming out smelling like that. Indians are notoriously inflexible in their willingness to change their diet or even try to embrace local food. When foreigners travel India they really have very little choice but to eat Indian food AND insist they enjoy it – how easily the Indians are offended if you don’t like their food. A lot of places in America won’t rent to Indians because after they vacate the carpets have to be replaced, the walls washed thoroughly and then repainted, and the kitchen stove usually needs to be replaced as well as the exhaust fan. I think a lot of people who say in a blanket sort of way that “Indians stink” have other issues with Indians…another blog perhaps.

    • xorin says:

      i hail from north east india which is light years unlike the mainland,and yes indians do smell,i think alot has to do with their culture,they are still living in like 500 b.c..and most of them oppose everything thats western.and one point that has to be noted is that indians are genetically cheap maybe they dont like spending extra on commodities other than food,but one thing thats true is and i know this from experience first hand is indians lack hygiene guys and girls even,my ethnic lady friends use to tell me that most indian girls dont even use feminine wash,and that they’ll wear the same undergarments for weeks and they’ll wear it even if the elastic is the only thing thats left,its all down to being cheap i.m.o.

  25. shmelli says:

    indians’ strong smell comes from their clothes which they rarely wash, their smelly hands from which they eat their rice/curry dishes with (they havent advanced to using utensils yet) and allowing themselves to sweat and not bath.
    all this to save some money. laundry water bills may rise, the cost of a spoon and fork, and the limited number of shirts all contribute to this phenomenon.
    nylon shirts also encourage a stinker.

  26. Great man says:

    You all stink. Why else would you come here and read such weird posts?

    You got nothing better to do.

    Great man

  27. Rohit says:

    It’s strange to read these comments. I am in US and working on Business side in a large IT firm since last 7 years. I have very good business and personal relations with both Whites and Blacks here. I never got any feedback like this from them. Don’t tell me that they are not saying so, because of my terms with them, I know how straight forward are Americans, and in many instances I appreciate that attitude, it keeps things clear . I had a guy from my offshore team, he used to wear some oil, and that smell was bothering someone in the office working with him a lot and they were quite frank in telling me about that or someone bringing his curry and reheating it in the microwave and the curry smell, I got to know about these comments directly from them,

    Most of these comments are racist, who on the earth has time to smell someone?

    World knows Indians are respected and are successful.

    I know there are some distinctive smells from some people, I know few African Americans who smell bad , real bad when I go the equipment they just used in the gym, I can not use that equipment for a while, but then I am not generalizing that all African Americans smell bed? I know Chinese, they eat hell lot of garlic and everyone knows garlic leaves a very lasting odor in your body and few Chinese people smell awful, I researched it on internet, I was curious are these my senses going bad or what’s the reason, I got to know the reason was Garlic and Sea Food that they eat in plenty.

    So should I start a new wbesite or start a new topic to discuss these?

    Do you know a fatty person always is first to sweat, Americans are Obese, 65-70% Americans are Obese, smell of beef or pork is really stinking to me and lot of other people, may be not to the people who eat it , but as a person who never smelled these meat, it’s really bad. So if I go by these two logic, for me Fatty Americans smells a lot, if smell comes from the food you eat? Right?
    Why Deodorant Perfume Industry is largest in the World here ? Do they need to cover up the smell?

    In spite of recession why Americans spent over $10 Billion on Cosmetics in 2009 ( It was a big news today )? Should we assume that they are the most ugliest people in the World?

    Come one guys move on, grow, learn, adapt different cultures, come out of the box and be friendly with your fellow humans.

    • IndiaStinks says:

      you fucker have to do some research just to excuse your filthy smell. THE FACT IS 90% of indians doesn’t take a bath. it’s simple just TAKE A BATH & USE DEODORANT.

      • dxtwo says:

        fuck you u racist troller!

      • eva green says:

        you racist americans dont want to accept the fact that indians are smarter….so start this bullshit about smell.

      • Maya says:

        IndiaStinks Indians do have good hygiene ok and it is actually a fact most u Americans r obese ok and snack on junk food at least Indians have healthy natural food

    • Idris says:

      U ar just covering the sun with ur hands , u can not change the truth and this bad image , just try to found a solution to change ur self if u ar smelly and ur family and people who can listen to u but u need courage i guess rare to found who can carry this great job .

  28. Precious says:

    Not all people stink but some do. People who eat certain food will have a stench no matter what race you are, for example fish always stinks and when you pass gas (and please don’t say that you don’t because you’re soo lying). The person complaining will have a body odor which you would not realize yourself because YOU SMELL THE SAME EVERYDAY so you are IMMUNE to yourself!! Some people stink merely because of the perfume they used or are mixed in with some other stench, like food. It does not mean that this person did not bathe or is poor.

    Not all Indians stink but some do. Primarily because of food I would say. Some Indians do not use deodorant because it is very unhealthy believe it or not. Instead they tend to use powder which unfortunately does not last long. I am an Indian living in America for the past 13 years but never have I seen such non-sense as this whole discussion. Indians rich or poor bathe everyday and more so wash their clothes EVERYDAY! More than any one else I know. Maybe in America we cannot wash clothes everyday but if you ever go to India, then you will see what I mean. Poor or rich, Indians bathe everyday!! It is against our beliefs and an Indian will not leave the house without taking a shower. Main reason to shower everyday is because we pray everyday before leaving the house and will not step into our temple because it is considered a sin.

    I came across this page on accident when searching for something else but I had to reply because of utter ignorance shown by some of the people who posted. I will not be dumb like most people here to post that if one person stinks then all race stinks. That is just ridiculous and childish.

    • IndiaStinks says:

      you’re an idiot. i know a lot of India people who doesn’t take bath. seriously, they kept using the same shirt everyday and they don’t fucking wash them.

    • SamiD says:

      Very good reply!! let them get used to the smell. We really shouldn’t change. Our practices are based on a 1000 year culture. Our smell come from our because of our body composition, descending from our Dravidan ancestors from Africa, Asia and Australia. The middle east Semites are the reason why the world doesn’t smell like us.

    • Maya says:

      Thank you I agree with u Precious

  29. SmellySmilingIndian says:

    Don’t care if I stink, as long as I get to sleep with the white, black, brown, yellow women. May be it’s just the pheromones…

  30. Alex says:

    Look !! I don’t care at all what American,African or Asian’s says about Indian’s – We all human smell that you can’t ignore it – But I’m a half Indian( Asian ) and half American -To be honest Yes not all Indian’s smell but 95% Indian’s who live in the USA Oh ! my GOSH – Its unbelievable smell like strong CURRY and all the damn odor smell coming from the under arms – I had chance to work with one Indian guy in my work location believe me or not he was smell like hell and some reason he tried to change his cloths we everybody saw his Pitts hair under the arms – seems he haven’t shave those hair since he was born – so Indian’s please accept the fact you guys are stink anyway

  31. inzaghji says:

    It’s the curry I say.I don’t think Indians smell of eating spicy would rather the after effects of the cooking that creates the stench. The oil I believe sticks to the clothes, especially , nylon bags.SO next leave your exhaust and windows open..
    and please stop eating curry everyday..

  32. Alex says:

    I agree with the post. I live in a neighborhood where the corner store and hotel is owned by Indians.
    The neighborhood we live in is mostly African American and the Indians who are much darker treat blacks as second-class citizens although if it wasn’t from the black customers money, the Indians would not be rich.
    I notice the black custumers are treated badly . The Indian girl at the counter only has white friends and my daughter says they only accept her because they feel sorry for her. The blacks in the community still respect them and never complain when they shop at their store or get a room at the hotel even though both establishments carry a strong stench that hits your nose as sson as you enter the door. Most white people in the neighborhood hate them and complain all the time about the smell, usually going across town to other stores to avoid the smell. How can people so dark and racist act like biggots and stink so much?

    • Clan says:

      Because INDIANS think they are BETTER than everyone… They have a hatred for dark skin…. I worked with an Indian… He was an arrogant, pompous, piece of crap… He smelled of ONIONS, and GARLIC at 6 am. We could always figure out what elevator he used by the STENCH. He used to bring Curry everyday …. He used the office microwave to heat that DISGUSTING swill.. He wore the same shirt everyday…. EVERYDAY.” he smelled like a sewer…

  33. tina says:

    I ended up on this page because I was trying to find out if gravel in my car exhaust was a problem – I was appalled by all of your comments – what you really need to do is some reading, preferably on the subject of biology. You also need to get out and mix more with people and stop letting your prejudices encourage you to make sweeping statements – we are all human – Our tendency is to be attracted to opposites yet to be suspicious of differences – what torture! Our redeeming quality is that we can use our minds to overcome prejudice! The alternative is to be consumed by fear and hate.

    And on a biological level………
    A dog knows a human by the human smell that all humans have, regardless of what the human eats or of what race they are, the dog knows a human smell. We have an odour, we, like dogs, are animals – get over it! Like dogs (or other animals) we humans have our own unique individual smell too – it is with us no matter how much we wash, but becomes stronger when we don’t. Like a dog, we get used to the other members of our pack (close society), so when a dog comes into contact with a dog from a neighbouring pack ( a foreign one), he notices the difference in odour immediately.
    Because humans have a poor sense of smell and because the sense of smell adjusts to our surroundings we don’t notice familiar smells, we only notice unfamiliar or changes in smells.
    When I was a vegetarian for five years, I could smell non vegetarians a mile off – if my husband had the occassional beef burger while on a business trip, no matter what, he couldn’t hide the smell from me, even after a couple of days (and he washes alot), he just smelled like a meat eater!

    It has become the norm for people to wear vast amounts of deoderant, perfume etc. and anyone who bucks the trend is demonised. We are constantly bombarded with advertisements with subliminal messages about how disgusting humans smell.
    Hygiene is a personal matter, I personally, much prefer people around me to have a natural odour. Additionally, all these products are bad for you, bad for the environment, bad for your wallet, only good for petrochemical companies!

    I won’t be revisiting this page, so for all you racists who won’t or can’t think I won’t have the displeasure of seeing your silly responses.

  34. peergyntsoul says:

    I think Indians have a bad smell because it seems they don’t wash their clothes as often as they should.
    And there is also the hair thing. Some seem to use lard to keep it shiny and in place.
    I believe that moving to another country is fine but I also believe one should “adapt” .
    So please adapt.

    • Latika says:

      umm! we do wash our hair often!

    • Maya says:

      It’s not lard we use oil to make it softer and we wash our hair 1-3 times a week because washing ur hair everyday is bad and oil makes ur hair thicker,healthier and softer.

      • june says:

        Oh come on….you’re washing your hair 1-3 times a week..???seriously.No offense but dear if you are using an oil you should wash your hair everyday.Btw oiling your hair too much can make you look dirty,especially if you have a dark thick hair.Look I live in India and have a lot of Indian friends,who don’t smell.And also we agreed to the fact that some Indians do have a very bad smell coming out from their armpits or whatsoever.But not all ofcourse.Maybe because of the Indian food,curry and all.But seriously my friends who also eat curry don’t have the bad smell.Maybe that”s because they bathe alot or taking good care of themselves.Or maybe because they don’t always eat curry.Who knows?So as you can see I don’t hate Indians,but lets agreed to the fact that alot of Indians smell very bad.Im not being racist here and it won’t hurt to actually listen to someone’s advice from time to time.

  35. peergyntsoul says:

    Also I don’t think that this has anything to do with racism.
    A friend of mine who works for one of these Maid companies that provide house cleaning usually refuse the job if it is at Indian’s residence.
    And the thing with the clothes happens because whatever is cooked home sticks to clothing. To all of us. Not just Indians. And when they wear them to work after several days of cooking, it’s really hard not to notice in a closed meeting room.

  36. Unbiased_Observer says:

    Plain and simple – anyone who eats highly spiced foods on a regular basis will have them emitted from their bodies. The more you eat the more concentrated it will be when emitted. This is the “stink” that people here are referring to. I work and commute, on public transit, with a large number of Indians and can tell you that many honestly DO smell. A few that eat a more “Western” diet do not smell. This had nothing to do with race. If I, as a non-Indian, consumed the same diet I would smell equally as bad.

  37. Gray Fullbuster says:

    STFU!! Indians are ugly and stinks!!
    i think indians shud go to hell

  38. nisha says:

    I am from kerala.compared to other Indians we are different.we have more personal hygiene
    We bath twice a day and wash the hair daily so my foreigner friends say we don’t stink like other Indians yet we smell of coconut oil.

  39. Latika says:

    you no all you people can leave us indians alone! we do not stink . maybe to ya but leave us the freak alone! you guys are probaly just made becase we are beautiful and have gorgous hair . you guys need to leave us alone! really ! its not cool to be making fun of my religion. indians dont stink so leave us the heck alone!

    • Khan says:

      what a fucking LOSER!

    • Paolo says:

      If you want us to leave you alone, then better take care of yourselves. It is probably ok if all of us are living in the Jungle or some distant land far away from civilization. But you are mingling with us in the Urban area. You are the ones who should adapt, not us. And how can we ignore you if we can smell your stench while you are a couple of meters away?

  40. steve says:

    in general (not all but majority)indians stink even in winter…even the women… I mean seriously get some perfume when you’re on public transport, university or even when you’re working as a professional

  41. jjja says:

    Of course not all indians stink but let’s talk about the proportion in a general population. It is undisputable that higher proportions of indians stink compared to other races (from personal experience and I’m sure most will agree). They do have a bodily odour however remote the smell is but some are just plain intolerable. I’m not sure what the reason is, sweat glands, diet or lacking showers but the outcome is still the same. The smell is especially disturbing on public transport and in their houses. I understand it’s due to their cooking ingredients etc but this is just rationalizing why they stink but not providing a solution to remove it.

    Some may argue that most races have their own smell, well, im sure they do but are those smells accused of being stinky? dont think so. Im sure there is a reason why such stereotype exists- cuz most people have encountered it and passed the message down.

  42. St George says:

    Indians from India do smell, I live in an apartment block most used by 2 large Global organisations, where most have just arrived from India. They don’t bath or shower daily, they don’t know how to use western washing machines, and can’t use an extractor fan. I wear clean clothes daily. I see them wearing the sames clothes, with curry stains, hair that has not been washed, not use deo’s and antiperspirants. To make matter worse the use eau de turmeric rather than eau de toilette! I nearly gag in close contact :-(

  43. SD says:

    I am an Indian and would like to mention that lets not generalise that Indians stink. I have lived in the US for more than 8 years and I do agree that some Indians smell of body odour. But, I have seen that people from other cultures also stink at times.

    I have tried to analyse this problem myself and have a few perceptions. But before I come to that let me tell you that as far as hygiene goes, an average Indian is surely more hygienic than an average person in the US. In India, it is considered a shame if you donot take a bath even for a day, you are looked as being unclean. If you point at the culture, a religious person is supposed to take bath in the day and in the evening when the sun sets. It is not uncommon in India for most of them to take bath twice a day in summers. You may find people wearing old clothes in India, but everyone always wears clean clothes. With the exception of the people in slums who do not have the basic amenities and youngsters who in the jest of their youth do not care less, I would generalise my above comments to everyone else in India.

    Deo is expensive in India, and forget about perfumes. Atleast until 10 years ago, unless you are a middle class person, you wouldn’t use a perfume. Culturally, people use ethnic fragrances to smell good.

    The problem that I find is that, in India, the climate is so different. Its so hot and humid and you tend to sweat a lot literally. Personally, I have seen that wihout a deo, I dont smell as much in India, but here in the US, I cannot stay without a deo. May be my body has gotten used to the climate in India, that in the US it behaves differently. May be its just my body constitution, but I tend to smell easily without a deo in the US even when I take a bath. But hygience wise I follow a rigorous hygiene and I can vouch the same for an average Indian in the US.

    Bottomline, I tend to stink easily in the US unless I use a deo although my standards in hygiene are immaculate.

  44. Adrian says:

    7 in 10 Indians stink period. Accept it and do something about it. I do not understand how Indians can be so oblivious to the stench that emanates from their bodies. I think it is the cumin, bad ventilation, lack of personal hygiene and bad taste in clothes that contributes to the problem.

    I cuss repeatedly every time a stinking Indian sits next to me in a bus or train. Taxi drivers are the worst.

    BTW, the stink is not exclusive to Indians. Pakistanis smell the same too. Same problem. I suppose they hate each other because they see a lot of themselves in each other.

  45. Jai Ho says:


    you indians, just take a bath five times a day, please :(
    you smell like hundred year old -shit, really, sorry to tell you….

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    One stop channel for all Indians who are smelling of their body odour after playing Cricket Outside.Just relax watching Cricket Highlights for free after a smelly days Cricket Match outside

  48. L Chen says:

    I run across this page because I am hesitating to rent my house to an Indian and trying to search for some information. From my own experience in US, probably 20% of Indian have strong body odor. However, even for Indian with no body odor, their home definitely have very strong curry smell which will stay forever. As an Chinese, I know most Chinese landlord will never rent to Indian because of the curry smell. My friend bought his house from a Indian, it still smells curry 3 years after he changed all carpet and painted all walls.

    It is well known among Chinese in the united state that you should never rent to Indiana and never buy a house from Indian because of the forever staying Indian smell.

    • IHATEINDIANS says:

      don’t do it. I’m chinese too and wow…. they stink like no other race.

      I’m not sure what chinese smell like, but please tell me and I hope I don’t smell that way but none of my friends have told me that I smell.

      Indians stink because of curry. I stood next to an Indian in class for 15 minutes and I got on my mom’s car and she was like wow you smell like shit.

      No offense indians, but you guys really stink. There are probably people out there that stink more than you, but in general, your race is the most smelly race out there.

      • Marcia Falk says:

        We had an Indian co-worker in our office for one
        year, and I never noticed an unpleasant odor.
        One year after he left, my son and I visited India.
        On the plane from Frankfurt to Cochin I noticed
        the curry smell when we were served Indian food.
        While we were in India for one month I never noticed
        an offensive odor in any of the many houses nor
        restaurants that we visited, nor any of the people.
        We visited Kerala, Goa, New Delhi and Agra. You
        must be experiencing people who don’t bathe
        enough. Our friend bathes 3 times a day during
        the hotest months and twice a day during cooler
        months. When we received a postal package
        from him, there is a musty smell because of the
        high humidy there, but there is no offensive

      • Khan 420 says:

        Chinese chik… ching pu , mang chew whatever you are… chinese don’t stink ‘coz you are used to that smell since brith dear…. Indians stink for you since that is something new to you… gradually you will get used to it…. and who knows the other day you might have shit in your panty that why you smelled like shit.
        Atleast i can assure…. our curry does not stink as much as your fucking pussy :P

      • José Napolitano says:

        What would Khan 420 know about pussies? The last vagina he smelt was his mum’s at birth.

      • adf says:

        IHATEINDIANS says he is Chinese and not sure what Chinese smell like and hope he doesn’t. I’m white and have traveled, and lived in very ethnically diverse areas, including right next to Chinatown in San Francisco. I’ve known hundreds of Chinese, and they do not have a particular body odor, like being discussed here about the nasty curry-stinking Indians. The poorest chinese will often have hygiene issues; musty-smelling clothes that smell like mothballs and need to be washed, and smelly streets because the filth they pour into them from the restaurants. But they don’t have any particular body odor that is offensive or distinct to being Chinese. Indians are foul smelling because of the constant curry eating, and low IQ. They need to go back where they came from and stop turning civilized countries into slums.

    • José Napolitano says:

      20% really? Wow you must have done a census on body odour to be throwing out percentages like a fucking biased douchebag.

      I love it how these lame motherfuckers even dare to compare the hygenic standards of a developed country to that of their third world shit hole. Even Ecuador appears to be prone to less high-risk diseases than that of India.

  49. russia says:

    when i was in singapore, i had a indian roommate. He was very stinky, my friend said to me that all indians are stinky, They dont use bath regularly. I was on the train, there were lots of indians and smells like a shit…

  50. TMX says:

    I’m a Filipino and when I got to Singapore in the purple train to little India, I and my cousins have to wear gas masks. If Indians did not stink we would not need to wear gas masks in the first place but not just the Indians… the “oriental” Filipinos particularly love fermented fish paste and they love it and claim it as a part of our culture(this is what I’m ashame of the most) to make it worse the home made provincial variety is usually milled…with feet eww!!! T_T

  51. Stacey says:

    I have to say, Indians who don’t assimilate into western culture smell really vulgar.
    Its B.O mixed with curry and a musky old soapy smell; it’s terrible for us civilised people. Anyway I had the misfortune of going to India for a business trip, boy if I thought the Indians at home smelt, in India it’s another level.
    As soon as I walked out of the airport I burst out crying, The smell, the dirt, the chaos, cows and other animals running wild, I even had the misfortune to see a human body crushed by a truck, with about 20 people standing around looking at it, people even pour Sewage out of their windows onto the street, and this was in the major city!
    No wonder there are so many Indians escaping to every other country around the world, it’s truly Hell On Earth.
    Sorry just had to get it off my chest.

  52. wow says:

    i cant believe the uploader lets all of this bigotery and racism proliferate in this page, its even ranked at google

  53. tellyoulater says:

    i came in this page coz i was using google to know about stink. the title of this blog reminds me before when i was tutoring an indian kid about english & math.
    every person has its own smell and it really only matters on your preference. some may like your smell and others dont.
    if most people here dont like the smell of and indian then its his/her choice.
    im a filipino and i do find our own have a stinking smell too. i find others that have irritating smell but to some of my colleagues, they like it. so it downs to a smell preference.
    indians,chinese,koreans,americans, australians, including filipinos have a distinctive smell. if the smell is too strong for you then probably you hate it. but it doesnt mean he stinks.

  54. JP says:


    I love Indian culture, my Indian friends, and Indian food :) But I would like to simply point something out – I worked for a very generous, intelligent Indian man for many years. He was the owner of a profitable store. Needless to say, he never broke a sweat because he was always counting cash or reviewing security cameras, not performing manual labor. Yet somehow, even at 9am, which was the start of the day, he still smelled unpleasant and like body odor. So your assessment on “middle class” Indians and so forth is not entirely accurate. It’s my understanding that the older generation of Indian men do not use anti-perspirant purposely and that their musky odor is actually used as a pheromone, so to speak, to attract female partners. What can you tell me about the validity of this? Is this true in any way, and what is your insight on this? I am genuinely interested in knowing and I am in no way making an attempt to act condescendingly towards anyone. My Indian male friends are younger and perhaps they have become more “Americanized” so they do not emit an odor that is any different from any other race, and they certainly do not smell unpleasant.

  55. Breakerbreaker says:

    I am an Indian American (parents born in India) and I shower twice a day while using soap, shampoo, conditioner, and two different body washes. When I’m out, I use deodorant and body spray. I definitely do not smell, however whenever I eat Indian food, I do start smelling and people then ask me, “Why do Indians smell?” It’s all because of the food. So don’t go around saying “All Indians smell.”

  56. Bob says:

    Oh Christ do Indians smell bad…..go to any high tech company with a bunch of H1Bs right off the boat……and the place smells like a third world dump!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  57. PAUL says:

    I cant believe you are so far from the truth. It is true that the diet and spices make a difference. ask an Italian just how good garlick is for you. but in every human nose is a highly sensitive organ that is designed to pick up on hormons of any close body to tell what a heritage and particular DNA group you belong too. Some are not compatable and that is why you may not like them without knowing why or you may find them irrisistable. go figer its gods plan to keep humans in prime condition, and keep faults to a minamum. SO put on some deoderant and enjoy the wonderful world of varity and personal selection,

  58. Number 5 is alive says:

    Indians……Please…..I beg you…..start using deodorant. Wash your armpits when you shower, and wash your shirts regularly.

    I am pleased to tell you that my name is Jason and i am calling from Delhi…would you be interested in a new very cheap telephone line….

    Oh shit……i got off the track there for a minute…..

    Smell your armpits before you leave the house…..your odor is offensive……i have noticed this in areas of little ventilation such as trains or buses or taxis.

  59. Rmgachet says:

    Hey all,
    I’m Indian, and I happened to chance upon this page thanks to a Google search that didn’t quite work out the way I expected it to ;)
    Anyway, to all my fellow Indians who are tirelessly dodging all these complaints about us stinking as an entire race- keep up the good work- I find it appalling to generalize on an entire population to such an extent. However, I must say, some people do make a point when they say that a sizeable part of the Indian population suffers from unbearable body odour- and NO it has not got much to do with the food they eat! I am Indian, I live in France and thoroughly enjoy French food (I can’t cook Indian, so my diet’s exclusively French or Italian). If people smelt of spices or curry- the smell wouldn’t be half as bad. But its the stench of stale sweat that breeds all kinds of bacteria that hits your nose when you board a public commute system in large cities like Bombay or Calcutta. Even in the First Class compartments, the smell during the rush hour’s bad enough to literally take your breath away! I compare this to the Parisian metro (which also stinks- but of puke+piss+stale beer on weekends), and no matter how crowded the train is, I don’t find myself nauseating from the stench of underarm sweat like in Bombay! I have met some other Indians here in Paris- and boy, do they smell! These are young Indian students who are absolutely rubbish at cooking, and survive on the food from the university restaurant (which is always French, obviously)- and yet they STINK! Walk into their studio apartments, and the smell suggests a dead cat under the bed!
    My friend circle is a rather multi-cultural assortment of young people who have integrated beautifully into the local culture, SAVE THE INDIANS (and yes- one of my closest Indian friend stinks, and I have told him so at many occasions). The Mexicans, the British, the Americans (I don’t know any obese one’s though), the Scandinavians don’t smell at all- despite their meat rich diet. What is it with us!!? I know I don’t stink, as I go to great lengths to ensure I don’t (and if I did, my friends wouldn’t be asking me to tell the other Indians that they stink!). From what I have observed, it really does come down to personal hygiene. Now, its quite true that Indians in general tend to bathe very regularly (and more often than some of the ‘white’ races). But- its what they use to wash themselves that is of essence! For the life of me, I can’t figure out why a person who earns 75 K Euros per year would want to buy the cheapest soap, cheapest deodorant (anti-perspirant’s a strict no-no), cheapest toothpaste…cheapest EVERYTHING that has to do with maintaining good personal hygiene! And it doesn’t help that a lot of Indians insist on wearing some sort of dreadful hair oil that smells of jasmine or coconut and use styling gel and some cheap-ass shampoo!! Imagine the fragrance that the combination lets off- really!

    And for those who think the Chinese don’t smell- you want to go a bit closer to one when he/she is talking (we do that here in France, unfortunately). They might not emit a very strong body odour, but their bad breath’s enough to scare away a whole army of skunks!

    All said, I know loads of Indians in France and in India who don’t stink at all. I also know loads of Europeans who stink too- especially their breath! It really is all about personal hygiene habits which must be adapted to the local climatic conditions! For some strange reasons- many Indians prefer to spend more on smelly hair oils than on shower gels or soaps :(

    • José Napolitano says:

      It is the food, I have family of indians living underneath me that whenever they cook we have to close every fucking window because of the stench their food emanates, stench that is bound to stick to their bodies and clothes, not to mention that their perspiration is bound to release a funk based on the fucked up diet they have. That’s a scientific fact. Eat garlic, onions or spices and your sweat glands are bound to release that smell out of your fucking pores.

      The problem with your fucking culture is that you USE TOO FUCKING MUCH! Unlike mediterranean cousine which uses the same spices but in less quantity, and maybe the simple fact WE DON’T EAT WITH OUT FUCKING HANDS out of a SINGLE big plate for everybody. How fucking gross is that???

      let that be the last time you compare Italian cousine with Indian garbage.

      • Jollyferd says:

        @ Jose
        Hmmmm… I now know why those Indian neighbours of your stink…’cause they live “..underneath ..” you. Ha..ha..haaa! All your excrements is causing them to smell, mate. May I also suggest that your mouth stinks, too, from all the foul language that your limited vocal is confined to. My sympathy goes to you for being such a miserable soul.

      • Maya says:

        U have no right to bash our religon like THT ok just because u aren’t used to smell doesn’t mean it’s stinky ok. U Italians use too much cheese and it stinks to other religons because they aren’t use to the smell. And not all Indians use their hands ok and we only use our hands cuz it’s in our religon. So don’t COMPARE ur Italian garbage with our Indian Cousine

  60. Rakesh says:


    If you are feeling the smell of onion and other spices as stinky means you all are not deserve to leave. All people will stink if they don’t take the bath,But what Europeans will do is taking a “bath” on deodorants.May be you will heard abt Mata Amrithanandamyi in Kerala.There i met so many foreigners with vomitting smell. Because they are not bathing and not using the deodorant . Most of the western people will smell like that only.We Indians are the people used to bath twice a day and superior in hygiene.But see the western people,even they don’t wash their ass after tolet.But we will do. At any side is that a hygienic thing to wipe with paper. So as an indian i feel smell anyone not having bath and most of the people from west have a mixed smell of deo and sweat will feel vomitting. You are shitting without smell also??????. So dont say Indians smells. May be i can tell one solution,brush your teeth 10 times a day because your mouth is just below your own nose

    • José Napolitano says:

      Italians spice their foods heavily with onions and garlic, and yet they don’t stink up the world like you dirty fuckers do.

      Fun fact: Indians bathe in a river (Kanji river) full of rotting corpses for good luck.

      Indians allow rats to eat out of their food rations.

      etc, etc, etc

      Call it racisim, but the fact that your indian culture is IGNORANT and unaware of health hazzards is undeniable.

  61. Rakesh says:


    If you are feeling the smell of onion and other spices as stinky means you all are not deserve to live. All people will stink if they don’t take the bath,But what Europeans will do is taking a “bath” on deodorants.May be you will heard abt Mata Amrithanandamyi in Kerala.There i met so many foreigners with vomitting smell. Because they are not bathing and not using the deodorant . Most of the western people will smell like that only.We Indians are the people used to bath twice a day and superior in hygiene.But see the western people,even they don’t wash their ass after tolet.But we will do. At any side is that a hygienic thing to wipe with paper. So as an indian i feel smell anyone not having bath and most of the people from west have a mixed smell of deo and sweat will feel vomitting. You are shitting without smell also??????. So dont say Indians smells. May be i can tell one solution,brush your teeth 10 times a day because your mouth is just below your own nose

    • José Napolitano says:

      Clearly you do don’t find the smell of onions on yourself all day long repulsive, which means you’re one of them smelly indians that go to a job interview smelling like they’ve crawled out of a fucking sewer and expect people to worhsip you like Gods, because if there’s a more befitting indian stereotype is that of you people being incredily arrogant towards other cultures (but that’s probably due to being Muslims rather than by indian heritage).

    • harry stinkarse says:

      That’s because you are smelling your own Asian STINK.

  62. Filipino girl says:

    Dont be judgemental guys.Respect and u will be respected.Odor is n0t a big deal.what is important is ur inner outmost as a person.u show respect,not only to Indians but urself too.every human being has a dark secrets m0re than stinky on what u r telling of Indians smell…useless if u r clean outside but ur attitute inside urself ir rotten like a dead animals.u dont need to insult ur neighbor,bcos if u r on their shoes,u will get hurt too.learn to live ur own lives,and let others to live their lives the way they want it to be.U r not God to judge..besides we are all the same in Gods eyes..ok.b4 u laugh at d dirt at ur neighbors face,take a glance at d mirror and luk urself if u r too clean and too perfect:)

    • José Napolitano says:

      How would you like it if I was to bathe myself in shit and then get real close to you to say, give you a hug and rub my shitty aroma all over your all-forgiving-kind self? Chances are, you’d be repulsed by it, unless of course you were a fan of shit in the first place to put up with the smell.

    • Idris says:

      Odor is big deal is microbe and dirty and pollution and low level educations think more ,God and his angels do not like it !! who do not care about it is sick and abnormal , the great modest person who accept advice and change . Am teacher, a lot of people ar accepting a truth and they ar changing completely ,,some time we ar hard to them ,we ar sending them to there house back to change the dresses and to take bath ,,we ar not against any nations we ar against a bad habit . We can judge if we ar sure about any subject ..and who is smelly is never like person who is clean and smell good always .

  63. Pudim Salame says:

    We do stink for three reasons in order of importance:
    1. Religion: some of us are not allowed to use toilet paper, we need to wash our asses. As most countries dont have water in the toilet, we simply dont wash. So, if your Indian friend starts smelling bad in the middle of the afternon, yes his ass is still full of shit. That is disgusting for some culturex, but for me it smells like perfume. I got a boner everytime I smell a stinking female.
    2. Lack of hygiene: we simple dont take showers everyday because it is too expensive in India. When we move abroad, the habit iz alreacy there.

    3. Food: We eat shit food, that smells like… Guess what? Shit!

  64. Johnny says:

    As long as this blog exists, the stereotype exists.

    • José Napolitano says:

      As long as the majority keeps reaking the way they do, the stereotype will exist.

      ps: regardless of how hygenic an indian person might be, you can’t deny the fact that their overexcessive use of spices and whatnot gives a horrible smell. That’s a fact! i.e. do you find the smells of onions attractive? answer is NO, therefore if you smell like you were bathed in onion juice, chances are you will STINK!

  65. José Napolitano says:

    Indians by-and-large do stink. We have them as neighbours in the apartment underneath us and we have to close every window because of the stench that raises from their apartment whenever they cook. It is nauseating to smell so much onion, curry, cummin together.

    • Jollyferd says:

      Jose .. please get your language in check. You keep saying “underneath us …” underneath you is your dick and ass, mate. Your mastery of the English language is appalling to say the least. Your hatred and foul sentiments is a reflection of your lack of manners and can it also reveals your sad standard of education? You are doing us (Whites) a disservice. Come on Jose, you smell foul! Your generalising of a whole race appears to be misguided. Perhaps your socio economic standing has not allowed you to see others (Indians included) much better off than you. In your limited social exposer you froth, rant and rave. You’ll make an interesting study/research material for human evolution … ie where you were born, what level of education your parents had, what type of locality, schooling you’ve had, what tertiary education (if any) you’ve had, your mental/ emotional intelligence, social adaptability, etc, etc. I am really interested in studying you. How can I contact you? My next PhD could be on you, mate.

  66. Rrc says:

    I’m in IT and recently we got new programmers. One is an Indian and he really stinks and I’m getting headaches and chest pains.

  67. Harrison says:

    Okay, indian ppl are cool. Many smart ppl, good artists, beauty peagant contest winner, etc.. my favourite musician is indian too. you know cornershop who sing “brimful of asha”?.. yeah, but however indian do stink, no matter how cool they are. But we are all human, I don’t hate ppl just becuse he/she stink, I still have respect to Indian ppl, and you all indian ppl should be proud even with that stink, it’s your mark, it’s your character. Maybe you guys should make a song about it, like “smells like indian’s body odor” or something..

    Me myself have met some indian ppl yesterday, they do stink. I ask my friend who with me at that time and she said yes, she recognize the smell. I want to make sure, so I search on google about this topic and I found this and hundreds question in other sites. So just accept it since there are many evidence already. Stinky country with cool ppl and great culture, that’s India!

  68. CJ says:

    What a stupid excuse. Look for a good one dirty and stinking motherfucker.

  69. FFWRITER says:

    I’m working with Indian doctors and seriously, they stink. Also Pakistani and Sudanese doctors.
    They’re professionals but they still stink.
    But I have to admit, there are still few (very very few, about 1 out of 10) Indians who doesn’t smell.

  70. nooffense says:

    if you indians are really that smart (as claimed that many are engineers, doctors and others.), why not cultivate a new breed of spices that do not give a stinky side effect into the body?

    As of this writing… SOME Indians still STINK!

    no offense

  71. harry stinkarse says:

    Of course Indians STINK.It is the vile food they eat and the lack of personal hygiene in the Bathroom.They do not use toilet tissue like europeans and they do not wash often.This is confirmed by an Indian that used to work at a local company,who stated that it was acceptable to wash intimately just once a week.He also confirmed that Pakistani’s and Sri lankans were even more afraid of soap and water.

  72. sandy gaines says:

    I have nothing against Indians, but the smell is simply repulsive. When I have to run to a restroom because I am gagging this is just not acceptable. I underdstand it is mainly because of the food and ingredients they consume, but seriously, others should not suffer like this. If you are going to a public place, doctors office, etc… Please do the rest of us a favor and try to do something about the smell. No one should have to endure this, ever!


    Please believe it’s not because of the food they eat!!!!

    There is an indian guy who does not stink on the first day of work, but as the day goes by, the smell becomes stench!!! Which leads to one conclusion, They take a bath once a week only!
    They take a bath once a week only!
    They take a bath once a week only!
    They take a bath once a week only!… or worse :(

    • lastgreat1982 says:

      You are a TRUE asshole. How can you make such an assumption. YOU take a bath only once a week, otherwise, how could you draw such a conclusion? Ever heard the expression, “Takes one to know one.” EXACTLY, that’s your assumption because you are a filthy bastard.

      Wake? You are a cowardly bastard that needs to be euthanized.

      • Jollyferd says:

        Hi people, most of you here are confused with the term ‘bath’ and
        ‘shower’. When someone says that he takes a “bath once a week” he is actually referring to the “soaking in the bath tub for 20 minutes” process. Most of us (Europeans) take a shower daily. Our work life and busy schedule will not permit us to indulge (yes indulgence a bath is) in a daily bath. Besides imagine the amount of water wasted if every one in the family is to fill a bath tub with water and monopolise the bathroom for at least 30 mins. Shower is what modern man does. I shower daily but bath once a week, if I am lucky (time wise). I smell of Armani and love it!!

    • Idris says:

      Hahahaha .. I really want to shake ur hand ..i Agree all what u said ..

  74. stan says:

    indian dont stinks they smell…

  75. Barb says:

    I deal with tons of Indians on daily basis at work (I work at a pharmacy). Some Indians patients have very strong odors, including little kids. Other Indians don’t. I believe the odors are clearly related to their food as they smell like they had just left their kitchen. It is not a bad smell – it is just very strong for a non-Indian person like me! I am just not used to it as I could realize when I was pregnant and the strong smell always triggered nausea on me. I cannot judge or even think it is lack of hygiene habits or anything similar because I don’t know much about Indian culture. I guess it is just the combination of spices and how it is processed by the body. As a matter of fact, when my husband eats Indian food, his BO turns out to be just like my patients’ odors at the pharmacy. Luckly for me, it wears off after a couple of days. Different cultures, different food, different smells which is not necessarily bad – even for me that finds that specific odor unpleasent.

  76. vidhya says:

    i think europeans smell the most because of cheese and beefy items and not bathing because of cold and their alcohol consumption dont talk about indians u fucking people we are not beggers mind you!

  77. lastgreat1982 says:

    I typed “Why Do Indian’s Stink” and found this. I was married to a wealthy Indian guy and he never did stink, but he was very Americanized and loved American food. I noticed; however, his other, first generation family members did stink. I also noticed when going into an Indian owned store,
    the stench was god awful. It’s this VERY distinctive smell that makes you want to call 9-1-1. Honestly. Indian’s consume a lot of garlic and it comes out of their pores. In addition, the curry is also a contributing factor. But then it’s just wierd because I met with an imigrant Indian client who had a super posh home and there was no sign of the stench anywhere. I just can’t figure it out. Why some do and some don’t. It’s wierd.

  78. potu.... says:

    Some of you people are really harsh =(….im an indian and i have a bath every day and i do use deo….nd i Dont stink……and all the people i know Dnt stink either….ok….i’ll admit it….a few indians do stink bt Not all of us do….sum of us really care about hygiene….seriously….u people are talkin like u’ve smelt every indian in the world!seriously get over it!all of us don’t stink!

    • lastgreat1982 says:

      I agree. Sometimes the truth simply hurts. Please don’t pretend like it’s a conspiracy. No one says the same thing about someone for so long and it not be true. If someone calls you a crack head for 20 years, YOU ARE SMOKING CRACK.

      People stink in all walks of life. Sometimes it clearly is a hygeine factor, or even a hormonal factor. In this case, I really believe that the spices and seasonings that Indians consume, along with traditional garments can also create the offensive smell. Imagine, curry and garlic bleeding out of your pores (which by the way needs to breathe) and naturally sweating due to the amount of layering of clothing on the skin.

      I knew a girl in high school that told me she hated taking a bath and did so only twice a week. YUCK I thought. The amazing thing was that, she NEVER had a body odor. It baffled me.

      A friend of mine told me that his wife showers at least 3 to 4 times A DAY because of hormonal issues, otherwise (according to him), she could run off every rat and roach within a 10 mile radius.

      No disrespect intended Potu.

    • zeek says:

      well, if it makes you feel any better, i agree with you. i agree that not all indians will carry the stink. but you know how human psychology is like… if it’s a good thing, they might mention it to one friend. if it’s a bad thing, they will announce it to the whole town.

      the truth would be that the smell is COMMON in india ( i really cant deny this ) and this portrays a bad image on the country. and most of the time, its the bad image that manages to stay vibrant; while the good image fades away after a while.

      • lastgreat1982 says:

        Zeek, I could not have been more truthful. I was married to an Indian (as you can see clearly in my post). There is no conspiracy. If so, why would anyone bring up such a dreadful topic?

        I am a mixed woman, Israelis and Carribean. I have no room to despise or judge. I simply called a SPADE a SPADE. I call it like I see it.

        You hit the nail on the hammer with respect to if it’s good, no mention, but if bad, it’s channel 9 news. Great observation.

  79. mandala says:

    I am working with international students from all over the world. The list of the worst smelling students is topped by Pakistan, Bangladesh, Syriah, and India. Physically it seems that people tend to body odour the more hairy and the more overweight they are.

    Men tend to smell more than women. The latter may have to do with personal hygiene and hormonal dispositions. Diet may also play a part, yet I think it is mostly personal hygiene i.e. whether people wash, change their clothing and use deodorant if they are sweaty types.

    • outlaw says:

      hello u lil homosexual asswipe! am sure you and your entire ethnic bg stink like shit! dont make me laugh by sitting on your comp and try to type like you are educated. loser!

  80. zeek says:

    dude.. its from the curry you eat.. people arent used to that smell; and it aint all that a pleasant smell….
    ive got nothing against indians; im maldivian…
    but the smell has really caught up as an image for india in our country…..

    • outlaw says:

      hey, ur ancestors are from india..they also cook and eat curry and love it. you stink also

      • zeek says:

        err.. no..
        ancestors are srilankan :)
        and that was a LONG time ago. we have developed so much more after that.. we have our own culture base and traditions. we do not like to use the substances used in the indian dishes which produce the smell and yellow finger nails.

        no maldivian would consider themselves a relative of india. no prejudice. like i said, india is famed for the smell and the cows in our country.

  81. peace says:

    Its so sad to read all these commentzz…. In this world there are so many problems out there that needs attention, however everyone here seems to be not bothered about any of the global issues that we have & tend to run their mouths on other things that are irrelevant… I refer to all those who posted here, including the author / initiator of this topic…. Just one note to everyone… whatever the issue might be, one must Respect each & everyone regardless of being short, tall, fat, fair skinned, dark skinned, in short,,,being different from us…. God created each one of us differently for a reason… no doubt, each & every one of us face different forms of challenges & difficulties.. Hope everyone understands this & have a sense of unity in facing all the challenges…….

  82. Indiana Jones II says:

    Indians stink. I was on tour to Niagara falls (a bus tour). It was a fcking nightmare. I all start in flushing, when i arrived to the departure point. I arrived on time, sat on my proper seat and saw a few indians around having their morning meal. (God knows what the F they were eating. The shuttle bus was then storming by those individuals, and I told my companionship lets hope we don’t have to bear their odor all the way down to niagara falls. I was wrong our bus to niagara was full of these animals. Even worst, Niagara falls was full of indians. They stink like a combination of armpit odor, curry, onions, and whatever else they eat. Not only that, these people lack of manners is unbearable. After 20 hours of hell, i decided to never ever again go to Niagara falls, and secondly I will just try to keep my distance from them. Until they realized that here there is a lot of water and personal hygiene products and use them.

    • lastgreat1982 says:

      Indiana Jones II. That is pretty hillarious. You are not returning to Niagra Falls just because the place is infested with them. It’s pretty bad when a group of people can actually chase you away from a place.

  83. AJS says:

    Indeed. Not a single doubt. Indians and Pakistans stink. Especially Indians. Awfully, horribly disgusting.

    I am presently working in an Indian Culture Co. God! They smell a lot. At first it smells like dead fish. Lol. But true. But anyhow, I get used to it. And if given a chance, again, I will never definitely not work with Indians anywmore.

  84. AJS says:

    To add more, apart from the awfully and horribly disgusting smell, most of these Indians, my colleagues, seldom change clothes whenever they come to office. Like for 2-3 days, the would wear same long sleeves and pants, sacks too.

  85. Alexis Le Coult says:

    Lets face it, we all have odors. Some, more than others…My Aussie boyfriend stinks of cheese and wine after a game of basketball which he rectifies with a shower and deo. I, whereas exude very little odor (even after a 3hr workout in the gym). And trust me, I eat everything. I love my seafood, cheese, curries, spicy food. I eat curry 3x times a week to the point my parents think I must have been an Indian in my past life…yet, no odor.

    I have lots of Indian friends, one of whom is my closest friend. And he does have a unique smell (as hygienic as he may be). It does get offensive as the day progresses but as friends, we are comfortable enough with each other to point out to him to “deo-up”. No biggie really. Quite recently he pointed out to me that he’s looking to do laser to help eradicate body odors…

    I’ve been to India and I’ve been to all the Little India’s in Asia, and yes, the same distinctive odor. I love it for its distinctive smells and sights. But in an enclosed space, it can be overpowering. Moral of the story: Everyone has an odor; Most Indians have that “special smell”; Major odor culprits -active sweat glands in combo with bacteria and diet ; And there is a cure out there- deodorant (temporary) and laser.

  86. rajesh says:

    Reading all these comments , I have to say I have never seen a motley set of fools than you all in my life, Now lets understand facts of smell.
    Where is taste and odor? Atoms and molecules do not have any intrinsic odor or taste; no smell or
    sweetness. These are not “emergent properties”, either. Odor and taste are sensor effects. Molecule structure
    and chemical activity cause the reactions that are perceived as taste and odor. Examples like this lead to the
    conclusion: Qualia are not properties of the physical world, ready to be observed.
    In technical terms, what the brain perceives are not the external stimuli, but the sensory system’s
    reactions to those stimuli
    qualities of qualia are not necessarily “similar” to the real
    world qualities; no “sweetness” or “blueness” as a natural quality exists.
    Next time when someone smells good or bad, blame your receptors for being so sensitive, not that person , because your receptors cant handle the molecular structure which of course is finally odorless..

    • deathguardian97 says:

      Wow, you got so caught up in your own pseudo-intellectual garbage that you just came across as more of a fool than those people you claim to be debunking. On technical terms, you’re also an idiot, as most of what you said is entirely wrong. Next time you feel the need to try to sound intelligent with your misconceptions in regards to sensory processes of elements (By the way, your mix of philosophy and chemistry is laughable), try to remember that you are are sad little person and that you really shouldn’t post in the first place.

    • Jennifer says:


      Let’s not bring in the scientific jargon to intimidate people and get distracted from the main topic.

      Fact- An overwhelmingly high number of people with Indian ethnicity living in the US currently are carrying a very unique smell . While this unique smell maybe accepted or desired by the Indian culture, it is considered to be very offensive and disgusting here.

      Being in a different culture, you should try to do all that you can to embrace its values without compromising too much.

      Solution- The solution is quite easy and can solve all problems. Just shower and shampoo, brush teeth and use a deodorant every morning before leaving home. Are you doing these things now?? I guarantee just by doing that every single day, the smell will be an issue of the past and no one would bother you again.
      Remember: Shower, shampoo, brush teeth and deodorant every single day. That’s all. No more, no less.

  87. Rrc says:

    Yeah right… atoms and molecules do not have intrinsic odor or taste. Nice way to defend your smelly self.

    • lastgreat1982 says:

      RC, that is BEYOND hillarious. He does this entire scientific schpeel and you swat it down with simplicity. LMAO ROTFL.

  88. SDSD says:

    There are 2 very common posts out here- ‘No offence’ and ‘Just telling the truth’. Well, offence very much taken. Maybe some Indians do stink but to say that every single one of us do? In a country of over 1.2 billion that would be an extremely sweeping generalisation (and that’s still an understatement). Stink or no stink all those people who have posted some extremely nasty comments out here – how would you like it if the same were directed towards your country, your people, your religion, etc.. Think about it before posting anymore of such hurtful remarks. I understand if some people are really bothered with this smell I have read so much about and want to get the message across but the kind of hating on India and Indians in this discussion is extremely disgusting and makes me want to throw up just as much as any “Indian” smell.

    • lastgreat1982 says:

      Don’t be all butt hurt SDSD. Stop perpetrating a fraud and displaying offense with facts. The fact is, you Indians STINK to high hell. Black slaves had bad odors as well because they did not have bathing tubs or perfumed oils like their slave masters. You guys stink because you will not deny yourself of garlic and curry. It’s hormonal and it secretes from your glands and is VERY offensive. It’s not that you are dirty, it is just a chemical imbalance. You ARE what you eat. Ever hear that? The curry and garlic in your pores creates the most offensive smell on earth.

      I once had sage dressing at thanksgiving. That was the most disgusting, offensive ingredient I have ever tasted. I think American Indians used it to ward off evil. I’m thinking they used curry and garlic for the same purpose. Get a clue

  89. Duke says:

    When there’s smoke, there’s fire. An online search of the topic should be enough evidence for everyone, including Indians themselves, that a lot of people have an issue with their body odor.

    I am Asian, and have been working in the I.T. industry for about 16 years now. And since year 1 of my career I have encountered many Indians, and some of them have been the brightest and nicest people I’ve met. I’ve also worked with many other races, and for each one there would always be that occasional person who kinda smells a bit. And it’s normal, because it’s just a very small percentage of people. But with Indians, not only does the percentage spike significantly, the stink is stronger than average too. Note that I didn’t say all Indians. But a greater percentage of Indians compared to other races.

    I understand this is a sensitive topic for Indians. It would be for me if it was my race. But just try to step back, hold your emotions, and think logically. A lot of people are saying the same thing. There must be a semblance of truth to it right? It is not racism. It’s just common observation being shared by a lot. I’ve never hated anyone because they smell bad. I hate the smell but not the person. You will get your share of racists here, but don’t let that derail you from the main topic. The question is “Do Indians really stink?” And the answer is “Not all but a lot of them do”. It’s like when non-Americans say “Americans are fat”. Obviously, not all Americans are fat, but a greater-than- average percentage of them that are. Heck, I made this observation the 1st day I landed in the US 5 years ago. I was in my port of entry and waiting for my connecting flight, and my thoughts were “god, there are really a lot of fat people here”.

    So for Indians, please try to keep an open mind, control your temper, and understand where we are coming from.

    • Jennifer says:


      The post by Duke was great and precise without being judgemental or hurtful. For our Indian friends: please listen to our comments here as evidence that the smell problem is real. Just acknowledge the problem and move on to solve it. It doesn’t take much to fix the problem.

  90. 5-6_bumbay_baho_5-6 says:

    People lives in India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Taijikistan, Uzbekistan, Saudi Arabia and Nepal are really really stinky people especially those people have a poop-like cloth on their head…..INDIANS STINK..!

  91. Darshpreet42 says:

    I agree with bumbay baho.. Im Indian, i confess that i didnt take a bath, i only take shower once every 2 week, so i guess i really stink,.

  92. Nepali42 says:

    Indians got strong B.O. OMG!! I agree im nepali..

  93. Bombay-may-kumot-sa-ulo says:

    .indian races really stink!! Agree.. They look like SHIT stink feces,. Indian got ugly faces,,YUCK! Food like cumin R hell stink,,.go back 2 ur country ugly indians,.you shitt on earth,, FUCK YA OL INDIANS,,.

  94. Martin...# says:

    FUCK U INDIANS..,, leave america,. Indians have really really bad odor and breath too..indians stink indians bad breath, everything..

  95. Tara says:

    Indians eat my dick..

  96. Tara says:

    Indians eat my dick.. You morons.

  97. Tara says:

    Indians eat my dick.. You morons. And india is a slutty country in the universe..

  98. joe says:

    I live on the sixth floor in this building full of indians, they r good ppl, but i prefer to choose to walk up the stairs than gettin inside an elevator with an indian, it’s something i cant help, if they see my facial expression they will feel humiliated and i dont want that!

  99. joe says:

    guys why would we make this up? if its not true why do u indian ppl hear it every time from everyone! LET’S TAKE SHOWERS AND EVERYBODY WILL BE HAPPY

  100. lili says:

    fuck indians ugly smelly pieces of shit … fuck your cow god and fuck ur shiva fuck i wish i was hitler i would kill both jews and indians … ohhh and polish people too . but the main thing is why do indians exist they look like monkeys and smell like monkey ass !!

    • Mag says:

      You’d be a lot funnier if you didn’t word yourself like a 10 year-old. :P

    • Maya says:


    • Maya says:

      Magnusroe just because u don’t doesn’t mean other people don’t ok and don’t care if my comments annoy u.

  101. Mag says:

    I love this thread!

  102. Bombay-may-kumot-sa-ulo says:

    .indian stink and suck,everything even in sports

  103. Iggy says:

    I work in the middle east where there is a high concentration of south asians (indians, bangladeshis, pakistanis, nepalese, etc).

    When I first smelled a whiff of an indian, I was almost knocked off. I didn’t understand the odor and I think it was so strange and offensive. In another incident, I was queuing up outside the toilet and when I took over the bathroom immediately after an indian, I almost lost consciousness because of the odor of his defecate.

    I tried to study the indian ways and the source of their stink and I found the following:

    1. Stink generally originates from the acidic by-product produced by the bacteria when they eat the fatty acids secreted by the underarm glands. The sweat itself doesn’t have odor, as what most people mistakenly believe. The odor is caused by bacterial activity. Once you get rid of the bacteria by using deodorant (bactericide actually), you’ll get rid of the stink. Indian food doesn’t have to do anything with the stink – also, as what most people mistakenly believe.

    2. Indians tend to reuse the same shirt everyday. They don’t use detergents in cleaning their shirts. Bacteria that have survived the previous day multiply on the next use, causing an accelerated bacterial population growth. Bacteria population growth follows an exponential function so if there is already a substantial population of bacteria residing in the shirt, after a certain period of time, the bacterial population with a good source of food, will explode.

    3. Mixture of Indian curries and chillies tend to produce a noxious odor when mixed with gastric juice. This is the only time that Indian food has a direct participation in the smell. I am not saying that feces have no smell, it’s is just that in the scale of being offensive, Indian feces tend to be powerfully offensive.

  104. Metal70s says:

    I’ve had Indian girlfriends. And love that dark/light bare skin-on-skin contrast.


    I’ve met many others (Indians) in their families and other social gatherings. I love the food. I’m a cook and foodie of renown! It’s (food) is all good…

    I’ve run into odiferous one’s from time to time. As well as other stinky peoples in many racial & socio-economic backgrounds too.

    But yesterday was a cake topper!!!

    Holy F-WORD!
    The dude, on the Delta Flight to Atlanta, smelled like a moldy rug soaked in month old cat urine. With a hint of curry ;-)

    I overheard this guy say he was in sales.

    I can only imagine his potential/clients making excuses to dodge, or flee, his presence with any feeble idea they could conjure.

    And I bet he doesn’t have a clue about why he can never arrange a second meeting or even get a call back.

    For crying out loud! Shower People! At least daily!

    Then brush those pearly whites and apply some pit stick.

    Especially if you love heavily spiced food with awesome quantities of onion & garlic! Like me…

  105. MJ12 says:

    I agree in part about the food and spices. That part doesn’t really bother me, I like garlic too! We just hired a programmer from India, I think she’s been living in the states for about 5-years now. She has a very heavy accent, but we’re working through that. However, at times the smell is enough to gag a maggot. It’s not a smell from food, etc, it’s an extremely offensive body odor. I, and a couple of other programmers in our group, have come to the conclusion that she simply doesn’t bathe every day… perhaps every 2-3 days. My question is… how do we handle this? We don’t want to offend, but the situation is unbearable, especially when we’re all in the same office conducting a meeting.

    Advice anyone?

    • Cu says:

      Tell her to bathe man! Don’t be ashamed to hold an opinion!


      • MJ12 says:

        Rather than just flat out telling her to bathe, I’m probably going to let my supervisor handle it. If anyone’s toes are going to get stepped on, I’d rather not be the one to do the stepping.

    • James Wilkes Stanton says:

      I suggest you fumigate the room after she uses it. Issue out masks to people at the start of the meeting. Make her sit in a corner that has been liberally sprayed with scented Lysol. Spray HER with Lysol or some other disinfectant. Other than that there’s not much you can do. Hold your breath. Just pretend it’s like using a bathroom that someone has pissed and shat it and not flushed. That’s pretty much what they smell like after all.

  106. Cu says:

    I live in US and I don’t hate the Indian people.

    Do I hate the fact that skilled labor in US is given to Chinese and Indian immigrants before it is given to a American? Yes, and am totally against it.

    Do I hate that the Indians and Chinese Jews and Arabs are the ones who stimulate small business? And are the best merchants? NO.

    Do I hate the American’s lack of business mind ? Yes.

    I hate the situation. I love Indian people. I love CHinese people.

    I love these peoples very hard work ethic, which is all but not existent in American youth. Indian/Chinese make NO excuses for themselves! Americans only give excuses and complaints. ( I do business in both India and CHina.)

    I also LOVE Indian food. I eat at Memories of India in Orlando Florida maybe three times a month.

    I am proud to be American, and respect all countries , especially the ones who produce!

    -Your friend in Orlando

  107. SCN says:

    Every race have their own bad smell. But u can’t blame the Indians if they had their smell all their life and they feel it’s natural for them. They love it. So there’s no problem for them. There are many other races that stink too but I don’t see the Indians effected by it. We are not used to them including me. I’m not racist. I married an Indian Woman and she keeps herself clean and there’s no smell from her at all. Im mixed Chinese and Eurasian and all i can say is thar It’s hygiene and thats all. I love curries and Indian food eat alot of it but I don’t smell like those who don’t clean themselves properly and regularly. It’s just sometimes too strong for other races to endure.

  108. jasmine says:

    I’m not from US. I’m from Canada and sorry to say but I would have to strongly agree on this. Mostly all the Indians here DO smell bad. It’s because of their food AND also because they don’t use deoderant!

  109. alessandro says:

    In Perth, WA, 99% of indian people do smell very bad…
    I’m not racist, sorry indians… But some people we have to keep away from.

  110. DB says:

    Actually not only laborers but all Jndians have some sort of odor.In my case I live in Kansas and this Indians men and women do not drive to work but they walk to work and this makes them sweat and bad odor.

  111. bob says:

    i hate indians from the bottom of my hart die.

    • bill says:

      u cnt even spell mate. shut ur mouth before i cme out ur screen and kill u

    • Eve says:

      Wao!! those are really big words there Bob!! you really need to check your self why are u wishing bad on another human been just because of their race I hope your family is all well, cause remember Karma is a bitch and ur desires may stumble on to you,

      also stop been such a hater, God made this earth for all of us or else we wouldnt all be here, and stinky or not, green or blue, we are all the same inside and we all get sick and hurt, and truthfully cause of people that thinks like you, are the biggest reasons why this earth keeps getting worth for other people cause you think the world belong to your kind of people only and every one needs to leave, and I say this also to other races too stop thinking your better then others in Gods view he made man to his image and he saw it was all good, so no one is better than others

      Genesis 1:27-28

      27 And God proceeded to create the man in his image, in God’s image he created him; male and female he created them. 28 Further, God blessed them and God said to them: “Be fruitful and become many and fill the earth and subdue it, and have in subjection the fish of the sea and the flying creatures of the heavens and every living creature that is moving upon the earth.”



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      • Eve says:

        Wao!! so your one of those ignorant people whothink ur race is the only one that is better than all others if that was the case than every one would all be same color and shape and as far as am concern if all ur scream was directed to me well guess wat am doing as of now :D LOL cause I know u probably poped a vein typing all that and am as happy as can be for I know there is no hell and I have family and friends of all color and shape whom I care for very much and they care as well for me and ur hatefull words just say exactly who u r “an ignorant depressed unloved animal cause a person u r not real humans dont wish bad on others and remember wat ever evil u wish on some one, it will come back on u twice!!!! .and as for all those who say they hate indians well be very carefull u may be hating on urself since no one is one race anymore check ur back ancestors there my be some indian, black or maybe even hispanic blood running thru ur body. :D

  112. Travis says:

    INDIANS STINK FROM DEEP WITHIN THEIR PORES. A white person will stink if they don’t wear deodorant as Opposed to an Indian who will smell through any cover

  113. Frita says:

    You guys are being mean. Not ALL indians smell, okay. I’m indian and i have to admit, some do stink like hell. Not ALL though. I mean, in India, people are starting to use deoderant but sometimes, it’s so crowded, you can’t help sweating. The garlic, maybe it does give a scent, idk. No one ever thought i was indian cuz i don’t have a scent. The indians who live i America know you have to use deoderant, i mean, aren’t you guys the ones who call us smart? It is possible that some smell because people are just now getting used to wearing deo. We’re all humans. In my opinion, americans smell like meat. i don’t like it but i don’t say anything. We all have some sort of body order. Oh, and indians take a bath. We take a bath in the morning and the afternoon. TWICE! you can’t say we don’t take a bath, ok.

  114. Raven says:

    #1 I am not Indian and even though this is an old post I had to reply b/c I can not believe the IDIOT “Neville Hawkins” who stated it was genetics, as I said I’m NOT Indian BUT I am a GENETICIST and NO, Indians do not have any glands different from any other HUMAN or RACE! SMELL has NOTHING to do with genetics period! Smell has to do with 1thing, and the 1st and foremost is hygiene, (meaning using not only bathing but using deo regularly!) Sometimes diet effects smell but only while sweating, if proper hygiene is maintained along with using DEO then diet wouldn’t matter. WE GENETICISTS HAVE TESTED THIS REPEATEDLY!!! ASIANS feel that WESTERNERS smell horribly of meat! WHY? because you eat a cheese burger 1 day, steak another, chicken another, a hero loaded with all types of ham, turkey, swiss cheese, super sod, & several others, so now that meat & dairy is rotting(being digested) in your stomach waiting to come out as waste, so ASIANS who eat more fish & veggies say westerners wreak of nasty meat; In the lab I can tell you it’s healthier to have a belly full of natural herbs & spices than a gut full of meat, especially meat that has been stuffed with antibiotics, steroids, pesticides, and all sorts of chemicals!! Some westerners say Asians wreak of a odd, or veggy or seafood smell; The point is proper hygiene, washing of clothes with perfumed products, using DEO daily and often will take care of ANY “BAD” body odors! FINALLY, I have been around TONS of Indians both here & in India (while doing research there) and There was no “BAD” smell from THEM; Smelling BAD is something that has NOTHING TO DO WITH RACE, ETHNICITY and definitely NOT GENETICS!!!! Yes, there are case studies and people diagnosed with abdominal, yeast, gum, and other ailments but this is a case by case circumstance which any race can have or develop. ASK any other doctor or geneticist or do you your own research 1st before sounding like such an uneducated moron. And 1 more thing Asians and South Asian (Indians) just incase the Idiot Neville isn’t aware are the people who live longest b/c they eat the food that is natural and has medicinal properties which is why doctors are always studying the age old practice of Ayurveda which consists of tumeric, cardamom, holy basil, different chilies and peppers, black gold(king of spices), sesame seeds, poppy seeds, all sorts of oils, etc. ALL which have medicinal properties, vitamins, minerals, etc. And Let’s not 4get that ALL food contain al least some of the spices that come from India and thats why people like Alexander the Great and so many others wanted the resources of India. If the world went into a depression, world war or any catastrophic event, INDIA would be just fine b/c they produce and live off the land and at least have things they can call there own BUT the WEST would not be b/c almost ALL that comes into the west is exported from other countries, most especially India; Even the very beautiful white wedding dresses to salt, spices, barks, resins, oils, fruits, silk, cotton, SUGAR, tea, COFFEE, RICE, GOLD, and almost everything!

  115. americannindian says:

    OK so people i am 12 years old indian and i live in america. My parents cook indian food about one day in the week, i wash my hair every day, straighten it, etc and shower every day. i use deodorante, victorias secret perfume, and stuff. i know that most indians do smell really bad, and that is coming from me, and when my parents cook food, i also smell like it. i just shower after i eat which makes all the smell go away. my friend whose name im just gonna say is sarah, is indian. she also cooks food in her house i think, because boy does she smell like it. i could barely bare to be around her, but i am nice to her because she is a person just like everybody else, and she is relaly funny and nice. i have been to her house for a party once, and it smelled very very bad i went to the bath room and threw up. i felt very bad because it was not her fault. since she smelled like that, i thought i also did smell like that. i asked my friend sally if i smelled bad and she said “you? no. sarah? YES.” so now i am trying to give advice to the indians that regularly cook food in there house .

    1. always tie up hair when cooking.
    2. always change and wash clothes and shower and wash hair after cooking.
    3. make sure to open all windows while cooking, lighting scented candles, or spraying air freshner.
    4. make sure to wash hands thoroughly after touching/eating food.

    i am also very sad to see all the haters on this website. i just wanted to share that its not naturally theyre stink or anything, its just that it is very hard to get rid of the smell, and when you are exposed too often to the smell, you become used to it, so that is why many indians cannot smell the food they cook on their clothes when they are done. even i think the food is yummy but the smell is just terrible, i cannot stand it. and please stop bringing up religion and looks please, every body is beautful in their own way. if you were an indian you would probaly choose to cook the same foods as us and still have the sameproblem, so just try to help indians to make it smell a little less.

    also if some of your clothes just naturally smell , use lots of dryer sheets, and leave them outside for a long time, this will for sure get rid of the smell :)

  116. EdwinElricThe OtakuGirl says:

    Please don’t talk about the indian race in a bad way. I bet millions of others from there countries have an oder. Aren’t we all human? In My School theres like 30 kids per class,and in my class there is at least 17 of them killing the air and my nose. Every school i go to is like that.(i move a lot) Well, any way what i’m trying to say is that there are different conditions people can live in. Not ALL indians stink,its just due to no time and area based where they live in. Ever thought about the animals we have?. In Village areas they live there. Now imagine in a area where it acts like those old villages instead of our high-tech modern life with plumbing and all that compared to villages across india that doesn’t have that due to money and communities there.Now how much Poop will this animal make? How will the villagers get it out? Do they use it for something else like huts or fertilizer?NO PLUMBING!!! By the way india has a lot a villages(small communities) then the modern lives we have like SF or stuff like that.

    Okay,lets move on to food. Indian food smells bad due to the types of spice being used. In my case my mom doesn’t go overboard with that stuff It actually smells really good. one day i brought some indian snacks to school , and the next thing i know there in my friends stomach. They actually like the smell and taste. The food indians make is based on the cooking style they got.
    – The FUCK IS THAT ….food=the Fuck is that stench?
    – I burned the crap out me food=uhhh
    – I can eat this without passing out food=okay…i guess
    – Perfect amounts of spice and stuff= Its a a restraint ready to be eaten=3

    Okay so all im trying to say is that we don’t stink naturally,and i bet millions or billions of others from different races got some oder situation. I mean you have to be kidding me,Indians,really? Have you seen how many commercials are aired in the U.S. about stench and stuff? Body sprays,perfumes,And a lot of the commercials i have seen has to do with them saying “Tired of that musty smell?”,”To afraid to go out into the world today? well here is the trick the SMELLING great!”. Honestly,who ever says disgusting or what ever about indians,shut your ass hole ya piece of shit. There are many races out there in the world. Actually enough about races , lets talk about SINGLE HUMAN BEINGS! Not every one stinks. You guys talk shit like this about india on your laptops like an dumb asses ,while others in india right now are struggling in tough time like hunger,infections,death,ect. And this is all ya can do? Rant about stink? Wow, what has this world come to an end to?

  117. steve says:

    i am from india but now i am living in singapore for almost 8 year and like other people face problem with us same we also face problems with them, so its not the racism. Its the food we consume gives bad or worst smell . like i have to face chinese all over here early in the morning there mouth smells like shit its not cause they havent done brush teeth its due to they had a breakfast which make his mouth smelly. So cant shoot some particular people smells worse or bad.

  118. honest_opinion says:

    I’m chinese and I cant stand the smell of indians…its probably the copious amounts of curry and mutton that they eat, makes their sweat smell like shit. Every time the bus goes by Little India (singapore) and a whole bunch of them get onto the bus the AIR JUST CHANGES. urghhhh

  119. IndiansDoSmell says:

    I did not read other comments, so probably what I will say here has already been mentioned by someone else. I am working in a engineering company and we have quite a few indian engineers working here. Some of them do smell, but It does not smell like curry. I think the smell come from sweat and the level of the smell varies from individual to individual (indian). I think it is not because they don’t bath frequently, it is just that their sweat has a strong smell.

  120. Shashi says:

    I stumbled across this post and found it rather interesting that so many people think Indians stink and have bad hygiene. I am a South African Indian and I’m currently living with an American family. I shower every single day without fail, sometimes twice if necessary, whereas I found that they only shower when they are leaving the house .. Which is like maybe twice a week since they work at home! So the stereotype that Indians have bad hygiene really needs to stop.

  121. Dino says:

    Indians really stink. I don’t ride the elevator if i see an indian person in it. Or if an indian enters the elevator I’m in, I immediatly step out. Their smell would just ruin my day.

  122. Dino says:

    And to all indians, pls don’t be too defensive on this matter. We are all telling the truth that YOU PEOPLE STINK!

    If you don’t want to take a bath then pls stay in your country. But if you plan to visit or live in other countries, pls respect their culture and DO TAKE A BATH.

  123. xxxxxxxx says:

    It is all about FOOD they eat and SPICES they use, I am chinese

    northern chinese have no smell because they only eat wheat and small amount of rice with very little spices

    some southern chinese are smelled bad because they eat various grains,veges, animals etc with many spices.

    I think this applies to all people around world

    westerners are living in north, they have limited food choice, so they eat simple,so they do not smell as bad as indians who live in the south.

    Another reason that we chinese think both indian and westerners are smell because your races are more hairy than we are. we call the indian and southern people smell SPICE/CURRY smell, and the westerners hairy smell FOX SMELL.


  124. xxxxxxxx says:

    personally, i do not think indians have bad smell, or shit smell or whatsoever, they are just having curry smell, and curry smell is just a kind of strong smell. to make it lighter that everyone else can accept, my advices are:

    1, DO NOT use perfume, deodorant, body spray, etc .NO NO NO, they are useless chemicals, when curry, chemicals, sweat are mixed together, the combined smell is the most terrible thing.

    2, shave frequently, armpit especially.

    3, bathing frequently with WHITE TEA and GRAPEFRUIT PEEL, it is healthy, organic and can take away almost all smell away from your body, and it helps maintain skin cells as well.

    4, do not use carpet in your home, the curry evaporation from cooking can stay in carpet for a long time and transmit to your body circulate.

    however, you do not have to do these things above, because your smell is unique not bad.

    • thet says:

      I’m glad to read a comment like this. The third advice sounds good. I hope those who have body odor will follow this. :)

  125. Almost Fainted says:

    Was just at the gym (In Singapore). Was jogging next to an Indian fellow. I had to leave, the smell was so bad it was giving me a headache. I actually feel bad for the guy, he probably cant help it. When riding the subway I make sure to stay away from any Indians.

  126. foreveramerica says:

    INDIANS STINK’S THATS THE WHOLE TRUTH. we were on a family vacation on carnival cruise lines eating in the buffet, then suddenly this indian chef pass us by, and then this smell just got to our nose. i thought our food was already spoiled, so i smelled our food. theres nothing wrong on the food. then this indian chef greeted us and said hows the food? i said it was great, but deep inside i want to say that he(indian chef) smells so bad,

  127. thet says:

    We can never blame those people who had bad experiences regarding the body odors of Indians. I even had a terrible experience with a Pakistani. However, we must not drive to a hasty conclusion that all Indians stink. It really depends on the diet and the adherence to putting spices in their body.

    My BF is an Indian and he is a very nice man. And he does not smell bad because he doesn’t eat too much curry. :)

  128. aaman says:

    bahahaaha… wow my eyes are tired off reading all these comments..
    I am Indian but I always smell good may be because I use Deo and fragrance everyday. And I have shower everyday. so does My family and relatives . May be some old indians who were born in 30’s or 40s
    they dont use deo and perfumes because they are not used to them and didnt have then when they were young and when they can get one they dont wanna use them.

  129. Bread says:

    Its not really that Indians stink that makes me research this topic but it’s how they “stink” every Indian I have meet smells the same, some people with BO smell like onion some like fish some like poop! But all Indians smell the same? Explain?

  130. johnson says:

    You can’t generalize and say Indians smell. South Indians, generally smell and give everyone else a bad name

  131. Sheela says:

    As a rule if you see someone of a different culture & you think they stink, they are looking at you thinking the same thing. What’s that smell? We all have odors & have just grown accustomed to the odors ‘our people’ put out.

  132. Lalalelmo says:

    No u are wrong. Not all Indians smelly that way. For instance, Indians like me don’t smell that bad. Majority of my friends don’t racist or gimme the weird look. It is mostly they like to tease for fun, mostly that I smell like burning ashes or sometimes they say it out truly . I have tried my best and now my friends say I smell good. Jeez it’s not about how u smell. Or whatever genetic bullshit, yes I agree garlic and Indians make us smell bad . But some indians like me have hygiene. And we put deodorant and all this. It is mostly from our native country people India, whose people stink most . But I am Singaporean

  133. Jollyferd says:

    Every human skin harbours millions of bacteria (good and bad). Every human sweats (unless they have defective sweat glands that will cause serious and dangerous temperature control problems and possible death). Sweat usually evaporates from most areas on human skin, except under arms and between thighs where folded skin prevents complete evaporation. Sweat in these areas is then acted upon by skin bacteria and gases are produced. It is this action of bacteria that causes foul smell. The anatomy of the human race, unfortunately, is the same on most accounts.
    My mum used to say that Chinese smelled of pork. My dad use to say that my (American) husband smelled foul (‘smelly cheese) especially when he returned from the gym. Indians smell pungent due to spices they consume. Mexicans have a slightly different smell. We all smell!! What we in the west do is minimise our natural body oder by anti-pesperants (that stops underarm sweating) and use cologne and perfumes to camouflage all those body smells. In ancient Egypt, wealthy women bathed in perfumed milk. In ancient India, women wore heavily scented flowers in their hair and wealthy Indian men bathed 3 times a day and anointed their bodies with scented oils. Before the industrial revolution, most people in England smelled except for the nobility who did no work but indulged in adorning their bodies with sweet smells. Most working people of the human race smell. Sweat smell is often laced with food one consumes. All of us can minimise body smells by using anti-pesperants, colognes and cleaning underarms and between thighs rather well.
    All homes harbour smells, too. It is a function of the type of cooking we do. All cooking smells. No smell, no taste. I love blue cheese but it rakes throughout my home. I use incense or perfumed candles to minimise the cheese (yak!) smells in my designer decorated home.

    By the way, medical science has discovered that spices are excellent for the body (fighting infections) and keeping the brain alert. Indians are also known to be rather smart. India has the least number of older people with Alzheimer’s. The west has the greatest number of suffers. Drug companies are now buying up large quantities of spices to extract appropriate nutrients to sell as supplements for human health. Anti-pesperants contain aluminium. Aluminium is allured to impair memory in the long run (Alzheimer’s?). Over use of aluminium pots and baking sheets are often suspected by well informed individuals. Our soaps and aromatic portions-lotions and perfumes contain paraffin, palmitate, sodium polyacrylate, propylene glycol and many, many, many synthetic chemicals that cause all kinds of serious ailments in our organs over prolonged exposure.

    So folks, it is all about looking at facts without being overtly emotional or with hatred for all the others not identical to us. Life is fleeting; let’s not waste it on condemning others for their culinary bias and lifestyles. Let’s be aware that we all smell and smell differently. Our food smell differently. Variety is the spice of life. This is a good life! Cheer up folks.

    • M says:

      Helpful of you to explain how sweat works, I think we’ve all finished primary school here though.
      Regarding Alzheimer’s, it’s unusual in people below their 80s, while India has a life expectancy in the late 60s so that explains that.
      Aluminium has been suspected of having some connection to alzheimers, but it has never been proven and the studies are dubious at best. Additionally, high quality pots are not made of aluminium anyway.
      If you bother to look, it’s no problem to find soaps or deodorants without added unnecessary chemicals.

      Lastly, few here are condemning anyone for lifestyles. You can live your life however you damn well please, but if you stink up elevators and trains you are a social menace and deserve what you get.

      • Jollyferd says:

        You have no idea about age statistics. I am not daft to compare apples with oranges, mate. When I made the comment on age related Alzheimer’s, I was referring to over 80s in India with over 80’s in America and England (i.e. the west). My profession deals with such stats daily.
        The real social menace are the terrorists, the religious zealots of all religions, drunks who initiate violence and urinate indiscriminately in lifts & stairways, the drug dealers, the robbers, muggers, the perpetrators of domestic violence, corrupt politicians, etc. Please get some proper info on chemicals in most cosmetics and toiletries. Just Google it, if you are not familiar with chem. That is why I included “people in the know”.
        No body “deserve what you get”. That is what those bastards said before they flew into the twin towers and took away loved ones. That is what those bastard Bali terrorists said before they triggered the massive destruction of innocent lives.
        The calibre of a person is a reflection of how he reacts to an uncomfortable situation. Cool it, M. have a good day.

      • M says:

        While I’m happy you scrambled to respond to me, (Although after the three others.. :( )
        I realize it’s probably late at night, but I have trouble grasping exactly where you want with the Sep. 11 reference, mentioning mortuaries along with travel makes me wonder exactly what kind of holidays you spend your idle time on.
        Further I see you’ve mentioned twice your affinity with Armani products, to which I’ll just point out that name dropping upmarket brand names speaks some measures of your own social standing. Oh and all Armani fragrances contain diethyl phthalate and many other allergens, you might want to keep this in mind. :) I also consider excessive use of cologne in some ways equally as bad as BO, especially since it’s voluntary.

      • Jollyferd says:

        I am an older gander and travel on job matters. You have obviously not grasped the underlying drift of my responses. My concern is about vulgarities, hatred and abuse that were being spewed on this site under the pretext of BO by fellow humans. Good suggestions to minimise BO is a more creative and positive way of dealing with the matter. NOT abuse & hatred!! Shocking.

        Armani is my weakness mainly because I loves its very subtle and refreshing fragrance. A little goes a looooong way, mate. By the way Armani deo is also gentle and refreshing. Hee, hee. It is my drug of choice. My reference to chemicals in toiletries and cosmetic products is just a cautionary reference to current awareness.

        I accidentally came across this site while researching a topic. I was utterly abhorred by some of the hateful comments that went beyond decency. I get it, you are different (that’s OK) and I am convinced that your main interest is people bashing. I am off this site (for good) and will leave you ample space to rant and rave. M. You are right, I certainly am better off doing other stuff on my free time than to “scramble to respond to you”. Hatred and abuse is not my cup of tea. Have a great day and enjoy your life hating fellow humans. My genuine sympathy and I mean it. Life is good.

    • M says:

      Chinese and Japanese numbers are also much lower than North American figures, despite neither regions being particularly pristine as far as environment goes (China) or aluminium use (both).
      Sodium polyacrylate free detergents and diapers are WIDELY available. I can’t imagine propylene glycol being used much in food besides heavily processed ones, perhaps in makeup, but it should be both easy to just select alternative products or cope with it.
      I don’t know what you mean by paraffin, liquid paraffin or the fuel? Either way, there are easy alternatives to both substances. I find it odd you didn’t pick more controversial chemicals, especially since these, if anything, are suspected in connection to cardiovascular ailments rather than brain degenerative conditions.
      While I don’t think stinky people are quite as bad as people who fly planes into buildings, I still don’t think we should have to tolerate them.
      I think your level of consideration towards other people you live with (ie not stinking up their elevators) is a much better reflection of character than, whatever it is you want us to do.

      • Jollyferd says:

        Sweet M, I want you to nothing. Just be a little human. If you really want to understand about smells and body odour, TRAVEL the world. You’ll certainly smell more than stinky curries, body odour and mouth smells. The smell of death at mortuaries is a million time worse. The smell at the site of the Towers after 9/11will always be itched in my mind. That stink will never be erased even when you sleep. That the Chinese mouth stinks, or the Indian BO is foul, or that Europeans smell “cheesy” etc, etc is certainly nothing. They are absolutely minor quirks of the human race. Once we accept this notion of accepting differences then half the battle is won.

        I once had a young Indian workmate who was utterly brilliant and we (at the office) were in awe of him. By late afternoon it was difficult to work near him because of his bo. But because his brilliance was so unique, we put up with this and low and behold, we did not find his bo that offensive after a while. He also changed from the feedback re bo he got from the me (his boss). He’s now a (sweet smelling) world famous person working at the UN (no names supplied) while I am (Armani smelling) still here on my mundane (but rewarding) job.

        Speaking kindly and gently about any issue goes a long way to resolving problems (including bo). I feel sad that some of my fellow Caucasians can sometimes stoop so low to vulgarities, trash language and blatant generalisations to get a point across. It reflects poorly on us. “A spoonful of honey catches more flies than a barrel full of vinegar”. This is life!!

      • idon'tlikehaters says:

        Jollyferd, you are a wonderful human being. I hope there are tons more people like you out there. Thank you.

  134. idon'tlikehaters says:

    Ok. I’m gonna make this simple. Here’s the 411. I’m Indian. My whole family uses deodorant. We don’t smell. My dad smells so good that the old nurses in his hospital actually like to hug him. He leaves a trail of Old Spice in the house.
    Indians don’t smell because of their food. Sure, curry doesn’t smell nice, but the bad smell you smell is super-strong body odor. Not food. There’s a difference between those two smells. Yes, a lot of Indians smell. I’m not going to deny that at all. However, that’s not my fault, I don’t control them. I didn’t even really know this for a long time because the Indians I grew up with were super clean and Westernized. It was only when I met other Indians that reeked that I understood.

    All I’m gonna say is this. A country with at least a whopping 50 % of its 1.2 billion people living in poverty is not going to know shit about deodorant. Do you really think people who are desperate to find their next meal or avoid being sold into prostitution or child slavery are going to know a thing about avoiding smelling bad? This then translates into a lack of a culture surrounding deodorant, so that it is not even a part of the lives of people living more relatively comfortable lives.

    Put things into perspective here, people, and if anything, try to teach others. As for the racist fucks on this blog, you guys can go fuck yourselves. I have never seen more hateful people, wishing for Indians to die or saying that you understood why Indians were killed in Australia. You are sick excuses for human beings, spewing out such hatred in the supposedly tolerant 21st century. Don’t be accepting of stink; NOBODY likes smell. However, don’t be such hateful bastards either. You’ll meet a lot of western Indians who don’t smell at all. It is a matter of exposure to culture. Feel free to enlighten Indians without being such dicks.

    • pkspence says:

      I, for one, have never implied anything about racism or hatred. I simply voiced a concern over the body odor of a person I work closely with, and how to deal with it because it can be quite offensive when we’re working in close quarters. There’s at least one other person on my team that has similar concerns. The rants and ravings of those that have expressed opinions of racism or hatred are completely out of line. Besides, “racism” is not an issue here. I’d understood those of Indian heritage are considered white/caucasian, yes?

      • idon'tlikehaters says:

        Indians are not considered white or caucasian.

        I don’t find there to be anything wrong with your not wanting someone to stink. I think you should just pull that person over and be quite honest. I can’t guarantee that that person will make the changes necessary to avoid smelling, but something definitely needs to be said. You’ve probably got to talk in-depth and explain to that person that while he or she may not understand how bad the problem is, it’s really bad.
        Also, thank you for not being one of the haters on this blog. As an Indian reading such vile comments, it’s hard for me to have any sort of faith in people at the moment.

  135. Jollyferd says:

    OK, some of the comments here stink more than body odour of the worst kind. Feel sorry for those people with such hatred of others. They are probably very unhappy people, probably will find many things to vent their hatred on. Hatred/anger comes from within and this constant raging causes health issues in the angry/hating person. Cheer up people. Life is really good with or without BO. For those of us who can’t stand

    For those who want to minimise body odour and who have not used deodorants and want to know the most effective ways of us ing them:
    1.Wash underarms thoroughly with soap. (every morning)
    2.Towel dry.
    3. Spray deodorant (keep arms up for a few seconds to dry)
    4. Use a clean shirt everyday. This means DO NOT wear the same shirt the next day.
    5. Use a gentlemen’s cologne.
    (Old spice is reasonable in price and good enough for anyone. But if you have lots of cash to splash … Armani brands smell soooo sexy. Channel has come out with Brad Pitt as its ambassador…hmmmmm.)

    Please ensure that you do not spray you stink up elevators and trains you are a social menace and deserve what you get. on unclean armpits. This causes skin irritation and may over time lead to skin underarm infection. Use deodorants every morning. Some give you 24 hr protection, some less. Before bed make sure you wash off any deo residue .. skin needs to breath and renew.

    Some people with loooots of underarm hair find that shaving that lot also reduces body odour and makes deodorants more effective. Hair harbours bacteria. Less hair, less bacteria, less smell. Please do not forget to wash behind your neck as well. That too can reek!

    Simple answer to minimise BO … deodorants & colognes on clean dry skin, coupled with clean shirt for every time.

    Good luck to all those willing to minimise BO. And for those who are ANGRY with those who stinking lifts and stairways … hi mate, worry instead of terrorists blowing up hotels and public places. Worry about children being abducted, domestic violence, infectious disease and crime against humanity and the sad state of the American and European (& consequently World) economy. Mean while … there is going to be a rush on deodorants … that may help revive the slumping economy.

  136. John says:

    I don’t know what the answer really is, or isn’t. All I know is, I live in an apartment where a lot of Indian people live and every time I open my windows to let in some fresh air my apartment gets blasted with the intolerable smell of Indian food. I absolutely hate it. It makes me so damn mad I could scream. And all too often when I pass some of the people in the complex in the stair well I can smell a wave of their B.O. which is an obvious result of the food smell that just polluted my apartment. I don’t know why so many Indian people live in this immediate area, it’s about a 4 block radius. But I cannot stay here anymore. I can’t stand it. Which really make me angry that in my own country I feel like a minority when I come home every day. I hate it!

    • Marjori. says:

      I had to move when I went to college, my first roomate was an Indian girl, she told me she was well educated and from the upper classes on the phone, things I didn´t ask her, I was just looking for a place to stay. I decided to move, as soon as I got in, I threw up, four times in a day, she reeked!!! I moved the next day. Like a year after that I went to India, I puked all over the place until I got to a hotel. The smells were too bad, people stink, everything has a stench. I left after a day. Back home I had some neighbors with nauseating stench, all the neighbors asked the manager to move them to the farthest corner of the complex and you could still smell it. Really I am not racist, I have traveled and mingle with many people of the globe, but Indians, please stay away. The worse thing is to get trapped in an elevator with an Indian. It takes like an hour to clear the smell. I have felt that stench of B.O. all over the world, but never like an Indian. You want to come near, please shower, wear clean clothes and use deodorant, perfumean.incense

  137. qonqo says:

    I live in the UK, I am not Indian. I know many Indians, some born in India and some born in the UK. Those born in the UK never stink, they are very clean people. But yes, some Indian people from India, do stink a lot. This proves that it is not genetic, that would be stupid to believe, or because of food. It’s because they don’t know of deo’s. In my country too, in old times, when people didn’t use deo’s, they stank. Taking a shower every day is not enough. If you don’t put deo on, you’ll start smelling a bit later, it’s the sweat. Also, I think that some Indians don’t wash their clothes often enough. You can smell the spices they cook with on their clothes. Please don’t take offence. I am a friend of India, I have Indian friends who I love and I even started learning Hindi. So, I agree with the author, deo’s is the answer! Bahut shukriya :)

  138. Manisha.s says:

    I am a hindu girl NOT INDIAN! frm Mauritius, i am a mauritian, for those who don’t know in Mauritius there’s almost all hindus in this island since long we got independence. I work in an Indian company in Mauritius, they really smell bad, it was shocked they told me they don’t bath and even when they bath, they throw water without using body wash. One day a man came in my office, I swear I fell unconcious and need to go home directly. When I told them to take bath twice a day and use a body wash which is a must in our island for hygiene, they laughed and said that they don’t have time. It really surprised me, how their way of living so different compare to a Mauritian? Our indentured labourer came frm india, was it true the old indians don’t bath? How we, we adopt a culture? If you are smelly, you won’t get job here, you won’t be able to get married, ppl will stay far from you. You should use a deodorant 48h, a bodywash and wash youself after you pee or whatever. I have put this notice on the toilet at work, still this don’t work, they stand on the toilet seat, the maid was so worried. Thats too embarassing. Their shoes smell like a dead animal, I really can’t explain!

  139. Indians stink really bad and the comment that this sand n…ger makes about india being a great country is simply hilarious, one can look to calcutta and other impoverished areas of that so called great country and feel pity for inbreds like these animals..Look no further then the movie “Slum dog millionaire”…

  140. Traveler says:

    I’m not Indian but I think India is a country filled with great culture and history. I’ve been to India twice and had good friends there. Right now, I’m living in Singapore where I mingle with Indians a lot. Most of the Indians I mingle with are in high posts: directors, managers. My post has nothing to do with how brilliant they can be or how good they are. Like with the rest, I agree: Indians do smell. In an air-conditioned office where I work, the scent is faint but is there. Now, when we go out for lunch, the scent gets stronger. I can’t really describe it. And of course, I meet other Indians at the MRT or bus. They smell… even during early morning when you’re supposed to have finished bathing just a few minutes ago. =___=; I’m still trying to find an Indian that doesn’t smell.

    I think it’s the spices in the food… which mingle with their breath and sweat. I don’t think it’s because they don’t bathe. I think food is the major culprit, followed by company (if you stay with people who smell, the chances of you having the scent on yourself is high).

    Getting the scent by being around people who carry the scent: I experienced this when I went to India. The papers I brought with me and the blankets I brought from India… they smelled too! This really surprised me. The scent of the people became something like a “perfume” (not the good kind) that got stuck on objects. The blankets had to be washed several times and soaked in fabric softener just for them to lose that scent. The papers I brought… they retained the scent even after weeks of being away from India!

    I think Indians are immune to their scent. I also experienced this when I came home from my India trip. I thought I smelled okay. I bathed, put on light perfume and deodorant and went on my way back to my own country. Then I saw my boyfriend. His first reaction was: WHAT IS THAT SMELL?! He was a yard from me. What I’m trying to point out here is this: if you live with the smell long enough, you start to get used to it and end up ignoring it.

  141. Iwill says:

    I am no racist at all but the smell is undeniable. At my university in Europe there was a big population of Indian students and people everywhere openly said things a long the lines of, “I don’t want to work with them”, “I don’t want to have them in my gym”. Its said but true. Really, for anyone not accustomed to it, teh smell can be extremely uncomfortable. I wish they would have an introduction program for people from all countries to tell them some pitfalls. For Indians it would be: use deoderant. At our university I claim that the main cause for the Indians to be not integrated is the smell. You don not make friends in Europe without deoderant, period!

    So to my Indian friends, if your not really disliking me by now:
    – Do NOT use perfume, the mix of sweat and perfume is disgusting.
    – DO use lots and lots of deoderant. Once or twice a day, always after showers, always after and before sport and whenever you feel you sweat a lot
    – Use a deoderant with no or only mild scent. By no means something extravagant. If your not sure, take whatever everyone else buys or ask a local friend.

    Good luck.

    • karl says:

      Using deadorant when you sweat is disgusting please do not recommend that.

      Fresh sweat does not smell! Only after the bacteries starting their work the sweat starts to smell. Just washing is the only solution if somebody smells. Daily…

  142. jk says:

    I am a white American. I lived in india for 3 months around all sorts of people, and NO ONE smelled bad. If anything, the smell of hard working people in the hot sun. There is Nothing wrong with that.
    Nothing smelled worse than Northern Europeans’ stench with their terrible eating habits, and poor hygiene, experienced in France and Germany! A street family on the sidewalks of Bombay were cleaner smelling, I will take curry over that stench any day of the week.

  143. naps says:

    Im with middle class ( engineers ) indians but they smell sucks!!! Lets say 80% of indians are having bad odour.

  144. raisai says:

    A bit late for a comment since the post was made 2008. I just want to share my thoughts in here. First, it has nothing to do in whatever class you are into, with the way you take care of yourself. Whether you are rich or poor, you can be as clean as you want. Ok, say you’re poor and you don’t have money to buy a soap let alone a deodorant, maybe that’s the exception. But living here in UAE for 5yrs. is a different story. I have met so many indians, way too many! And most of them stinks. I am working in an international company and even my indian colleagues who’s earning too much, stinks! How’s that? I mean it is not a matter of what you eat! It boils down on how hygienic you all are! Indians if not all, doesn’t like to buy things and most of the time they save it, either buy a gold or buy a house. But holy cow! cannot even buy a deodorant or at least take a bath everyday! One indian lady asked me if I take a bath everyday, I replied with conviction “OF COURSE! Not even once but twice a day!” That was the silliest question ever asked of me. But to be fair, I have met few (yes I am emphasizing FEW) indians that are OK and smells OK. But generally speaking, most indians really stinks. Even just by standing on a line waiting for your turn to pay at Forever21, you will freakin’ smell an indian lady who bought several nice clothes from it. Oh boy! You better shower first before using it. Seriously, no need to argue about this. :D You guys should just improve your hygiene.

    • Asin says:

      Dear Raising,

      You will have to understand that smell and hygiene are relative not universal. Each culture may View these differently and even in multicultural settings, tolerance and acceptance are definitely required. Taking baths each day can be a necessity for some and impractical for others.

      People who are immune to their smell would not see the need for bathing and using deodorants. Even when cultural confrontation occurs (such as this stink issue), pride and cultural distinction would and needs to prevail. And if about 1 billion are immune to this smell, why make it a big deal.

      You are saying that you take a bath twice a day, try not taking a bath for two days or more and you will smell like them. The point is, we are all stinky as we belong to the ground. Dust we are, and to dust shall we return.

      So, your good smell may still be bad to others, and right?

  145. Lana says:

    I’m laughing at these comments complaining about the smell of Indian curries, etc., given that Indian is my favorite cuisine (I’m a vegetarian, and Indian vegetarian food is pure ambrosia IMO) – if my workplace smelled like Indian food, I certainly wouldn’t be complaining.

    In any case, though – I also think ‘the smell’ is from the cooking, but I don’t think it’s oozing out of anyone’s pores or anything like that. I think a lot of Indians (particularly Indians who live in India and first-generation immigrants elsewhere) live in households where LOTS of homemade Indian food is prepared each day. The smell of really strong aromatics (e.g., South Asian spices.. also the aromatic compounds in cooked fish, but that’s not really relevant here) carried in some kind of cooking oil permeate various ‘stuff’ really easily – walls, upolstered furniture, fabric window coverings, clothing, hair, etc. It’s also really difficult to remove from clothing, for instance, if the clothing has been exposed multiple times, even with laundry detergent and hot water. As I said, I think many Indians spend a large amount of time in such environments. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, of course. :D

  146. truthteller says:

    i honestly dont like the presence of indians at work coz they simply stink no matter theyre educated or not, rich or poor its like in their blood to smell bad and make other people uncomfortable thank God we fired all the indians at our work except for the toilet cleaners because no one else was ready to do that but him so yeh i dont mind that.

    • shisah says:

      you are so racist.

      • Jollyferd says:

        “…we fired all the indians at our work …” LOL. You must be a childish, incompetent fool. You don’t have the intellect to run or own any business to fire anyone but yourself. Hope you grow up. Good luck, mate.

      • rah one says:

        Indians are significantly popular. Thanks for this post, WE ARE GETTING MORE POPULAR EACH TIME PEOPLE REPLY OR GIVE A COMMENT.

        Peace on earth and goodwill to all.

  147. Tomek says:

    Oh God! It is not that they stink.It’s their diet. The ones that are send from India to UK to take over some monkey tasks smell funny coz of the difference in loundry products down there.

  148. jk says:

    Fenugreek(methi) is an herb used in near asian and middle eastern food. It is extremely healthful. Its seeds have been used in many traditional medicines as a laxative, digestive, and as a remedy for cough and bronchitis. If used regularly, fenugreeks may help control cholesterol, triglyceride as well as high blood sugar (glycemic) levels in diabetics.Fenugreek seeds given to the nursing mothers to also increases milk synthesis. It is even known to keep hair loss at bay.
    However, it does permeate your entire system! If you are not accustom to the smell, it will seem off to you. I try to add fenugreek to alot of my stews, and people say sometimes I smell like a hay field, but its ok, I like it, and I like actually like the smell it leaves on other people, just like some people like that sweaty/ polyester shirt combo smell. Unfortunately, in the West we usually only feed this herb to horses.

    • Asin with BO says:

      BO is so good to smell. I don’t believe that food affects your smell… But its about accepting BO as good and makes you in tuned with nature. I makes be believe in evolution more and more. I mean apes and monkeys don’t use soap and deodorant.

      When people say my BO stings, I gladly accept it and say, thanks. All my Indian people don’t really care since we all smell the same. This is our identity and we are proud of it!!!

      • Asin Fan says:

        Dear Asin,

        We are so proud of your BO. It makes me feel so good to have the same Lovely BO. We promote our Nation as a BO loving people. We are no. 1 in all things, including BO acceptance. Soon we will populate the world with our BO and the world will smell Indian.

        Wouldn’t it be great if everybody would live in peace and smell like us? Indian BO will rule!

  149. Cassie says:

    I leave a response whenever I especially enjoy
    a article on a site or I have something to contribute
    to the discussion. Usually it’s caused by the fire displayed in the article I browsed. And on this post Do Indians really Stink? Can we do something about it? | YourMitra. I was moved enough to post a commenta response ;) I do have a couple of questions for you if it’s okay.

    Could it be only me or does it look like like some of these remarks
    come across like they are left by brain dead individuals? :-P And, if you are posting on additional places,
    I would like to keep up with you. Could you make a list the complete urls of all your social sites like your twitter feed, Facebook page or
    linkedin profile?

  150. Hey there just wanted to give you a quick heads up. The words in your post seem to
    be running off the screen in Ie. I’m not sure if this is a format issue or something to do with browser compatibility but I figured I’d post to let you know.

    The style and design look great though! Hope you get the issue solved soon.

  151. Your blog appears to be having some compatibilty issues
    in my ie browser. The wording appears to be running off the page pretty bad.

    If you want you can e-mail me at: anderson. and I’ll shoot you over a screen grab of the problem.

  152. DK says:

    I live and grew up in a mid-sized pacific northwest (US) city. Other than Mexicans, the place is almost exclusively white. I think I was in my late teens before I met a black person. Anyway, I moved to Idaho where I attended college (Go Vandals!) and met my first Indian. He was my physics teacher whom I admired for his intelligence and wit. Having had no previous experience and being ignorant of most other cultures I had no bias but the smell was undeniable. I have since met several other Indians, all with the same malodor. I have always wondered why. For whatever reason I never imagined it was because of poor hygiene but I am happy to have this little mystery cleared up for me.

    • intelligent body odor says:

      Dear DK,

      Thanks for your kind words and gentle conclusion, that we got a poor hygiene. Well, hygiene is quite irrelevant in contrast to our intelligence and wit. Maybe those who smell good don’t have any of these at all. Then you ask why? Shouldn’t intelligence go with good hygiene? Maybe not. Those who are intellectually developed overcome the tendency to judge someone by how one smells and are able to ignore the superficial and temporal.

      We smell because we are Indians. This is our identity, our trade mark. So, kindly be more introspective and accept us as who we are. We really don’t care how we smell, as long as we can contribute to the development of humanity. Take it or leave it, ok?

      • idon'tlikestench says:

        mr. intelligent body odor,
        while you may be proud of your stink, I am an Indian girl who was trained at an extremely young age to shower and wear deodorant. I like Old Spice, and that’s what I smell like. If you are happy making your identity around stink, then do so. But please do not drag the rest of us with you. There are other Indians like myself that do not smell at all and that can smell you. For all the Indians out there who do smell bad, there are still many that don’t, so it’s not “our identity, our trade mark” to give off a stench. Speak for yourself.

      • ilikestench says:


        I agree that there are a few like you, bit in behalf of one billion stinkos, we like our stink. We hate any unnatural smell from chemicals. Nature or you may name it as stink, overpowers all forms of smell.

        Please speak for the few superficials, OK? The majority rules in democracy right?

      • intelligent body odor says:

        Dear “Idon’tlikestench,”
        You are a rare kind of an Indian – very rare indeed! I dont mind if you adapt the flawed philosophy that underarm odor should only have the smell of deodorants! I dont mind if you say that you don’t have a body odor. But question: What if you take away water and extra expense (like soap and deodorant) from your armpit. Trust me, you will smell natural and truly Indian in a few hours.
        You see, for millions of us, water, soap and deodorant are so scarce that we have survived this unforgiving land without these luxury for all these centuries. And getting used to it and accepting body odor as pleasant is the key to our survival.
        So, you do not have any moral authority to judge us who barely survive with basic necessities and impose on us your superficial and temporal solution to a non-existent issue called body odor.
        Millions of us really think that our body odor (not deodorant odor) is good, sexy and admirable – if you have the intellectual capacity to think this way, of course. Only the low minded would think otherwise, you know.

  153. Amit says:

    This is stupid , i see many foreigners commenting indians r dirty , well i think if indian is dirty a western is comparable to Pig then , u know for in many western coutries the word for saturday is ” day of bathing ” “lordag” “laerday” etc , its because they used to bath once in a week and still think its excessive , still i think they follow same rule , its funny that these dirty people compare themselves to indians , however Dudrant they use , their dirty body with sweat smells ,water is the only purifier in world for all species , but not for dirty westerns

    • Indian BO does not exist! says:

      Dear Amit,

      Thanks for employing this Indian tactic of evasion. Instead of accepting that we Indians smell dirt, we should redirect the blame on those who don’t smell like us and accuse of them of being more dirty. We Indians are experts in denial and blame-shifting. We should never admit that by not using soap and deodorant, that we have a dead rat smell under our armpit. Never admit that our body odor exist. Instead, we need to accuse people of using soap and deodorant as dirty and smelly. Soap and deodorants are disgusting – they are only for the pigs. We Indians live without soap and deodorant and we smell sexy and good. Ignore that our sweet smell is disgusting to those who take a bath with soap and daily use deodorant – ignore them and instead accuse of being pigs.

      We are no. 1 in the world – Indian smell will live forever!!! Down with soap and deodorant – they are only for pigs!!!

      • idon'tlikestench says:

        hahaha. Nice satire.

      • Indian BO does not exist! says:

        Dear Amit,

        Let me suggest other tactics we can use to counter our critics. These are as follows:

        1. Blame it on the food we eat. While it can be true that we smell what we eat, there are many of us who smell accordingly to our hygienic practices. Bathing with soap, washing our clothes and using deodorant help control body odor. We can simply ignore or deny this fact (that hygiene controls BO) and simply blame it on our food.
        2. Accuse them of being killers of life. Any form of life (including bacteria and germs) is sacred. Using soap and deodorant kills life.
        3. Chemicals are unnatural and harmful. We can convince the world that water is enough to purify us. Soaps and deodorant contain chemicals that harm the body.
        4. BO acceptance is only for the intelligent. While they find it hard to accept that with common sense comes cleanliness, we can promote intelligence as the only way to accept any form of stink.
        5. The logic of nature. Soap and deodorant may control BO temporarily (at least for 24 hrs), nature will always find its way back. Tell them not to take a bath for 2 days and they will smell natural (BO). So, if BO eventually comes back after a while, logic will lead us to acceptance and admiration of BO.
        6. Superior Cultural Distinction. Americans are known for human rights violations (drones killing without trial), Chinese people are known for being spies and imitations. Britons are known for their superiority complex; etc. Indians are known for BO odor – this is our distinction and we can argue that it is better to have such stink than being an American killer or Chinese spy.
        7. Racist Argument. Always accuse people who point to our faults and weakness as racists. Don’t ever hear their arguments, simply state that they are racists!
        8. Positive Thinking. This is a ability to turn black into white, bad into good, BO into incense (or pleasant, sexy, etc,).
        9. The logic of wisdom. When you take a bath everyday, use soap and deodorant – these are very expensive luxuries! By not taking baths, using soap and deodorant; and by using the same sweety, dirty and stinking clothes over and over again – we save a lot! We are truly smart and wise when we avoid these luxuries.

        I take a bath once in 1-2 weeks, I don’t use soap and deodorant and never in my life have I smelled – 100,000 % sure. Instead, my friends say that I smell sexy.

    • I hate racists says:


      I have dated plenty of American girls and trust me, these westerners who gloat about hygiene have filthy bathrooms. It looks as though they clean it once every 5 years. I am not saying Indians dont have BO, but to say that these westerners are clean is equally ridiculous. If you dont trust me, date an American and you’ll soon know. Before they judge us, they should look at themselves first.

  154. Nigel says:

    Please let me know if you’re looking for a article writer for your site. You have some really good posts and I feel I would be a good asset. If you ever want to take some of the load off, I’d absolutely love to write some articles for your blog in exchange for a link back
    to mine. Please blast me an e-mail if interested.


  155. sex health says:

    Touche. Solid arguments. Keep up the amazing effort.

    • Indian BO Does Not Exist (?!) says:

      Dear Sex Health,

      Thanks for encouragement! Kindly note that the path to convince the world that our stink is OK is very hard – even almost impossible. We are talking about 1 billion people changing their approach to this issue and trying to co-exist with the entire humanity. Direct confrontation will encourage us to be on the defensive; while satire seems to lead us to the path of better enlightenment.

      We have become more conscious of this issue and some of us are trying to blend with humanity by being more acceptable. It’s hard to train an old dog; and we have been in this world for thousands of years now. We have lived this way and amongst us, we never complain. It was only when we moved away from our tribal inhabitation into the cities of the world where we encounter such criticisms.

      We can contribute better to the development of humanity by thinking that the world is not India, but a home for other nations and cultures where we need to be acceptable.

      Indian BO Does Not Exist (?)

  156. D.Khan says:

    I have lots of Indian friends, I am not a racist in any way. The truth about this topic is as follows: most people can be split into two groups, people with many apocrine sweat glands, mostly found under the arm pits and around the genital area and those and those that don’t, often those with many apocrine glands also have we earwax and those without have dry. In broad terms far easterners such as Chinese and Japanese tend to be in the latter category and even when they sweat they don`t produce significant body odour as they are not producing the sweat that bacteria convert to BO. However Caucasians (including most people from the Indian sub continent) and Africans tend to have many apocrine glands and when they sweat they produce after a few hours via natural bacteria significant BO under the arms and in the crotch region. In recent decades people in Europe and America have tended to prevent this with antiperspirants (not deodorants), however in India until recently many people simply could’t afford to and as everyone produced the smell, they were used to it. I think that many people from India simply don`t regard the smell of underarm body odour to be offensive and so have not realised the need for antiperspirants, I even have a couple of Indian friends who tried to convince me that the body odour was actually pheromones and would attract women. (this is not correct, pheromones have a different, much more subtle or even undetectable smell). I do think the only way forward for Indians is to start using antiperspirants as even washing twice a day will not stop body odour breaking through in a hot country and as body odour is instinctively repulsive up close, so I can`t see any possibility of it becoming acceptable to most people in the west or even in the long term India. I’ve noticed my Indian friends who use antiperspirant have switched their thinking on the issue, so I am sure given a few more years a western attitude to antiperspirant will spread through Indian culture, I just feel sorry for those Indians living in western countries who are’t aware of this, and it’s going to be hard for them to find out, because no one dare speak or write publicly about this due to fears of being branded racist.

  157. Dee says:

    Came across this article and just had to say something. Not all Indians smell bad. I went to college with this girl who was of Indian descent, sat right beside her and everything in class, she smelled good (she actually smelled like lavender). However, I met her husband one day (they owned a store here in my town) and he smelled just opposite-and whoa! His strong odor really cleared my sinuses and at the same time gave me a nauseating headache! I have nothing against Indians (or anybody else because of their race/nationality), and I don’t care what race you may be, please do take a shower daily (preferably with a good enough soap to keep your body odor under control, especially if you sweat a lot, like I use Dial soap, which is a good choice) and use hygiene products (deodorants, toothpaste, mouthwash, cologne/perfume, body powder, shampoo, conditioner). Also, do not wear the same clothes that you’ve had on previous days-put some clean ones on after every shower or else you’re defeating the purpose. You can get all of these products for next to nothing in costs. If this becomes a daily habit, then you shouldn’t have no problems with others saying that you stink!

    • Indian BO is OK says:

      Dear Dee,

      Don’t you know that the majority of us do not have bathrooms or toilets? Most of us defecate along the railways. Millions of us have little or no access to flowing water. You see, soap is a luxury, what more deodorants, toothpaste, etc. Many of us do not even know these ever exist! We smell like these because all of us smell like this, including our environment smell like this. We have lived with this life like this ever since and have accepted it as our destiny.

      To others, they call it stink; to us we call it natural odor ( and we love it!!!).

      • Dee says:

        Indian BO is OK: I understand what you’re saying about how it is in India due to it being a developing nation and some folks don’t have much. I’m mainly referring to the ones that immigrate to America, Canada, Europe, Australia, ect (Western Countries) and that are well to do on arrival (or that have been in one of these places long enough to know) to one of these Western Countries. There are some people here in America that are homeless and can’t afford such luxuries either, but one way or another, they manage to get themselves clean and keep their odors under control (some but not all, and the ones that don’t are very much avoided). I do suppose that if one is use to a smell, then it doesn’t affect their olfactory senses one bit, but if one should immigrate to another place and are well to do, then it would be suggested to try and learn the practices of the place a person chooses to immigrate to. Daily hygiene is an important ritual in Western Countries, and most hygiene products are quite affordable.

      • Lets fix the problem says:

        Dee, I am an Indian American girl. I understand what you’re saying. My father was introduced to real deodorant as a kid, and for that reason, he has always known about hygiene and has always emphasized its importance. Since both my parents use deodorant and don’t smell bad, our family in general is very clean. I have met plenty of other Indians. A lot of the Indians my age smell completely fine, especially because we’re American. However, I have met some that have an unbearable body odor. One of them was my friend, and my friends and I were very kind but honest with her and several years later now, she does not smell. Some of her family members do. That’s part of the problem.
        In India, the concept of deodorant is relatively new. I am astounded by the number of ignorant people commenting on this site. Some are Indians who deny they smell or who say that Indians love body odor. Others are non-Indians who say Indians smell because of their food and because they don’t bathe. Yes, Indian food does smell and you have to be very careful not to smell like it, but its smell is one completely different from body odor. Yes I am sure there are some Indians that don’t have any hygiene and who are just unclean. For most, though, the problem is not that they don’t bathe. A lot of them do. But then they don’t use deodorant at all. Deodorant is obviously a preventative measure against smelling, and you put it on because showering will keep you without a smell only until you sweat. Since deodorant is a western concept, a lot of Indians don’t use it. Therein lies the problem. It’s a culture of not using it. It seems as though everyone who immigrates to another part of the world should understand eventually the practices of that culture, but they don’t. Especially not Indians in general, who are proud of their own race and culture and customs.
        Since many are raised without deodorant, they are accustomed to the way they smell. I can guarantee you that the people here denying a smell do so because they are used to it.
        What frustrates me is that others on this site don’t understand that the way to correct this problem is not by calling Indians names and degrading them. It’s by doing your best to educate them and explaining that even though they may not smell their own odor, it doesn’t mean it’s not there. There is no need to be hateful. You can’t successfully communicate with people of another culture if you don’t try to get on their page, or understand their own lifestyle/lack of knowledge about or exposure to certain things.
        Show them some old Spice. That’s what I use :)
        Yes I smell like a man, but hey, it smells good.
        By the way, the deodorants now being introduced in Indian are nothing like the ones in the West. Something else that people should know.

      • Idris says:

        I cannot believe person can say what u ar saying !! Am Sorry but , Animal is not like that ..u ar in the deepest low level place ..

      • intelligent body odor says:

        Dear Idris,

        I hope now you begin to understand this issue. It’s about changing an entire nation, not just a few stinking Indians . BO is life to us. Without body odor, we would be dead already. It does not only give life, it is the sign that one is still alive and kicking. A billion of us see body odor as acceptable, pleasing, lovely and most of all, natural. Trying to change us is trying to change our identity and nationality.
        Please leave us alone and soon, maybe you will smell like us too. You are always welcome to be like us.

  158. Please Help The Poor Instead says:

    Dear Lets fix the Problem,

    How can you fix a problem when to the millions of Indians, there is really no problem at all? You see, you are now used to Old Spice, and to you, what smells good should smell like Old Spice or something else, except plain body odor. You define your smell as “good” because you are used to it, right? You know, this principle also applies to millions of Indians who are used to body odor. For a few Indians like you who accept Western culture, you define us as with a problem. Well, maybe if we travel outside of India, this could be a potential problem – but here, we really don’t see it as a problem simply because of our God-given olfactory adaptability. Imagine if we do not have such biological feature in a situation where millions do not have access to water, toilets and bathrooms and are struggling to survive – it would be terrible and depressing.

    Maybe, to fix this problem from your perspective, you can start by helping the millions of poor Indians rather than just introducing some fancy and superficial issue called body odor. The hungry, the homeless, the needy – they don’t care much about how they smell simply because they are immune to it and it comes to be as the least of a whole lot of problems with survival.

    So, maybe, the problem is with rich Indians, well-to-do or migrated ones who don’t care about the plight of the poor and needy, the homeless. Instead of dealing with this superficial problem, I suggest that we start talking about how to help the millions of poor Indians and take this as the root problem. Bollywood is a major problem – it hypnotizes the poor with their funny dances and makes them “high” – giving them a temporary relief while they (actors, actresses) get richer from the coins these poor people have. Corruption by the well-to-do and politicians plunder the poor relentlessly.

    Poverty is the cause of body odor (for millions in India). This is the problem we need to fix.

    • Lets fix the problem says:

      It is highly presumptive of you to group me in with rich Indians “who don’t care about the plight of the poor.”

      I am talking about body odor as applies to folks who don’t fall below the poverty line. Please do not assume that I plan on lecturing people without shelter, food, or water on how to wear deodorant. Problems fall in order of their level of severity, and yes, I agree with you, this issue of body odor is trivial compared to the plight of the homeless, starving, and diseased.
      When you mention any problem in your life, it does not mean that you are disregarding the other problems of the world. This post is not a post talking about or addressing in any way those who live below the poverty line. This is not a post on the homeless. It’s a post on normal working-class people who are not aware of their smell, and my answer was on how to address that matter with patience and communication.
      Say for example you have an issue with a malfunction in a piece of technology. This would qualify as a trivial problem compared to any human suffering. Are you going to say it’s stupid to go fix your computer because in doing so you are being disrespectful towards others in the world that suffer?
      You are comparing things that should not be compared.
      I am not trying to argue with you, I simply want you to see that you are taking a statement of mine and making it the sum of my personality, assuming that I am a crusader for deodorant and it is my life’s mission. No.
      This forum is not a highly serious one. Therefore it is not going to address serious issues like the one you are talking about.
      As far as issues in India go, yes, there are far too many. Starvation, unreliable health care, poverty, prostitution, government corruption on every level, and wealth concentrated in the hands of a few.
      As a student, I care about learning to help change the societal perspectives that contribute to Indian rape culture, as well as providing education to children who otherwise have no means of accessing it.
      You couldn’t expect to know this on a forum about body odor and deodorant.

      • one world says:

        Thanks for you deep understanding of the issue at hand. That is, body odor among those who can afford temporal solutions. I agree with you when those who should know better and are able to be more acceptable not just in Western countries but among all civilized cultures where cleanliness is valued, when they simply deny this stinking reality as offensive and insensitive all in one.

        However, please advice how clean is really clean and on what basis can you say that such smell is good and the other bad?

        My definition of what smells good may differ from yours, right. So, is tolerance rather a considerable alternative to deodorant???

      • Ahmad says:

        my friend in UAE this smell is among middle and high class people, come to my country even the laborer guy will buy fragrant, not just a deodorant

  159. Desi says:

    During my 8 year tenure at US, atleast 15 white folks lost their jobs coz i replaced them, for simple fact that they were stupid dumb and lazy. Now dont i stink like a skunk ? ;) .. I may wear armani or prada ( we east indians make twice to you white trash) i will still stink…wont I ?

    Dont be fkn racists…yoga has been curing you morons for ages. India is a developing country and we all have flaws.

    Now, Indians do have a peculiar irritating odour….anyone has any idea …why? Its something in food…but what ? Oils ? Turmeric ?

  160. Clean Dumb says:

    Hey Desi,

    You sound so smart – super smart by replacing 15 white folks!!! You must be a genius, right? I have a few dumb questions which I hope you wont mind answering logically.

    1. Can your Armani hide your underarm stinking odor?
    2. If yoga cures, is India cured? I see so many rapists, corruption, poverty, etc. Is this what you call a cure?
    3. To my shock, you have admitted that Indians have a “peculiar irritating odour.” If you are so smart, try reading the thousands of comments before you – you will be surprised at what reading can do for you – you will be smarter!
    4. I guess your English level and your negative attitude puts you on a Grade School Level, right?

    Proud of you, super smart Desi!!!

    • Fat Racist says:

      These people are better than us fat,lazy and stupid racists. While we are busy making racist comments about them, they are taking all our jobs. We have more bigotry in our brain than fat in our body.

    • adf says:

      The average IQ of Indians is 85 compared to 100 for whites. Desi the Dothead might be smarter than the average Untouchable back in his Indian slumland, but he’s not smarter than white people. If he took white peoples’ jobs it’s because cockroaches like him cost less.

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  162. Sumeet Sukhi says:

    I think it is true that many indians do have a strong body odour-mainly because of three things-tendency not to use deoderants or antiperspiration , spicy diet and above all a failure to see this a major hygeine problem.They remain clean otherwise.Being an indian myself I have myself experienced this problem which gets compunded because of the fact that elsewhere in the more advanced nations, people smell so nice.When indians go out of india to these countries, they stand out -for wrong reason though.Younger people are conscious hence we will not find such problem in them.Also medically the body pores in tropical people say the blacks and people from hot countries are wider and more numerous compunding the problem.The place where I stay, dubai has majority malayalis-south indians who unfortunately have no concept of using deos os perfumes.Instead their women put a pungent coconut oil which is quite repulsive to us north indians as well.I think with all due regards, these super conservationist guys do bring a bad name to all indians as the general conception is that all indians are like this-thougj this is far from truth.Pakistanis though enjoy a far better reputation in terms of personal hygeine than indians-thanks to all the kerala guys!

  163. gay says:

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  166. Tony says:

    Fucking stinky motherfuckers

  167. Akbar Al Baker says:

    I will stop hiring Indians in Qatar Airways because they smell extremely bad and passengers complain…Please Indians, take a shower everyday with soap and brush your teeth and tongue ofcourse using toothpaste..

  168. Professor at Harvard says:

    Indians think they are smarter than everybody else.The truth is that majority of them are smelly, stinky nasty bastards…I think it’s their dirty religion of Hinduism…nasty fucking people

  169. Laura says:

    I dated an Indian once and it was the worst experience of my life….Akbar Al Baker posted here? CEO of Qatar Airlines? Wow, don’t let your employees see this as most are smelly Indians

  170. Becky says:

    These fat white bastards have fat even in their brains. They have fat in every part of their body. Stinking pigs. Even pigs dont stink as much as these filthy fat bastards.

    • ? says:

      who are you even referring to?

    • Zoologist - Majoring in Indian Monkeys says:

      Hi Becky,

      What can you say about Queen Elizabeth II Law (below). Should this be followed by all Indians? What about the reply of the PM of India?

      I am very confused about what is happening here.

      Zoologist – Majoring in Indian Monkeys

  171. Queen Elizabeth II says:

    Queen Elizabeth: Decree for India – for Colony:

    I, Queen Elizabeth of England, hereby decree that all Indians who do not use soap and deodorant are required to have a nose operation to restore the sense of smell. This shall be strictly complied in the following details:

    1. India would install sensors in all Indian air ports. The sensor must establish whether one uses soap and deodorant. Failure would bar the each Indian from flight.

    2. Indian Embassies all over the world must require all Indians to pass a clean test. Anyone found not using soap and deodorant shall be deported back to India.

    3. All Indians, whether in India or abroad, are required to have a nose operation as mandatory to remain in the British Colony.

    Note: You have imitated the way we look (in some cases), that is, by wearing formal clothing, yet you have remained Indians by rejecting soaps and deodorants. This is bloody unacceptable!!!

    England Rules along with the Queen!

  172. Manmohan Singh, PM of India says:

    Dear Madam Queen Elizabeth II,

    Greetings in the name of your former Colony!

    Your racist rule is well taken. I have instructed all Indians, here and abroad, to comply to your instructions.

    However, I need funding for the implementation of this law. Please send us about 20 Billion GBP under my name only and I will make sure that this money will be used in developing smart nuclear bombs that will armed with full of shit. Don’t worry, this shit will be distributed all England. Once this shit smell is all over Britain, you will never know the difference between us and this shit smell.

    God save the Queen!!!

    Your faithful Servant,
    Manmohan Singh, PM of India

  173. titm says:

    All foreign people smell bad….that is why they should all go back to their respective countries. There they would be free to treat their women like livestock, eat curry, not eat beef, worship buhda, and not bathe. I, for one, would be happy to buy gas from an American for a change. GO HOME YOU STINKY FUCKS!

    • Anti-Racist says:

      Filthy racist. You invaded America so you should go back too as the Indians were its original inhabitants. Besides, I believe Indian Americans value hygiene more than racists like you.

      • titm says:

        By the way, ANTI-RACIST, I am not a racist…Niggers smell bad too!

      • We smell good and sexy without soap and deodorant says:

        Dear Anti-Racist,

        Thanks for employing this favorite tactic of diversion. When others point to the reality of how we stink because we do not use soap and deodorants, we need to shift everybody’s focus to anything like false accusations. This will make others who suffer and endure our stink confused and baffled.

        I totally agree with you! Those who take a bath using soap and applying deodorant are pigs! They are unnatural and disgusting!!!

        We never use soaps and deodorants and we never stink!

        Down with soaps! Down with deodorants! Long live our natural smell!

  174. titm says:

    I can just imagine it….An American walks through a crowd of Indians; the Indians wait until he is out of earshot and say to one another, “Holy Buhda, did you smell that American?” “He smelled like deodorant and aftershave…yuck!”

    • Loving My BO says:

      Dear Titm,

      You are correct 110%. Your soup and deodorants are very offensive – they just stink!!!

      When you happen to be in our group, please expect a very negative reaction to your unnatural smell!!!

      Kindly be informed that we have learned to accept natural body odor for millenniums now. You cannot change our way of life – we are just like these. Try yoga when you are with us. Inhale our smell deeply, think of heaven, and like magic, our smell will be wonderful, sexy and admirable; and you will start to hate soaps and deodorants.

      Just think that stink is good and you will start to define “body odor” as good for all.

      Peace to humanity – nature is good!

      Loving My BO

  175. chucky says:

    fock you all indians! all of you stink! i;ll kill you all!

    • :) says:

      wow. so scary, chucky. you’re the little doll with the knife, right? because that’s the only chucky anyone would ever be afraid of.
      get a grip on yourself.

    • God is Greater than YOU says:

      Hey Chucky,

      Is this how you deal with people with different worldviews from yours? I think yes! From your government down to some sick retard, you kill people when they differ from you! And you claim you are civilized, doing this in the name of God.

      What can your bullish exemptionalist attitude do when natural calamities strike you? Have you thought of killing God because he is judging you for your offenses?

  176. chadiwewewexxx says:

    I am a Filipino but I also agree that Indian smells so bad, and its because of their food i think~!
    in our school theirs a lot of Indian students, some do smell so bad and the other don’t,, But for me, its really natural for them but for us , its really smell so bad specially in our canteen, its air conditioned and the smell seems scattered every corner.

    But Indians are Very Pretty though, i love their beauties ;)
    But only their smell made us not to go near with them, especially in elevator ;/

    • Curry Flowing from my Armpits (???) says:

      Dear Chadiwewewexxx,

      Please do not blame on the food we eat. You Filipinos eat dried / rotting fish, anchovy, bagoon, etc (which are very offensive to us who eat curry) yet I don’t hear any comments that you stink!!!

      You see, it is not what we eat that makes us stink like rotting rats buried under our armpits, but it is because we love this smell, OK? We hate soap and deodorants – water is enough. We sprinkle a little water on our bodies – and that is, we’re done with bathing.

      We intentionally do this because first of all, we are immune to our smell, and we feel sexy when we smell like dung.

      So cut the crap – foods don’t make you smell, it is your attitude towards stink. For us, we love our stink – this makes us Indians.

    • Miss American - an Indian with a Stink says:

      Miss America is an Indian – hello world. I hope you realize that stink (dead rotting rat smelling armpits) can make you so beautiful and lovely – even Miss Universe.

      So all of you ugly ducklings who take daily baths and use deodorants – kindly envy our beauty because our secret is our stink. Stink makes you beautiful – smell like dead rats and dung, and you will be admired by the world!!! Serious?!!? LoL eat my fart.

  177. aakash says:

    I am Indian and i do admit we are the mother fuckers of stink. especially south indians. they smell like brown poop

  178. adf says:

    This writer is way off. He thinks the solution is for indians to use perfume. Indians stink so bad because they eat curry every meal, every day. it comes out through their pores. Perfume will not help. You dotheads need to knock it off with the curry when you move somewhere civilized. We have refrigeration. You don’t need to eat all that curry crap to kill tropical parasites anymore or to cover the taste of meat on its way to rancid. STOP EATING CURRY, and you will stop smelling so bad. But that’s not going to happen, is it? So please just leave our civilized countries which you are turning into the slums you left in India. Go back where you belong.

    • PHD Indian with a Stink says:

      Dear adf,

      Thanks for your kind advise. However, we are all over the world because the governments of the world (including yours) have been civilized enough to accept all peoples from all nations who meet Immigration Requirements. Suggestion: why don’t you rally on the street or do whatever you think is civilized to add “stink” as a requirement for Immigration? Also, please enforce the same disgust on your own people who stink as well – kindly include the poor who cant afford soap and deodorant.

      Better yet, kindly go to the United Nations and claim that you are civilized only when you don’t stink!

      Note: have you thought that your attitude towards stinking Indians is very uncivilized???

      • :) says:

        ADF is part of that group of people who are too preoccupied with making known their severe hatred and allowing that hatred, along with their superiority complexes, to cloud their judgment. In this state they are incapacitated and therefore lack the ability to understand just how uncivilized their vehement hatred is. ADF clearly thinks that spewing out historical facts about genetic mixing and IQ and whatever else merits a place in this forum. Lots of Indians smell bad. Doesn’t mean we need to call them roaches and say all this shit that ADF says. My advice to you is, don’t bother to respond. There must be a lot of things wrong with this person if he/she takes time out of the day specifically to leave multiple comments that degrade an entire race. ADF has so forgotten his/her own humanity, you see, that he/she cannot rest until he/she has completely vilified and devalued a group of people. It does not matter to ADF that within this large group of Indians, every person has worth, has a story, has a life, likes certain music and movies and sports, loves a mom or dad or best friend, or has thoughts and feelings and struggles. No, it does not occur to ADF. To ADF and everyone else here on this forum, it is just impossible to take into account any of these things if a person stinks. To them, if a person smells bad, he/she should be humiliated, beaten, stepped on, thrown away in a trash pile. If a person smells bad. IF A PERSON SMELLS BAD.
        I feel bad that someone like that has the capacity to be such an ugly person. Just like a lot of other people commenting on this forum. Let them be. They are the people with hatred, the ones present in every corner of the world. They are the reason horrible incidents happen, like the one a few days ago in which an Indian college student in Australia was beaten and stabbed with broken glass. And these hateful people are present in the Indian race, too. Hateful towards people of other races. I’m just stating this so that no one reads this and thinks that I’m playing the victim by stating how Indians are being wronged. I acknowledge that hatred is universal, not just displayed by one group or kind of people. This forum was started as a response to an issue of smell. The comments here, however, reflect more than just an aversion to smell. They reflect deep-rooted, powerfully negative emotions that go beyond just disliking body odor.
        You and I have lost. We can’t convince a group of people to give up their unkindness. Or to remember compassion. Or to understand that maybe they can just hand a deodorant or a washcloth to a person nearby and say, “You need this.”
        Forget it. Nothing you or anyone else says can change these people. If we as a human race are capable of so much hatred, of murdering people because they smell bad, then we really aren’t human at all.

  179. Steve says:

    I live below an Indian couple, they are successful, but the unreal stink of their food overpowers the entire building, also, they stomp all goddamn day & night. I was the most PC person when it came to racism… There is a limit, I’ve started to hate anybody from India due to these loud, stinky people upstairs. When I ask them to keep it down, or keep their window closed cooking that shit, they pretend not to speak goddamn English! …. This being MY country, where I was born, I say FUCK THEM, go back to your own shithole of a country

  180. Steve says:

    They are stomping RIGHT NOW!

  181. ed says:

    I work as a maintenace in states .Indians apts are extremly I mean EXTRYMLY filthy.
    Kitchens ..gezz is hard to describe,bathrooms,carpets everything I dont get it.
    Explain it to me please !!!

  182. baisamdekar says:

    Finally i found the solution of the indians stinks ..if u want them clean and not smelly just touch there pocket ,,because they ar very very stingy ..they will do any think to avoid spending any cents

  183. B Jay says:

    We need more people like Osama and Hitler!

  184. Ahmad says:

    I’m in UAE, where I meet a lot me Indians
    First of all I have to say that they are a hard worker, respect people, and I have a good relation with indian people and even I started to learn Hindi

    by the way I’m searching Google to know the reason, it’s a very common topic between people in UAE
    Since it’s very clear that most of the Indian people, actually all the laborer class, and middle class have this bad odor, even some of the high class, it’s very strong. especially their hair
    once I meet a director lady of a very big company who has this smell

    you know this smell is very distinctive, not like a normal body odor, you know, I can know if there is an Indian people in the room just from the room smell

    regarding the usage of perfumes it’s a must in Arabic culture, it’s not a fake thing, it’s a must same as styling your hair or dressing well, and we don’t use it to cover the body odor since our relgion force us to take shower and wash our body up to five times a day, but since the culture difference the person has not to smell good but he has to not smell bad

  185. alexandria says:

    my current boyfriend is an Indian. we met in chat and we haven’t seen each other personally. I live in Singapore. From my own experience,almost all Indians i know really have distinctive smell, some really are disgusting because of bad hygiene, some smells like strong onions because of what they eat ,some like very pungent oil( they said its their perfume), and the rest is ok. anyhow, I do respect them. They are smart and good looking. That’s some reason why i am in love with my Indian bf. But the smell really worries me, we plan to meet on December. He’s an engineer and he said he takes bath 3 times a day, how did i know, I already asked him about this topic. He said he don’t know and didn’t know that everybody in the world now is arguing that they,Indians, smells. I’m not talking like I am so perfect that I don’t smell, but I can guarantee my very good hygiene is on the top list. Well, I am really loving him.. hope he smells good like David off.(its his perfume he said)..if not.. hope only not LOVE IS BLIND works.. but also LOVE DOES NOT SMELL(use). He’s from Goa.. do u think somehow they smell ok? i Researched.. it’s not so populated and lot are educated.

    • D says:

      You must be an indian living in Singapore this is the reason you found him…SO sweety don’t pretend that you are hygienic too…You and him both will get along well…HAPPY LOVING!!!

  186. Ltsplaynice says:

    I hate to leave a comment on here because of some of the high amount of hostility and hate, my intention here is not to add fuel to an already out of control fire, just a little room for thought. I am only interested in the topic about the specific odor that Indians have as I purchased a plastic Little Tikes toddler bed from an Inidan family and while I was at their house looking at it (outside on their back porch) I didn’t noticed the toddler bed had a smell to it. The Indian gentlemen who was selling me the toddler bed did have that specific odor that Indians tend to have, as I caught it several times as I was dealing with him during the purchase. It wasn’t until the bed was in my vehicle and we were driving home that I realized the toddler bed carried the same odor. Once I got home I power washed the toddler bed, and scrubbed it with disinfecting cleaner, after a day the toddler bed still carried that distinct odor. I did some research online and found to use white vinegar, so I did. After a day or two the vinegar smell was gone, but unfortunately that distinct odor still remained. I abandoned the toddler bed in my downstairs craft room, as I was not going to use it or my baby any more because I couldn’t remove the smell. After about a month, I finally had to sell the toddler bed to get rid of that distinct smell from lingering in my house. I guess from reading online, plastic is a porous material and will easily absorb strong odors… I didn’t know that, learn something new everyday! I have no advise or words of wisdom, my only learning lesson was if I don’t wish to have that smell in my house, to not purchase items from them. I am not being racist or mean, prior to this experience I wouldn’t have thought twice about it.

    I did work with an Indian gentleman for a couple of years and although he was very nice and kind, it was sometimes difficult to be in close proximity to him for any length of time. He also owned an Indian restraunt which he would go to every day for lunch. He would be particularly more fragrant in the afternoons. From everything I read both online and here, there seems to be a combination of contributing factors: diet, hygiene, hygiene products, as well as their home environment, if the house carries the smell, it transfers to all the items in the house as well, including the people and clothing.

  187. Chief Justice says:

    I am a Filipino and currently working in UAE.And this country has different nationalities. I think more number than any countries like USA and in European.I can say that because people from poorest countries have the privilege to work here(free food and accomodation).Among nationalities Indians,Nepalese and Nigerian have foul odor.I’m not generalising the race but most of them really stink.
    It’s just hygiene not the food.Some of them don’t change clothes daily.That what makes them stinky.
    My suggestion is that take a bath,spray deodorant and change clothes daily.

  188. BloodyRose says:

    You know what I see sometimes is that the white turbans are stained yellow with sweat. When I see that I associate that with stink. Even if they don’t stink, just seeing that yellow stained turban makes me think that they are stinky and greasy.

  189. Deuce says:

    Indians think Americans, Australians, and EUs are racist…Ok! Agreed. Than what’s the solution Indians…come on you consider yourself you are smart…so what’s the solution…Don’t migrate to those countries, don’t work for them from home…whatelse…
    I guarantee you all one thing…If you change one think in indians head this will solve all of the problems associated with them whether it’s the stinkiness, accent, defacating, staring, eating, wearing, walking, sitting, etc etc…
    The one thing that needs to be changed is making them realise that it’s good to listen, understand, and follow. Not everything is a -ve criticism on them. The stinkiness is in their personalities and attitudes…You tell them politely and they resent…
    Indians and Monkeys they are alike you can’t teach them and get out of them 100% even in a LAB environment.
    I bet an indian will reply to me post and just go on ranting stupiditly they way they always do…
    Can someone prove me wrong and tell me why my theory about indian attitude and personality of resentment is wrong???
    I guarantee that once you change Indian attitude / personality they can be considered as CIVILISED AND ACCEPTABLE IN HUMAN RACE!!!
    PS: what’s the difference between Indian and Idiot? Nothing they both starts with “I, ,have two Is and a D.”

  190. ExterminateRacism says:

    I guess anyone with a little common sense will realize that this issue stems from racism. Look at some of the names on here – “IHateIndia” , “IndiaStinks”, “Anti-Indian” etc.paints the picture.. Shows it has nothing to do with olfactory senses, but has a lot to do with strong, vitriolic prejudice towards a certain group.

    • Bhupinder Cheema says:

      Having a strong vitriolic prejudice against certain races is a good thing. It has allowed the better races to stay pure and create superior civilization and technology.

  191. B Jay says:

    No wonder why Osama, Hitler etc. hate your race(Americans, British). These uncivilized animals have infected the earth and they need to me completely removed/exterminated. They are like a disease. Almost 60% of top scientists and doctors are Indians and Chinese. Your market is flooded with Indian and Chinese goods. Even your odd jobs are done by them. You people are so… Arrogant… You all are idiots! While you live in your own…bubbles. We are slowly taking away your jobs, your money… Your Country! No wonder… You scared pussies are just finding excuses to somehow show to the world that you are better. 60% of American people are fat, and 90% are idiots like these(here, internet, fuckin’ youtube).
    It’s too late for you now. You will be the slaves now! Soon…

    *And BTW it was Americans who invented the DEO! While indians were busy bathing with Neem Water and getting rid of the bacteria and the smell. Americans were busy hiding it.

    • Deuce says:

      I rest my case when I said “indians and monkeys can’t be taught to live in civilisation in captivity even…”
      Except indians, every community is saying it and even google completes the half search when typed “why indians sm…” But for reason the notion of hygiene not sinking in indian head…Well you are right you are taking up the jobs that means you are our slaves…the way you live your life in our country, the way you guys talk to us…
      Again prove me that I’m wrong…

      • love the ground says:

        Indians and all other so-called inferior races are simply trying to survive and have a.decent life. Just a little late than you since North Americans are immigrants as well. Let us live peacefully with each other. All.people from all races stink in one.way or the other. It all depends on how much you wash your stink.away (temporarily) since after the soap and.deodorants.fades,we go back to.that stink you and I have. We come.from the ground, to the ground we return. Hence we all.smell like ground. all.

    • Bhupinder Cheema says:

      Looking at the way you write, I can see that you are very ignorant and stupid. You have nothing to say that is worthwhile, so close your computer and go and permanently immerse yourself in the Ganges or the nearest body of water. The world will be better without morons like you.

  192. Deuce says:

    That’s very true we all stink…but there is a lesson for stinkers and they rectify it by bathing, showering, deoing etc because they feel embarrased…But do Indians learn from this lesson do they rectify it??? Do they feel embarrased?? This is the questions? Second question is if entire world tell indians YOU STINK do they comprehend as a +ve remark??? Atleast they can agree with one of their own kinds who wrote this article…

  193. KiLLuAKiniRO says:

    So things are getting clearer. Thanks to you (this blog) though.
    Because someone told me that it is restricted to indian culture to always take a bath. Obviously I find it ridiculous and think that indians are sort of lack of personal hygiene.

    Now I would say that those are just rumors because of the bad smell. As you said here, the only thing you people lack is the usage of perfumes and deodorants. Because as for myself, taking a bath is not just enough to get rid of odors so therefore those things would help eliminate the odor.

    One thing gets clear to me, you indians do take a bath (at least one day) and rumor saying that taking bath is prohibited if you do it always is nothing but just a rumor.

  194. ExterminateRacism says:

    love the ground – What you said is so true. You made my day.

  195. But the question within Hygiene is do Indians listen? How to make them understand and make them to change?

  196. Some guy says:

    Indians smell awful because of their food that they eat. It’s seriously assaultive. Those spices never seem to leave your pores or something. When I worked in an office with Indians, they’d wash their face any time they used the rest room. I think it was to keep from stinking up the place. Now I work with two others that smell awful and I doubt they do anything different.

    Another thing that might shock you. I don’t know if this is a cultural thing or not, but talking with food in your mouth or smacking your lips is disgusting. I seriously want to punch people who do that. Seems the Indians I have ate with smack their lips. Yuck. Anyway, don’t eat curry at work if you’re in US. The people around you will HATE you for it.

  197. Ameeq ahamed says:

    Is this true??
    ‘m an indian muslim. As in our culture, wen i use attar or sometimes when i use perfumes, my hindu friends use to kindle me dat i dnt bath daily and to overcome body smel i use perfumes. But actualy i take bath daily. I use to tel them that just bathing s not sufficient. To avoid there taunts i left using perfumes. Especialy in karnataka where i live there is no value for perfumes. If any1 uses perfumes, they think that he is dirty person…

    • Idriss says:

      Disadvantaged from The most wonderful thing in this life ,,unbelievable !!! perfumes are the Best lovable.. we can not live with out it ..

  198. jofra says:

    I have one indian sitting next to me right now and he stinks every day!!! we’re in mexico, and you can tell he does not bathe on daily bases, the smell, the looks of his hair, leaves no doubt of it…

  199. CH says:

    I am a German engineer living and working in Dubai. As Indian food is quite delicious and cheap to get in Dubai i was doing the test. I was eating Indian food for 4 days in a row. I have to tell you that under my arms i started to develop a stinky monkey smell myself. Even though i was showering in the morning and evening and using anti-bacterial deo. Once i stopped eating Indian
    food the smell was gone within half a day.
    I really think its the food which makes Indians, Pakistanis and Bangladeshis smell that special. Its not a racist thing, its the smell that western people not appreciate!

    • Idriss says:

      Ok ! Dear (CH ) stop also brushing ur teeth and wear ur dress 3 ,4 days and don’t take shower daily u will see if the problem is the food ,,,best regards

    • guacamole says:

      It’s not just the western people who do not appreciate. Asian people in Japan, Korea, China, Singapore etc, we don’t appreciate the smell either…

  200. srikanth says:

    The culture of taking bath daily was introduced by Duke of Wellington to europe. He was commander of english troops in india in later 18th and early 19th century. He saw indians taking bath daily and introduced the habit in england. Quen Victoria took bath once in a month.

  201. GT says:

    This is really funny to me. For example, folks in middle east use tons of garlic and that also causes similar issues. I cannot bear the smell of the cooking of other cultures but that’s just because I’m not used to it. It only shows my ignorance and arrogance when I judge others by my limited standards.

    Generalizations are always easy. I’m sure every third world country can be accused of some stink with the great first worlds being superior but I can guarantee you will see sweaty people in the US who don’t use deo. It is a luxury item. As if the poor give a crap about bothering others with their body odor – as if they have money to invest in deo. Meanwhile, others have bath in talcom powder or scents and walk around smelling ghastly – cannot even go near them – as if that is any more bearable.

  202. Wayne Howell says:

    I was on an international flight one time and there was an Indian couple sitting several rows ahead of me. Every time they got up and went to the toilet in back, they would wake me up with a fetid, pungent smell. It was so strong I gagged. I could not have sat next to these people as I would have thrown up. How can these people stink so much.

  203. Your Smelly says:

    yes, majority of indians and bangladesh have a very unpleasant body odor. because they keep always wear their clothes without washing it. that is their national odor. deal with it… or just keep a distance with them… lol…

  204. Indians suck each others penises (mainly the guys do it) and they all smell like shit

  205. Guys, guys, let’s all admit it. Indians stink. Cat urine, armpit-baked onions, anghit. You name it. I work in a call center ridiculously filled with some bosses from India. Hats down to our Indian officemates- they are incredibly smart, have one of the best work ethics in the planet and extremely hard working. Thing is, they all smell like they’re carrying a sack of peeled and chopped native onions. Every single god damn day. Freakin eggs. I remember a lady got suspended from the job before Christmas. You know what she did? We had an exchange gift activity in the office and she picked the name of tyhe most stinky indian boss. The boss opened his gift and found a bottle of Axe and Old Spice deo plus a message saying, “Merry Christmas and a Happy Armpit”.

    • Tia says:

      That is BEYOND hilarious! But yeah, a little uncouth, she should have gotten fired being that damn bold. Not to mention the humiliation the boss must have experienced.

  206. Frederic says:

    I’m a white man with a strong attraction to Indian girls and it’s true that some of them don’t use deodorant and give off a natural scent but it’s one I actually find extremely arousing. I do not think it stinks at all. As far as the food is concerned I don’t think it stinks either as I love desi food. :-)

  207. Griiiimmm says:

    The smell truly is unbearable and highly offensive. I would rather instant faint than suffocate in a cloud of Indian odor. Even the women, young and elderly, too stink on a daily basis which is totally NOT expected. That view of womenfolk being rosy and sweet scented, washes away.

  208. SophieM says:

    India and it’s men are disgusting. I met an Indian man who is a Hindu who already had a girlfriend in America. I am in Germany. His name is “Anmol Chandon” or “Nikka Anmol”. He cheats lies and is a lying piece of shite. He took photos of our visit to show his friends and used me. He uses online dating sites to find women all over the world and con them. He uses them to stay with or have sex usually until they see him in person……. He is disgusting with bad hygiene and clogged pores all over, very short, and dirty. He is doesn’t deserve any woman and all need to beware. He preys on innocent white women, filipinos, and anything with fair skin…. spreading herpes and worse. He is a coward and swine.

    • Maya says:

      Just because u met one man from India who did THT u can’t say all indian men are like THT but I do know THT some Indian men just take advantage of girls but they are people like this in any race

  209. kay c says:

    Indian food are good but it does stink up the whole house afterwards. I smell nasty after cooking Indian food and have to take a shower afterwards. All of those onions, garlic and spices gets onto your clothes. Maybe they just can not smell themselves after cooking some really good food.

  210. june says:

    Yep some Indians smell.But as you know India is a diverse country and there are billions of people living in it,not all of them stinks.(Especially not the ones who commented.Clearly you guys are educated and bathed).I live in India and from my point of view it is the poor,the lower middle class family who aren’t educated and are clearly not taking a bath everyday,not even thrice a week,have stronger smell.And some south indians have this smell,(dont even know how to explain it)not because of lacking of bath,i guessed its in their blood.So no offense.And plus India is over crowded.Sometimes when I walk down the streets of Delhi, somewhere in the crowds,where lots of heads are going here and there,i get the feeling that im gonna find my dead

  211. EIguy says:

    The best option is to avoid India at all costs. I am born in India and never liked Indian culture because every thing is so messed up. The stupid evening family tele-serials almost makes me go crazy. I really wonder what attracts foreigners to India. The thing that is most unbearable and totally disgusting is the misogyny and the resultant concept of “male supremacy”. They also have their own made up concept of “Western inferiority” just to get over their own inferiority complex and insecurity. However, India is way better than muslim countries and africa. If you people are really interested in India, spend some time on the internet instead of coming here and damaging your self-esteem and security. There are plenty of good reasons why enlightened Indians always try to leave this country forever.

  212. Bill Cunningham says:

    Indians have no right to be in the world of the European man. Indians have their own regions of the world to live in and they should be forced to stay there! I always hear Indians telling the world how smart they are and that India is a great country and culture. They always do this while living in the countries that have European majorities. I laugh at this because by their very presence in the world of the European, they are saying that they are prefer the world that was created by another race. What Hipocrites! To all Indians, you may love us and everything we have created, but we don’t love you, and we don’t need you or desire your presence in our living spaces! We will trade with you and acknowledge that you have a right to existence, but will only respect you from a distance. We do not want to have any physical interaction with you!

  213. LT says:

    Pretty simple, and factual…. Most of the Indians I have worked with/lived near smell of greasy curry…food cooked in oil with curry. I lived among white Europeans most of my life and never smelled that until I met Indians.

    Second… who are these fools that say Indians are smart? They have over inflated egos, no real skills, even though they claim to be educated, lie to get what they want and have no conscience about it. Lying about their education and inflating their insignificant achievements is common for them.

    Third… “India is a great country and we as, Indians, are the ambassadors of our country” … Really…. a huge % of the Indian people live in bitter poverty, without basic water and sewage, while the corrupt Indian government is busy trying to impress other countries to score the next financial deal, while they ignore the obvious problems. But, yes, you are true representatives of your country…. because the rest of us all know what India is like every time we have to deal with one you.

    Indians and Muslims will destroy the planet, no doubt about it.

  214. Griiiimmm says:

    Why cant Indians bathe properly? They should realise, even the ones staying in western nations, that they must adjust themselves to modernity, and should no longer stick to adsurd ancient traditions which they so stubbornly stick to, and use as a justification for that horrible stench. God!

  215. Sarah says:

    Fact No.1: Not all indians smell bad.
    Fact No.2: The ones that do are too many that non-indians took noticed.
    So many people all over the world experiencing the same thing can’t be wrong.

  216. serviceindustry says:

    If looks can deceive, odor can be deceiving as well.

    From my own personal daily dealings with indians in a service industry, the ones who has odor are usually your regular lowly paid folks who may also have some other uncultured behaviors that will turn you off but honestly, they are pretty harmless.

    The ones you need to be careful of are the middle and upper class indians who look and smell immaculate. They are extremely sly and cunning.

  217. Keesao says:

    “East Asians (Chinese, Koreans, and Japanese) have fewer apocrine sweat glands compared to people of other descent, and the lack of these glands make East Asians less prone to body odor.”

    “While only 2 percent of Europeans lack the genes for smelly armpits, most East Asians and almost all Koreans lack this gene, Day told LiveScience. No one knows exactly why gene prevalence varies so much between populations, but its absence in East Asia suggests that being stinky was evolutionarily selected against there over the last several thousand years, he said.”

    Science tells us that other than east asians, all of us should be equally prone to body odor but why do indians stands out from the rest of the world? If east asians evolutionarily selected against body odor, it could very well mean they also possess an exceptionally strong sense of smell (olfactory system). I am a thai and if i can smell an indian beside me, i do not know how others more sensitive than me can stand it. That could explain the typical strong discrimination against indians in chinese / korean / japanese society.

    Over here in thailand, many pubs and bars outright discriminate indians from entering because indians do not just smell bad, they have a reputation of rude arrogant stingy haggling sexual perverts.

  218. Indian Brahmin says:

    We indians have the guts to pee and poo in public places due to lack of toilets and have the endurance to wait all the way till we get home to relieve ourselves. Yes it is true that we indians wipe our butt with our hand after we poo. There are no tissue papers inside any toilet, there is tap water, but no soap, because we don’t want to dirty our skin with soap. We indians also eat with our bare hand and fingers, thats why indian food taste the best. If u understand indian culture, you will understand our indian hygiene standard are the most superior. Smell is just the way we announce to the world we are here. To all the women: you either bend over willingly or we will rape and impregnate u with our superior indian sperm. We indians will conquer the world.

    • sharukkahn says:

      I am so proud of you for being honest. However do not forget that our strength comes from denial and redirection (aka positive thinking). We deny that we never smell bad, and instead accuse those who wash their bodies and armpits (disgusting) with soup and use deodorants as dirty and smelly (why would they use soap in the first place?). We also redirect the negatives, if we are forced to admit it, we say that all humans smell, and to be trully and enlightened human being, one must go beyond he realm of smell and dwell in the inner meaning of life. Then we look back and say that smell is just temporal, while the soul (which never smells) is eternal. Then we begin to see that the passing life of the senses is so trivial. And since we are just passing through, lets accept our smell as part of this life and continue to strive towards the spiritual.

      I dont need to take a physical bath to be clean spiritually, I can smell like shit and still be clean and pure in the inside. I enjoy using my clothes 5 days in a row, I only use water to wet my body, and I would use gel to make my hair look good. If people think that I stink because I dont use soap and deadorant, I would say thank you for affirming that I am in the right path towards heaven. all my family and friends shit in the open air, the air we breath is full of shit, but we long for it. It is our home, our identity. We love stink because we dont believe it exists, its all in the mind. And if there is such a thing as body odor, it is in fact good and pleasant.

      Thanks for noticing our stink. We shall always stink and our indian stink will be all over the world.

  219. hello!,I love your writing so a lot! share we communicate more approximately your post on AOL?
    I need a specialist on this area to unravel my problem.
    May be that is you! Taking a look forward to see you.

  220. G50 says:

    Indians do not just smell like shit, they create air pollution to their neighbours. Currently I have an Indian neighbour who burns Indian incense / hindu joss sticks inside their apartment unit every single day and I am forced to close all the room windows and deprive my family of fresh air. The Indian neighbour refuse to stop the burning. I curse all you indians die of lung cancer from your own incense cum shit cum pee cum curry smell.

  221. Melissa says:

    It’s been bothering me why do Indians really stink? So, please read my story. Recently, a lot of Indian students transferred(about 100+?) to an apartment complex near my university so I have to see them and have them around everyday. And oh boy, do they smell. There’s this unbearable stench whenever they’re around so I have to keep a 5-meter radius distance away from them or hold my breath every time. Don’t get me wrong, I have Indian friends and I think Indian people are very nice, friendly and funny. (I love Indian movies by the way. 3 Idiots FTW!) I really do want to be friends with them and talk to them but what’s hindering is the awful smell. I also live in a super hot, tropical country, I sweat very easily and occasionally eat spicy food but I get complimented that I smell really nice(thanks to sweet-smelling colognes,deo and regular bathing). So I would want to cross out the genes and diet factors(it may affect, but not greatly) on why Indians stink.

    So, i have this Indian friend who told me he only bathes 2 or 3 times a month. When I asked why, he said it’s because he’s afraid to catch a cold and get sick. I criticized him and he criticized my twice a day bathing. So, is hygiene really the factor? I’m not discriminating Indians or anything because I had Pakistani and French friends who stink like hell when they were in my country. And I told them straight up, “Hey, you stink. Did you take a bath?”

    Also, I heard from someone that if you’re a virgin, you’re not supposed to bathe. Like, wtf? Lol. That sounded weird but is it true? I once had a friend who had a clogged nose so she can only breathe through her mouth. We unexpectedly came across Indian girls without warning at a mall and my friend choked because of the smell! Imagine inhaling the stink through your mouth! Lol. xD Also had an encounter in an airconditioned grocery and oh my, the smell circulated around. Eek.

    I’m just concerned about y’all Indians. So statistically, I’ve encountered much more Indians that stink than those who don’t. A stereotype isn’t a stereotype if it doesn’t hold a degree of truth to it, right? News is that the Indian students were segregated in their school here in our country because the locals can’t bear their smell. And the school plans to cutoff their Indian students and transfer some to my university. So, please I’m speaking for your own good, do something about the smell. How do Indians expect to get accepted if the person that they are talking to could not breathe just by getting near them? And btw, I grew up hearing my dad talk about how Indians stink. He has been to India.

  222. Retail says:

    If you are like me working in retail shopping industry for many years serving tourists all over the world on a daily basis, you will come to the same conclusion about Indians :

    Physical – Smelly Stinking Dirtiest Race
    Money – Stingy Cheapskate Haggling Scrooge
    Character – Sneaky Deceptive Cunning Cheat

  223. Native Singaporean says:

    Indians have a malfunction sense of smell but they compensate by having a great sense of sight and sense of touch by staring leering gawking groping molesting women in singapore at every opportunity. Indians are nothing but a bunch of closet rapists and sex perverts.

    Whole tribe of smelly indian monkey families ferrying their equally stinking turd skin monkey in baby prams, mass clogging and mass polluting the trains, buses and public places in singapore with their legendary shit smell wherever they go. pukimak kau

  224. guacamole says:

    I am in Canada. We have many east indians here. I befriended a few and they smell fine. For me, it seems that the more westernized indians usually smell okay. The ones wearing turbans and having long beards usually smell very bad. I am guessing since they wear turban all day, they may not wash their hair everyday and that is probably why they smell bad. I have also noticed that Indian cuisines are very very strong. I like butter chicken and samosa, but I can’t possibly eat those everyday. Some indian people’s home smells really strong and I personally cannot stand that smell. When their diet smell mixes with their body odor, it becomes really bad, especially on the bus. In this case, I don’t think they should use perfume, the mix will not be pleasant….

  225. readerdigest says:

    There are good reasons why Muslims and Indians are the two most discriminated groups of people in this world.

  226. PK says:

    Indians are smelly sex perverts

  227. DI says:

    How many of you’d agree when I say:
    1. You can teach a monkey in a lab about hygiene. Monkey will learn and follow.
    2. If you TRY to teach an indian about hygiene in a “lab” – they’ll argue with you and resent to learn and follow.
    Indians are body and mind both stink…This is the reason a group of Indian Men rape a single woman. Whether that woman is 74 yr old Nun, malnutrition local poor indian girl, a foreign delegate, and a tourist in front of her husband…This is the courage and bravery of Indian men and their manhood…They do it in a group…

  228. Crystal says:

    I’m Indian and yes we do stink… but not all of them. I don’t really eat spicy Indian foods because I’m not really used to them, but I still eat them. Also most of my friends tell me I smell sweet like honey or like pomegranate. I was not born in India though, I was born in Canada and I scrub myself regularly and brush my teeth and tongue everyday and night and I smell good! ALSO we are not stupid we are actually really smart! Please don’t be racist… sometimes I hate being Indian because of all the racism out there and I feel like everyone hates me because I’m “brown”… BRUEH we all have skin but just a different colour. We are all humans and we are just in one world. Racism has to end someday doesn’t it? ;-; :) (Just saying, I’m pretty young, still in middle school… sorry if my grammar is kind of wonky) oh I forgot to add that YES we do have active sweat glands… but I still put a whole bunch of DEO.

  229. Independent says:

    I curse this person!!!! The reason we Indians got these negative names from other countries is because we’re the ones who destroy our own images. So why argue such unnecessary stupid topic? We better mind our own business, follow our own way, no matter what people say! CHARITY BEGINS AT HOME.

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