Godavari Maha Pushkaram 2159 – How would it be?

Godavari Maha Pushakaram 2015 is on right now and going by the number of pilgrims taking the holy dip one can easily and safely say that this year’s Maha Pushakaram must be the largest ever (consider the size of our population since the last one in 1871). This makes me wonder what will the Godavari Maha Pushkaram 2159 be like? How big would India be? Would we still believe in the holy dips? Would these festivals end before we even enter the 22nd century? Would these holy rivers run dry or would they much cleaner and much fuller?

What do you think? Feel free to share your views…

A little background on the Godavaru Pushkaram :-

The Godavari Pushkaram occurs once in every 12 years on the auspicious occasion of the transit of Bruhaspati into Simha Rasi (Leo zodiac sign). This is an important Religious Festival in Andhra Pradesh paramount to Kumbh Mela of the North. Its grandeur begins amid pomp and gaiety in the month of Aashadam on Chaturdasi Day.

The Godavari Pushkaram occurring this year is a Maha Pushkaram. It is not an ordinary pushkaram. The Maha Pushkaram comes once for every 12 regular pushkarams. Or, simply once in every 144 years. Hence it is named Godavari Maha Pushkaram 2015. The next Godavari Maha Pushkaram will commence in the year 2159.

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