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Google’s AppEngine a real threat to Amazon S3!!

Google introduced their cloud application platform called AppEngine (beta!!) yesterday and TechCrunch already have their experience posted here . The capabilities and the reviews are awesome and this one is a real big threat to Amazon’s S3 services. Amazon had … Continue reading

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Google ad clicks numbers are not too disappointing after all – Comscore

This report from Comscore say that Google’s disappointing ad clicks stats for jan as mentioned in my other post is not that disappointing. They say this was due to Google making changes to how it calculates valid clicks and this … Continue reading

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Ad fears down Google shares

¬†Here is a news item from reuters that caught my eye. Interesting how one month’s data could have such a big effect! RK RentalAndRealEstate.com – Real Estate Classifieds and Social Network ¬†Full Report:- Google Inc shares fell as much as … Continue reading

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MS + Yahoo – Heck of a competition to Google

Microsoft’s 44 bn dollar bid for yahoo is an excellent move from the software giant. If this move pays out then MS + Yahoo should pose a serious threat to Google’s reign. To Google’s credit it has made the giant … Continue reading

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First Look at the capabilities of the software development kit of Google’s Android operating system

View the video at http://www.frexper.com/forum/topic/show?id=1390428%3ATopic%3A647 Google has released the software development kit for its Android operating system for mobile phones. The youTube video at the above given link demonstrates some of the fantastic apps that can be built using this … Continue reading

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